Self Defense without the Physical Training – U Backoff Pepper Spray

It’s evident that there are a certain handful of criminals in this world that won’t stop at nothing to get their hands on you or your belongings. Helping people protect themselves for over 12 years now, U Back Off is the number one website to visit for all your pepper spray needs. Specializing in pepper sprays up to 5.3 million Schoville Heat Units, U Back Off also distributes stun guns and personal alert systems.

You’ll find two of the most common pepper sprays (Fox and Mace), both used by modern day police officers, security guards and the military. From what I’ve seen, the most common type of pepper spray carried is one that can easily be placed on a keychain, as to be more readily available. A majority of attackers strike at night while you’re walking to your car. U back Off sells an array of miniature hand pepper sprays, making self defense that much more convenient.

Mastering Jiu Jitsu or MMA is one mechanism for warding off attackers, but for those without the time or patience, it’s definitely wise to pick up a small can of pepper spray. Preparing one’s self for the worst case scenario is always worth it.