San Francisco 49ers Punt Returner Kyle Williams Receives Death Threats

Picture of WIlliams's fumble in overtime.

Over the past the past eight seasons for the San Francisco 49ers franchise they experienced all sorts of ways of losing; some big losses, some close ones, an occasional win, and well you know the rest.

However this season for the San Francisco 49ers has been much different, much different in the fact that not only did they go 13-3, but they made the playoffs. Then to make it even better they made it out of the first round defeating the New Orleans Saints 36-32 and made it to the NFC Championship game with a chance to go to the Super Bowl. Then those chances would be even more alive as in overtime they would stop the New York Giants, giving them the ball back. Except, things went back to their old ways as punt returner, Kyle Williams would fumble the punt giving the ball back to the Giants and a  ticket to the Super Bowl XLVI to New York as well.

“Everyone in here told me to keep my head up and told me it’s not on me,” Williams said. “It’s just one of those things. You hate to be the last guy that had the ball, to give it up that way and to lose a game of this magnitude.”

Hate was definitely something that 49ers fans would take from Williams’s response after the game as fans, spectators, and to whom ever they may concern sent tweets, letters, and even death threats to Kyle Williams due to both of his costly fumbles in both overtime as well as the one earlier in the fourth quarter.

One of the hateful remarks read, “I hope you, you’re wife, kids, and family die, you deserve it.”

Williams’s dad would tell ESPN that his son Kyle was playing in the game with an injured shoulder as well as telling them, “I’m used to the years of criticism and threats on my life from time to time, but I have to hear about threats on your son’s life while you’re watching TV and it certainly makes you question our culture of sports as it stands,” Kenny Williams said Monday. “I told his mother on the way out exactly what was coming. That’s the nature of the beast.”

Even though it may be natural as Williams’s father, Kenny implied the question still comes up and that’s, is it right? Is it right, to threaten a man or woman’s life due to the fact that they made a wrong play or two. Now I understand that it was the NFC Championship game and that without those two fumbles the 49ers may have went to the Super Bowl, but threatening to kill Williams because of it? That’s just not right.

Not right, that teammate David Akers intervened as he tweeted on “ppl need to get a grip! Leave Kyle alone!”

“I’m irritated with the way people are treating him, absolutely,” Akers said. “I think it’s ridiculous. You know, get a grip on what life’s about. He went out and he put his soul out there. That’s what he does. He was not trying to do anything other than make an incredible play for this team. He had a great kickoff return. Mistakes happen. We all make mistakes. But when you’re out there truly battling to do the best you can, my hat goes off to him, to anybody that does that.”

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A Handshake Says A Lot In A Man: Jim Harbaugh Vs. Jim Schwartz

It was just a handshake...

Mathew Stafford completed a pass on 4th and 10 to Calvin Johnson who then lateraled the ball to Titus Young who then dropped it; it was game over, 49ers, 25, Lions, 19. This marked a huge win for the 49ers and marked a tough loss for the Lions as their undefeated season would come to an end. But that wasn’t the story Sunday afternoon, what was, was what happened after the game.

As the last second ticked off the scoreboard and the players cleared the sidelines to head for the locker rooms 49ers head coach, Jim Harbaugh and Lions head coach, Jim Schwartz did the occasionally hand shake; except it didn’t go so smooth.

Instead what happened was Harbaugh ran to mid field, lifting his shirt to expose his belly extended his right hand to Schwartz for a shake and slapped him on the back with his left hand.

Schwartz didn’t like the encounter so he charged after Harbaugh in efforts to fight him. While yelling and screaming Schwartz would be separated by players, coaches, and referees before eventually being taken off the field. There would be no punches thrown or any bloodshed.

However the Harbaugh, Schwartz wasn’t over just yet as round two was the press conference. Harbaugh struck first by saying, “That’s totally on me…I shook his hand too hard,” said Harbaugh. “I mean I really went in…and it was a strong…kind of a slap, grab handshake…that was on me. It was a little too hard of a handshake.”

Schwartz would respond back with, “I went to congratulate coach Harbaugh and got shoved out of the way,” Schwartz said. “I didn’t expect an obscenity at that point. Obviously, when you win a game like that, you are excited, but there is a protocol that goes with this league.”

Well like every close fight that doesn’t end in a knockout you have to review the fight and pick a winner; so let’s do it.

By very tough decision…Harbaugh wins, not only if they really did fight, but he wins in this dispute and let’s be honest if they really did fight, we wouldn’t have to make a decision has it probably would’ve ended in a knockout; a knockout given by Harbaugh that would leave Schwartz lying on the ground clueless. Though for Schwartz’s sake and everyone else’s, that didn’t happen.

