Amare Stoudemire Injures His Hand While Heading Back To The Locker Room: See What Happened As Well As His Status For Game 3

Photo of Stoudemire leaving AmericanAirlines Arena in a sling.

Following up a 100-67 game one victory over the New York Knicks on Saturday, the Miami Heat won again at home this time winning, 104-94.

Frustrations grew in the Knicks locker room as the Knicks who now trail 0-2 to the Heat, as they head back to New York for game three, may be heading back without star forward, Amare Stoudemire.

A team spokesman confirmed Monday night that while heading back to the locker room after walking off the floor, Stoudemire punched the glass casing surrounding a fire extinguisher that was in a hallway of AmericanAirlines Arena. As a result to punching the glass casing, Stoudemire, would need medical assistance on his left hand according to the team.

The team wouldn’t comment any further regarding the severity or time table for the injury. However, Stoudemire would be seen leaving AmericanAirlines Arena with his hand in a sling and heavily bandaged.

His status for game three is uncertain, but a league source said that he’s “almost certain” that Stoudemire will miss both game three and the remainder of the series as well.

“How severe it is I don’t know. I’m trying to learn more about it. That’s it. Let’s talk about the game,” Knicks interim head coach, Mike Woodson said.

No MRIs or X-Rays have been taken though Stoudemire who did need stitches according to Knicks guard, J.R. Smith, will most likely undergo testing when the team arrives back in New York.

Game three is set to tip off on Thursday at 7:00 P.M. Eastern time, at Madison Square Garden.

“I just know he has a laceration and he is probably going to be out,” Knicks center, Tyson Chandler told reporters. “You can’t fault anybody because Amare is a good person that has high emotions at times. One quick decision-making mistake, and now you’ve got to deal with repercussions.’’

Though, with Stoudemire’s status still up in the air, Knicks forward, Carmelo Anthony is remaining positive as he told reporters that the series is far from over.

“The series is still up in the air. It’s their home court. It’s our turn now. We can’t wait to get back and protect home court. We’ve got to keep everybody positive. It’s far from over.”

As for Stoudemire, he wouldn’t comment to reporters after the game most likely due to his injury however, he would comment on twitter where he apologized.

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He Is Jeremy Lin Not Tim Tebow

Jeremy Lin or Tim Tebow?

He went to school, not to a home school.

He was a popular player in high school, but he was never recruited.

He went to school on the hill, not by a beach.

He did play a NCAA Division I sport, but it wasn’t for a big known sports school.

He had to pay for his school with his own money, not with a scholarship.

He set some records in College, but not enough to write a book.

He never won a player of the year, M.V.P., or a Heisman.

He never played in his respectable NCAA post-season.

He never won a National Championship, let a lone two.

He wasn’t high on anyone’s draft board, heck he was lucky enough to make the list.

He wasn’t talked about on draft shows, he just watched them.

He didn’t go first round, he went undrafted.

In his rookie season he didn’t have the league’s best selling jersey; heck they didn’t even make it.

He wouldn’t start once during his rookie season; let a lone see the floor.

Fans didn’t chant his name, heck they barely even knew he was there.

He wouldn’t stay with one team; instead, he would be passed around team by team as if he were a piece of hammy down clothing.

His coach would turn to him when there appeared to be no more hope and he too turned it around.

He wasn’t begged for by the fans to play, however he was cherished just as well by them.

Though he didn’t have seven fourth quarter comebacks, he did have one.

He doesn’t have over 1,000,000 followers on twitter, but he did get over 500,000 in one week.

He doesn’t have an all-star appearance, but he plays like he is one.

He doesn’t sleep in a bed, he sleeps on a couch.

The couch that Lin slept on.

He doesn’t bow his head on one knee; he just jumps around in joy like a kid who just got the present he wanted for on Christmas morning.

He doesn’t just lead his league’s jersey sales, but he leads the counterfeit sales as well.

He doesn’t have a social media trend of “tebowing”, but he does have a book of nicknames.

He’s beaten the best and he’s beaten the worst, he’s been cut twice, but now he’s showing the world that he’s just too nice.

His team is on a six game winning streak.

He is Jeremy Lin, not Tim Tebow.

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