Carlos Beltran is Going…Going…Gone: See Why This Move May Have Just Determined the New World Series Champion

The addition of Beltran might just lock up another title for the Giants.

Months after winning the World Series the San Francisco Giants who began their quest to repeat in April, started to slow down and show signs that they were no longer baseball’s best team. So with the trade deadline approaching the Giants decided to trade for former New York Mets outfielder Carlos Beltran. After talking several times to each other the Giants and Mets would come to an agreement, however it wouldn’t be official, not until Beltran gave his approval.

Sure enough shortly before the Mets Cincinnati game Beltran would tell his team his decision. Shaking every one of his teammates hands Beltran would say his goodbyes and leave the clubhouse, as he was going to be A Giant. “He came over and shook everybody’s hands and said thank you,” Mets outfielder Angel Pagan told ESPN. “We were very happy for him. He’s going to be with a team that’s a contender.” The Mets would then leave the Clubhouse to take the field against the Reds. They would go onto win 8-2 against the Reds winning in their first game without star player Carlos Beltran.

The official deal that was made will send Carlos Beltran to Giants in exchange for pitcher Zach Wheeler. The Mets also agreed to pick up $4 Million of Beltran’s $6.5 Million that’s left on his contract.

Beltran who will join the Giants on Thursday will be a huge acquisition as without even playing a game in a Giants uniform Beltran is already their number one hitter. As it stands right now, Beltran will come in leading the team in home runs, RBI’s, and on base percentage. The only thing he won’t be leading in is his batting average that is third behind Darren Ford and Pablo Sandoval.

This move now not only puts the Giants as the front runners to win their division but the front runners to win the National League and possibly even their second straight World Series. The Giants now have everything from pitching to fielding and now to hitting. This team is ready to not only win it again but their ready to become baseball’s next dynasty.

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