However in conclusion to that the reason why Harbaugh wins is because it was just a handshake. So what if was “too hard” grow up. Didn’t Schwartz ever hear of, “a man is determined by their handshake”? Well I take he didn’t because his was awful and if we determined him by the shake on Sunday well then he’s a young four year old boy; because that was weak. Too hard?! Come on man.

Though that wasn’t all as Schwartz would go onto add that it wasn’t good “protocol” are you kidding me, protocol? Really? Well I can tell him what protocol isn’t and that’s yelling on the sidelines at opposing teams players, yelling at referees and chasing after another coach; that’s not “protocol”.

So Harbaugh…Schwartz, let’s end this with a handshake. Harbaugh let’s even do a chest bump and Schwartz…well let’s just stick to a light high five because you should be able to handle that.

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See Why Terrelle Pryor Might Not Be Suiting Up On Sundays

Yes the NFL granted him eligible but they didn't grant him a team.

Its official, the NFL has declared Terrelle Pryor, former quarterback of Ohio State eligible for this years NFL Supplemental Draft. However there’s still one problem. Once Pryor signs with an NFL team he will have to sit out five games before being eligible to play. This could hurt his draft stock as some teams such as the San Francisco 49ers want a quarterback that can play right away.

The NFL Supplemental Draft will take place on Monday, but it still doesn’t guarantee that Pryor will be drafted. The Supplemental Draft is very different from the NFL Draft as every team doesn’t have to pick. Since being started in 1977 only 40 players have been selected from the Supplemental Draft making that an average of about one to two players a year.

Here’s how it works, the Supplemental Draft is designed to allow underclassmen, or players who missed the filing deadline for the NFL Draft, or players who find themselves ineligible for the upcoming college season. The supplemental draft is held after the traditional NFL Draft and before each season begins.

In easier terms it’s like a waiver wire broken down into three tiers. The first tier is the teams with six wins or less in the previous NFL Season. The second tier is the teams with six wins or more in the previous NFL Season but a non-playoff team. The last and final tier is the 12 playoff teams.

Now no team is required to pick a player. However if they do want a player they submit what is called a bid to the NFL Commissioner with the round that they want to select the player in. If no other team places a bid on that player in an earlier spot then the team is awarded that player and has to give up a pick equivalent in the next years NFL Draft. For instance if a team selects a player in the 2nd round of the Supplemental Draft then they have to forfeit their 2nd round pick in the next NFL Draft.

Pryor is in a very tough spot as many teams don’t like to draft players in the Supplemental Draft though Pryor has an advantage over a lot of past and present players to go through this process because, one his talent that he has shown and two the publicity that has been around him. So, with still some teams out there that could use a quarterback Pryor could possibly land somewhere for this upcoming NFL Season.

Teams Where He Could Go:

Buffalo Bills: 4-12 last season, multiple quarterback changes, and still no key addition, are all signs that point to Terrelle Pryor being a good pick for the Bills in the Supplemental Draft. They need a quarterback and with a solid run game and an up and coming wide receiver in Steve Johnson a player like Pryor could turn this franchise around. So what are you waiting for Buffalo? Get Pryor and circle the wagons.

Miami Dolphins: Another disappointing season at 7-9 last year and no real signs of improvement as Ronnie Brown is gone and yes Reggie Bush is now there but he’s no Ronnie Brown. You still have Chad Henne as your starting quarterback after your fans booed him and chanted Kyle Orton. You passed on Orton and now you have a second chance at another talent in Pryor. So what’s it going to be Miami? Get Pryor or take a back seat to the Miami Hurricanes football program. I’m sure Dolphin fans won’t mind if you guys switch schedules.

Oakland Raiders: A better but still disappointing season for the Oakland Raiders yet again. Then during the off-season they lose Nnamdi Asomugha the heart and soul of their defense. Nice going Al Davis man do Raiders fans hate you. Their to the point where their not even cheering for a Super Bowl let a lone a win anymore, it’s gone so far that their cheering for you to step down and call it quits or for life to take its natural cycle. So Al is that how you want to be remembered? Pryor is available and unlike Jamarcus Russell, Pryor actually improves on his game he doesn’t sit there and watch it get worse.

San Francisco 49ers: 6-10 last season, not to bad but not well enough for a franchise that is used to being at the top and is now towards the bottom. You went out and got wide receiver Braylon Edwards, kudos. Now how about you get him a quarterback? Adding Terrelle Pryor to the mix with Edwards, Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis, and Frank Gore running the ball…uh oh that could cause some problems. Can you say championship? (NFC West Championship…but it’s a start)

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