It’s Unfair…Wade and the Heat’s New Excuse

I guess to the Heat everything is just unfair.

Dwyane Wade told ESPN 540 Milwaukee Radio today that their season was “unfair.” “Obviously we went through a lot last year. It was unfair some of the stuff that we had to endure, but we grew from it. That’s over with. We move on to whenever we play basketball again and we will be a different team, said Dwyane Wade.”

Unfair? What was “unfair” the fact that you, Bosh, and James teamed up on one team to try and win an NBA Championship? Or the fact that you guys had three all-stars against one all-star in the NBA Finals? What was “unfair” Dwyane? Please tell me because the world and myself feel so…so bad for you right now and we would all just like to know.

I mean a $15,512,000 pay check, two all-star players on your team, and one championship ring on your finger, seems like a pretty good and fair life to me. Oh wait, I think I know what is. Was is it unfair, that you and your “dream team” that was going to win not one, not two, not three, four, five, or six championships lost in the NBA Finals to a team that on paper you were better than but they just out played you, out hustled you, out smarted you, pretty much just, DOMINATED you…was that what was unfair?

I think we’re getting closer…

Maybe if one of your guy’s didn’t make their “decision” on National Television or you guys didn’t host a WWE event in American Airlines showcasing you guys in your new jerseys, maybe all of this “unfairness” wouldn’t have happened.

Though, it did happen. You guys did have a decision, and now you guys have to live with it. Live with the hate that people have against you, live with the people rooting against you, and live with the fact that you guys choked in the NBA Finals. So if that’s what “unfair” is Dwyane, then you’re just going to have a very rude awakening to what they call LIFE. So grab a box of tissues, wipe your tears, and suck it up. Man, for once Charles Barkley was right; you’re a bunch of cry babies.

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