A Letter To The Chicago Bears Front Office: Pay The Man!

Pay the man!

Dear Virginia Halas McCaskey and the rest of the Chicago Bears front office,

Your family has been in charge of the Chicago Bears organization since you guys took it over in 1921. Since then you guys have made the playoffs 26 times, you guys have won 18 divisional championships, four conference championships, and one Super Bowl. You guys have had a lot of great talented players in the past before and you guys have seen a lot talented players throughout the years, and you guys have a lot of talented players now, but I come to you today to tell you that you have one really special one; Matt Forte.

Since being selected in the second round of the 2008 NFL Draft, Forte was always a key asset to your team since day one; rushing for 1,238 yards and eight touchdowns off of 316 carries in his rookie season…wow. Then the next year, 929 yards rushing and four touchdowns off of 258 carries. Then he would bounce back in his third year for 1,069 yards rushing and six touchdowns off of 237 carries, and he’s not stopping there as this year with just seven games in, 672 yards and two touchdowns off of 124 carries which ranks third in the league in rushing for this season.

Though that’s not even including what Forte has done for you guys on the receiving side of the ball as he leads your team in receptions with 38, yards with 419, to go along with one touchdown.

The point I’m trying to make here is that Matt Forte, is really good…like really, really good. Like he’s your whole offense pretty much good and in his last year of his contract which he’s scheduled to make $600,000 this year and you guys are refusing to pay him, when his backup Marion Barber makes more than him at $2.25 million, something seems a little wrong there. At least it does to me, because if I had a player on my team that was putting up these types of numbers and leading my team in not only rushing yards but receiving yards as well; you sure as heck, bet that I…would pay the man.

So, Mrs. Virginia Halas McCaskey and the rest of the Chicago Bears front office please do me one favor and please; PAY THE MAN.


Mike Ortiz Jr. 

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