He Is Jeremy Lin Not Tim Tebow

Jeremy Lin or Tim Tebow?

He went to school, not to a home school.

He was a popular player in high school, but he was never recruited.

He went to school on the hill, not by a beach.

He did play a NCAA Division I sport, but it wasn’t for a big known sports school.

He had to pay for his school with his own money, not with a scholarship.

He set some records in College, but not enough to write a book.

He never won a player of the year, M.V.P., or a Heisman.

He never played in his respectable NCAA post-season.

He never won a National Championship, let a lone two.

He wasn’t high on anyone’s draft board, heck he was lucky enough to make the list.

He wasn’t talked about on draft shows, he just watched them.

He didn’t go first round, he went undrafted.

In his rookie season he didn’t have the league’s best selling jersey; heck they didn’t even make it.

He wouldn’t start once during his rookie season; let a lone see the floor.

Fans didn’t chant his name, heck they barely even knew he was there.

He wouldn’t stay with one team; instead, he would be passed around team by team as if he were a piece of hammy down clothing.

His coach would turn to him when there appeared to be no more hope and he too turned it around.

He wasn’t begged for by the fans to play, however he was cherished just as well by them.

Though he didn’t have seven fourth quarter comebacks, he did have one.

He doesn’t have over 1,000,000 followers on twitter, but he did get over 500,000 in one week.

He doesn’t have an all-star appearance, but he plays like he is one.

He doesn’t sleep in a bed, he sleeps on a couch.

The couch that Lin slept on.

He doesn’t bow his head on one knee; he just jumps around in joy like a kid who just got the present he wanted for on Christmas morning.

He doesn’t just lead his league’s jersey sales, but he leads the counterfeit sales as well.

He doesn’t have a social media trend of “tebowing”, but he does have a book of nicknames.

He’s beaten the best and he’s beaten the worst, he’s been cut twice, but now he’s showing the world that he’s just too nice.

His team is on a six game winning streak.

He is Jeremy Lin, not Tim Tebow.

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Will Tebow Time Happen In Pittsburgh?

Tebow time, will it happen?

Today at 4:30 Eastern Time the Denver Broncos will play in the first playoff game under quarterback Tim Tebow. Since the Broncos made the switch from quarterback Kyle Orton to Tebow the Broncos have been pretty good as they have won seven games and lost four under Tebow this season.

Now despite losing to the Kansas City Chiefs and former quarterback Kyle Orton who was claimed off of waivers 7-3 last week, the Broncos due to an Oakland Raiders loss clinched the AFC West and would go onto the playoffs. As for who they would face, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Now everyone would most likely think that “Tebow Time” will come to an end today as the Steelers, ranked first in yards allowed in the NFL with 4,348 yards against opposing offenses would really shake Tebow. Then you calculate that in Tebow’s last three games he has been completely awful, turning the ball over seven times, three of those turnovers coming from fumbles.

However, if you look, the Pittsburgh Steelers have the least most takeaways in the NFL with 15 and they have given the ball away 28 times. As for the Broncos they have been on fire as in their last three games they have forced opposing offenses to turn the ball over nine times.

Taking that in, you then add in the factor that Steelers leading rusher, Rashard Mendenhall will be out of this game due to a torn ACL. Then, Ben Roethlisberger is still nursing an ankle injury. So adding those two factors in and then looking at a Broncos defense who has came up clutch before by forcing a turnover or two to help out Tebow and the offense may do it again.

Now you can call me crazy, but Tim Tebow out of Florida University will beat the Pittsburgh Steelers today on January 8th, 2012 and here’s why. Week 15, he played the New England Patriots, one of the best if not the best team in the AFC so we don’t count that in.

Week 16, the Buffalo Bills it was a cold game that Tebow wasn’t always used too as playing in Florida the weather was much different. However Tebow didn’t do that bad until the end when he was faced at such a deficit that he was put in by his defense, which resulted in multiple interceptions. All it was was that he panicked.

Week 17, they just looked out of sync on offense. As for the defense they looked great allowing only one touchdown and despite the 7-3 loss to the Chiefs, I think that it was good that it happened. It was good because it put the Broncos backs against the wall and as the underdogs again, a place that they have seemed to strive at as last time they were in that similar position they won seven straight.

So now the Broncos will host a team that has sometimes struggled to put a team away as 7 of their 12 wins have been very close as have two of their losses. For any other team this may not be a problem for the Steelers, but facing the Broncos it should be as this season they have had six fourth quarter comebacks all lead by Tim Tebow.

Another factor that will be added in is there won’t be as many Steelers fans as not only is it a home game for the Broncos, but because Broncos fans were blocking Steelers fans from purchasing tickets at the stadium by forming human walls, blocking fans from purchasing online or through the phone by looking at area codes and zip codes, and any other way to prevent Steelers fans from coming.

So get on your knee and bow your head boys and girls, because it’s Tebow Time and it’s about to take place yet again in Denver.

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Will Tim Tebow Be A Pro Bowler?

Tim Tebow a Pro Bowler?

Each year the NFL has its famous Pro Bowl game from Hawaii where it showcases the best football players in the world from both the AFC and the NFC. The two conferences compete to see which one is the best. However not every great player is selected as usually only three players from each position are selected from each conference to play in the game.

Now as the NFL is leading up to the decision of choosing their pro bowl rosters, there have been questions of if Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow will be selected? The answer, yes.

