Maryland’s New Jerseys: A New Trend That is Spreading Around College Football

What do you think of the new look?

Last year the Oregon Ducks and Nike joined up creating a new jersey design for each game last season. This right away created a buzz that the Ducks weren’t used to getting as every Saturday or game day; millions tuned into see the new design for that week.

Little did we know that Oregon’s new trend would carry into the 2011-12 season, but it did and it did with more force as it wasn’t just Oregon doing it, but it was Maryland, Notre Dame, Michigan, and more.

Monday night against the University of Miami, Maryland took the field in their normal jerseys as if it was just another game, they went through their warm-ups and then headed back into the locker room for their pre game talk and pre game change. Yes…that’s right the Terrapins of Maryland University went back into the locker room to CHANGE into their new Under Armour exclusive jerseys.

Meanwhile outside fans had no idea that their Terrapins were inside the locker room changing. Though they would find out soon enough as the smoke poured out of the tunnel and the Terrapins came rolling out onto the field. Oh yeah Juwan Howard they shocked the world.

Running onto the field dressed in their new White, yellow, maroon, red, and black Under Armour jerseys the Terrapins without even taking a snap, became the most talked about team of the 2011-12 NCAA Football season.

And they deserved it; heck any team that comes onto the field and warms up in one set of jerseys and then heads into the locker room, changes and then comes out with new jerseys; now that’s more than a top ten play nominee right there, that’s a standing o.

While this was a marvelous plan by the Maryland University staff some others however disagreed.

Lebron James tweeted “OH GOSH! Maryland uniforms Ewwwwww!”

ESPN writer Pat Forde called them hideous then atrocious.

That’s life; you can’t impress the whole world; just like Lebron couldn’t score more than 11 total points in all of the fourth quarters combined of the 2011 NBA finals…it happens. But life moves on and so does Maryland which brings up the question; this new trend, of creating new jerseys, is it a good thing?

The answer is, yes. It’s giving College Football attention that it hasn’t seen in a while and it’s also giving some of these schools like Maryland attention that it doesn’t usually get. Which is why you’re going to start to see more and more schools starting to do it, and you are.

Look at last year; Oregon stood alone as they were the only team to do it. Now fast forward to this season you have Maryland, Notre Dame, Michigan, Boise State, and Georgia, that are doing it, and who knows maybe even more will join in.

Point is fashion is a big piece in our society today and it shows as it’s even hitting the sports world now more and more with these new types of jersey designs and styles. Maryland however would go onto win that game 32-24 and with doing so, win the best jerseys 2011-12 award as well.

Michigan and Notre Dame’s New Uniforms:

They will release their new jerseys this Saturday Night at the Big House.

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Georgia's new uniforms.

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