Will Tim Tebow Be A Pro Bowler?

Tim Tebow a Pro Bowler?

Each year the NFL has its famous Pro Bowl game from Hawaii where it showcases the best football players in the world from both the AFC and the NFC. The two conferences compete to see which one is the best. However not every great player is selected as usually only three players from each position are selected from each conference to play in the game.

Now as the NFL is leading up to the decision of choosing their pro bowl rosters, there have been questions of if Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow will be selected? The answer, yes.

7-2 as a starter and his Broncos are in first place in the AFC West. He has six fourth quarter comebacks this season and he’s brought so much attention for one player since…ever. Tebow has performed so well this season that people have made a thing called “tebowing” which is when you get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.

He has the sixth best passer rating in the AFC and the best passer rating in the NFL in the fourth quarter. Now while he’s not one of the top passers in the NFL, he is one of the top runners in the NFL as he leads all quarterbacks in rushing with 610 yards.

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of great quarterbacks in the NFL and there’s a lot of great quarterbacks in the AFC but this season putting Tebow’s great accomplishments aside, making the AFC Pro Bowl team as a quarterback is pretty easy. Indianapolis Colts quarterback, Peyton Manning has been injured all season, Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub is out for the season, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel who was a Pro Bowler last year has been awful this season, New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has been awful, and there were two rookie starting quarterbacks (Cincinnati’s Andy Dalton and Jacksonville’s Blaine Gabbert).

Though don’t get me wrong as I’m not saying Tebow is the best or am I saying that he’s a lock for the Pro Bowl just yet as something needs to happen first, and here’s what it is. Putting all injuries aside, the three AFC quarterbacks should be New England’s Tom Brady, San Diego’s Phillip Rivers, and Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger as the third selection.

However, Roethlisberger has been banged up as of late and will most likely sit for the rest of the season which means if the Steelers go far in the playoffs then he most likely won’t play in the Pro Bowl which would mean they would need a sub who would be Tim Tebow.

Now I know, that there’s a lot of “tebow mania” out there and people like ESPN’s Skip Bayless aka Baseless would say that Tim Tebow is a lock for the Pro Bowl, but in all reality if you look at he’s not. Now don’t get me wrong Tebow’s a great player but he’s not Tom Brady, Phillip Rivers, or Ben Roethlisberger.

Saying that, Tebow did finish third among AFC quarterbacks in voting from the fans, but that’s not the final decision as coaches and players still have to cast their votes as well. This is also another reason why fan’s votes shouldn’t count in selecting players in All-Star games as this voting for Tebow is turning into the NBA’s Yao Ming dilemma.

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Top Five Scariest Players in the NFL Right Now

No matter how old Ray Lewis is he'll still scare and intimidate any NFL player.

You counted your candy and you took off your costume as Halloween is now officially over until next year, but what if I were to tell you that five NFL players rather it’s Halloween or not will still scare the socks right off of you. So without any introduction, here are the five scariest players in the NFL right now.

5. Tom Brady- Six time Pro Bowler, three time Super Bowl Champion, and two time M.V.P. Tom Brady is by far one of the most feared quarterbacks in the game. Not only is his presence of what he’s capable of doing scary enough but his emotion and horrific glare that he shows to the opposing team as it seems as if nothing can stop him or intimidate him in any way makes him clearly one of the most feared players to play against when his team shows up on the schedule.

4. Darrelle Revis- If it’s not scary enough for you that Darralle Revis has his own “island” as people call it because when he plays against opposing wide receivers he takes them completely out of the game, isn’t scary enough for you then I don’t know what is. Andre Johnson, Terrell Owens, Chad Ochocinco, Reggie Wayne, Vincent Jackson, Randy Moss, Steve Smith, Roddy White, Marques Closton, all just few of the players that Revis has shutdown in his career and has made them almost invisible when they went up against him. He’s the best and he shows no signs of letting up as each game ends in the same story and the same result of teams not throwing the ball to his side as they fear that he’ll intercept it, swat it down, or even worse return it for a touchdown.

3.Calvin Johnson- Nicknamed “Megatron” from the character from Transformers due to his rare combination of size, hands, speed, strength, leaping ability, body control and hand–eye coordination Calvin Johnson is hands down the best wide receiver in the NFL. Currently third in receiving yards at 804 behind Carolina Steve Smith (918) and New England Wes Welker (824) and leading every receiver and running back in touchdowns with 11, Calvin Johnson is proving to everybody and everyone that he’s clearly the leagues best. Rather it’s a streak route, zig zag, double team, triple team, or a jump ball, just throw the ball in his area and chances are number 81, Calvin Johnon is coming down with it.

2. Ndamukong Suh- Ndamukong Suh makes quarterbacks, running backs, and offensive lineman cringe in fear when they see him lined up against them. They cringe in fear because not only will he just get by you or tackle you but he may even hurt you and the best part about it, is that he doesn’t care…not one bit. With complaint after complaint and comment after comment from all various players that Suh plays to hard and that he hurts players on purpose says it right there alone, that he’s a scary player. But when a player says and thinks that he’s not even human, that’s even scarier; “I’m just a different breed. I hate to say that, but it’s kind of like, no athlete in the NFL is like any other person. You can’t treat everybody the same exact way,” Suh told ESPN.

1. Ray Lewis- Ray Lewis lives, breathes, and eats football. It’s everything to him and his 12 time Pro Bowl appearances, two time defensive player of the year awards, and his Super Bowl ring shows that. Though he doesn’t care about all of those luxuries as he only cares about one thing; winning and he’ll do anything to get it even if that involves tackling his own mother to win it will happen and he doesn’t care about what you think, the opposing team thinks, or I what I think. He’ll hit you, he’ll abuse you, he’ll make you cry, and he’ll scare you. From the pre-game dance, to the leader in the huddle, to the rest of the yelling and screaming, Ray Lewis even at age 36 is still the most feared player in the NFL.

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