7-2 as a starter and his Broncos are in first place in the AFC West. He has six fourth quarter comebacks this season and he’s brought so much attention for one player since…ever. Tebow has performed so well this season that people have made a thing called “tebowing” which is when you get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.

He has the sixth best passer rating in the AFC and the best passer rating in the NFL in the fourth quarter. Now while he’s not one of the top passers in the NFL, he is one of the top runners in the NFL as he leads all quarterbacks in rushing with 610 yards.

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of great quarterbacks in the NFL and there’s a lot of great quarterbacks in the AFC but this season putting Tebow’s great accomplishments aside, making the AFC Pro Bowl team as a quarterback is pretty easy. Indianapolis Colts quarterback, Peyton Manning has been injured all season, Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub is out for the season, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel who was a Pro Bowler last year has been awful this season, New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has been awful, and there were two rookie starting quarterbacks (Cincinnati’s Andy Dalton and Jacksonville’s Blaine Gabbert).

Though don’t get me wrong as I’m not saying Tebow is the best or am I saying that he’s a lock for the Pro Bowl just yet as something needs to happen first, and here’s what it is. Putting all injuries aside, the three AFC quarterbacks should be New England’s Tom Brady, San Diego’s Phillip Rivers, and Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger as the third selection.

However, Roethlisberger has been banged up as of late and will most likely sit for the rest of the season which means if the Steelers go far in the playoffs then he most likely won’t play in the Pro Bowl which would mean they would need a sub who would be Tim Tebow.

Now I know, that there’s a lot of “tebow mania” out there and people like ESPN’s Skip Bayless aka Baseless would say that Tim Tebow is a lock for the Pro Bowl, but in all reality if you look at he’s not. Now don’t get me wrong Tebow’s a great player but he’s not Tom Brady, Phillip Rivers, or Ben Roethlisberger.

Saying that, Tebow did finish third among AFC quarterbacks in voting from the fans, but that’s not the final decision as coaches and players still have to cast their votes as well. This is also another reason why fan’s votes shouldn’t count in selecting players in All-Star games as this voting for Tebow is turning into the NBA’s Yao Ming dilemma.

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It’s Tebow Time For Along Time: See Why Tebow Will Silence The Critics

Tim Tebow can be and will be a good quarterback in the NFL.

After replacing Kyle Orton in the third quarter against the San Diego Chargers in week five, Tim Tebow has been the starting quarterback in Denver and with that has come a lot of attention; both negative and positive.

Coming off the bye week the Broncos traveled to Miami to face the Dolphins where quarterback Tim Tebow would make his first start of the 2011-12 NFL season and boy oh boy, it wasn’t pretty.

For 56 minutes, Tebow time looked like the wrong time as the Broncos couldn’t get anything going and were on the verge of losing to the, at the time 0-5 Dolphins as they trailed 15-0. Though just when it looked about over Tebow did what Tebow did as he carried the Broncos down the field leading them to a score making the game 15-7, Dolphins lead.

Getting the onside kick, the Broncos would re-gain possession with 2:27 left in the game.

Tebow then would once again lead his team back down the field scoring on a three yard Daniel Fells touchdown. But it wasn’t tied up yet as the Broncos still needed a two point conversion. Trailing 15-13, with everyone watching Tebow on a quarterback draw would score the two point conversion.

Sending the game to Overtime, the Broncos would go onto kick a 52 yard field goal and would win 18-15 over the Miami Dolphins.

A win that would’ve been called ugly for any team or starting quarterback was called a thing of beauty for Tim Tebow as that was the only thing that everyone was talking about; the Tebow comeback, in three minutes time.

The celebration wouldn’t stop there as the social media trend of “planking” would climb to new heights as it evolved into “tebowing” which was performed by imitating Tebow’s touchdown/prayer celebration.

However it was just one game and the celebration for Tebow would end quickly as on Sunday against the Detriot Lions would result in a massacre. Losing 45-10, the Denver Broncos and Tebow were just embarrassed by the Lions. Fumbling the ball three times (losing it once) and throwing an interception, Tebow was the blame for the Broncos 45-10 loss.

Losing his first game of the season the question of “Should Tebow be the starting quarterback?” started to come up as well as many other things; “Should he be pulled?”…“He can’t be an NFL quarterback, ever.”…“It’s embarrassing.”

The critic’s spoke and the Broncos answered as head coach John Fox told reporters that Tim Tebow would remain their starting quarterback. His decision caused an uproar as several reporters began bashing him, including NFL Live where every single analyst said that Tebow was not worthy enough to be an NFL starter as well as many other things.

And the thing is; they’re all wrong. Tebow does deserve to be a starter of this Denver Broncos football team and that’s why he is. It’s only one game; Tebow only lost one game. Orton lost three until he was finally pulled, Tebow only lost one and to his defense he lost a game to a very good football team.

Standing at 6-2 the Detroit Lions, aren’t the old Detroit Lions as they’ve changed a lot. With one of the best defensive lines in football and one of the most feared wide receivers in Calvin Johnson, and a great quarterback in Matthew Stafford, this Detroit Lions team is really good.

Now so what if he lost the game 45-10 he can’t get all of the blame as their defense should get some of it too; giving up 31 points, that’s completely unacceptable. But I don’t hear anyone saying bench the defense, bench that player or bench that player, no. All I hear is bench Tebow.

With games coming up against the Oakland Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs, the Broncos can turn around their season with two wins over both of those teams and their best chance of doing so is with Tebow. So to all of the critics and haters, take a knee, put your elbow on it, and bow your head because for now it’s Tebow time in Denver.

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