Derek Jeter Get’s 3000: A Milestone That The Whole World Witnessed

Derek Jeter hits 3,000.

He began the day at 2,998 a milestone that would complete a career, a milestone that some would never reach and some not even dream of. Though at age 37 with still a couple seasons left in his career short stop Derek Jeter was at this number and was approaching the Major League milestone of 3,000 hits. A milestone only completed by 27 other Major League players.

On Friday night Yankee fans were ready to see the milestone of 3,000 be completed by their cherished superstar who gave them 16 hard seasons, 5 World Series championships, and countless amounts of great plays. However the game would be postponed. So Saturday June 9th at 1:05 Eastern Time Derek Jeter would have his chance. Needing just two hits Jeter facing the Tampa Bay Rays was ready to reach it.

After a one, two, three inning in the top of the first Jeter would come to the plate ready to get hit 2,999. Like he wanted he did as he swung and hit the ball into shallow left field for a single. Fans rose to their feet as Jeter was now just one hit away from making history.

Jeter would return to the plate in the bottom of 3rd inning facing the same pitcher as he did in the first, David Price. With Yankee fans and baseball fans all around the world watching and tuning in to see Jeter reach this unbelievable milestone one could only hope that he would reach it and reach it on that day.

Jeter swung then hit sending the ball back…back…back….HOME RUN! Jeter had done it. Mr. Yankee was now Mr. 3,000 and what a way to do it then to do it with a 420 foot home run. Fans rose to their feet, players took of their caps, and number two ran all four bases for hit 3,000.

Jeter would go onto finish the game in perfect fashion, going 5 for 5 with a home run and two RBI’s in a 5-4 victory over the Rays. However Jeter now at 3,003 hits still isn’t done yet as he still has more games to play and more hits to get but that hit, number 3,000 will always be his number one. So hats off to Jeter, and hats off to a day that will never be forgotten.

The List of Players to Reach 3000 Hits.

Player↓ Hits↓ Avg. Date Team↓ Seasons↓ GP 3,000th hit↓
Pete Rose 4,256 .303 May 5, 1978 Cincinnati Reds 1963–1986 3,562 Single
Ty Cobb 4,191[b] .366 August 19, 1921 Detroit Tigers 1905–1928 3,035 Single
Hank Aaron 3,771 .305 May 17, 1970 Atlanta Braves 1954–1976 3,298 Single
Stan Musial 3,630 .331 May 13, 1958 St. Louis Cardinals 1941–1944,
3,026 Double
Tris Speaker 3,514 .345 May 17, 1925 Cleveland Indians 1907–1928 2,717 Single
Carl Yastrzemski 3,419 .285 September 12, 1979 Boston Red Sox 1961–1983 3,308 Single
Cap Anson 3,012[a] .334 July 18, 1897[a] Chicago Colts 1871–1897 2,524 Unclear
Honus Wagner 3,415 .328 June 9, 1914 Pittsburgh Pirates 1897–1917 2,794 Double
Paul Molitor 3,319 .306 September 16, 1996 Minnesota Twins 1978–1998 2,683 Triple
Eddie Collins 3,315 .333 June 6, 1925 Chicago White Sox 1906–1930 2,826 Single
Willie Mays 3,283 .302 July 18, 1970 San Francisco Giants 1951–1973 2,992 1 !Single
Eddie Murray 3,255 .287 June 30, 1995 Cleveland Indians 1977–1997 3,026 Single
Nap Lajoie 3,242 .338 September 27, 1914 Cleveland Naps 1896–1916 2,480 Double
Cal Ripken, Jr. 3,184 .276 April 15, 2000 Baltimore Orioles 1981–2001 3,001 Single
George Brett 3,154 .305 September 30, 1992 Kansas City Royals 1973–1993 2,707 Single
Paul Waner 3,152 .333 June 19, 1942 Boston Braves 1926–1945 2,549 Single
Robin Yount 3,142 .285 September 9, 1992 Milwaukee Brewers 1974–1993 2,856 Single
Tony Gwynn 3,141 .338 August 6, 1999 San Diego Padres 1982–2001 2,440 Single
Dave Winfield 3,110 .283 September 16, 1993 Minnesota Twins 1973–1995 2,973 Single
Craig Biggio 3,060 .281 June 28, 2007 Houston Astros 1988–2007 2,850 Single
Rickey Henderson 3,055 .279 October 7, 2001 San Diego Padres 1979–2003 3,081 Double
Rod Carew 3,053 .328 August 4, 1985 California Angels 1967–1985 2,469 Single
Lou Brock 3,023 .293 August 13, 1979 St. Louis Cardinals 1961–1979 2,616 Single
Rafael Palmeiro 3,020 .288 July 15, 2005 Baltimore Orioles 1986–2005 2,831 Double
Wade Boggs 3,010 .328 August 7, 1999 Tampa Bay Devil Rays 1982–1999 2,440 Home run
Al Kaline 3,007 .297 September 24, 1974 Detroit Tigers 1953–1974 2,834 Double
Derek Jeter 3,003 .312 July 9, 2011 New York Yankees 1995–current 2,362 Home run
Roberto Clemente 3,000 .317 September 30, 1972 Pittsburgh Pirates 1955–1972 2,433 Double

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MLB: Spring Training

Baseball nation is getting fired up for spring training.  It marks the beginning of a new season and new predictions for who will win the World Series.  The New York Yankees are the defending champions but may have their work cut out for them as 2010 has brought about various roster changes.  If you want to catch the defending champions at a home game at the New Yankee stadium, individual game tickets will go on sale later in March.  My advice is to pick them up early before the season starts.  That is when they will be the cheapest.  If you wait too long and the price of admission to Yankee Stadium becomes too much for just a few hours of entertainment, I highly recommend going to see them when they play away at the Toronto Blue Jays in Canada or at the Cleveland Indians in Ohio.  Both locations are within respectable driving distance, especially for anyone located in the Upstate area, and have reasonably priced seating options.  After hitting up a game in Cleveland last year, I will admit that Cleveland fans are also very hospitable and aren’t too bad with the harassment either.  Actually, the people I had the most issues with were other Yankee fans that were throwing stuff at Cleveland fans and hitting everyone with food that was in their path.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my fellow Yankee fans, but at this particular game, I actually found myself siding with some Cleveland fans to battle some obnoxious Yankee fans.  Some people can’t handle their alcohol.