Breaking Down Blake Griffin’s “Dunk”: Where Does It Stand?

Griffin rises up above Perkins.

In 1951, New York Giants player Bobby Thomson hit a game winning home run which clinched the National League pennant for the Giants and his homerun was nicknamed, the “Shot heard ‘round the world.”

Moving onto 2012, last night Los Angeles Clippers forward, Blake Griffin cut to the basket, received a pass from guard Chris Paul, rose up and dunked it on Oklahoma City center Kendrick Perkins.

The Staples Center crowd immediately rose to their feet with cheers and excitement as they all may had just witnessed history. Many began calling it the “dunk of the year” and one of the best dunks they’ve ever seen as players went to twitter to share their thought of the dunk.

“Dunk of the Year!! @blakegriffin just dunked on Kendrick Perkins so hard!! Wow!! I guess I’m #2 now. Move over #6,” Miami Heat forward LeBron James tweeted.

“OMG!!! OMG!!! Who just saw the dunk by @blakegriffin on kendrick perkins?!! This dude is a beast!!,” Football star Terrell Owens tweeted.

“Watched blakes dunk over and over again. Almost makes me wonder if me and him even play the same sport. What an athlete,” Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki tweeted.

Though watching it over again and again and again, is it really that great of a dunk? Is it worthy of calling it the “dunk of the year” when there’s still plenty more of games to come? Or is both of those and worthy of being nicknamed the “DUNK heard ‘round the world?”

Absolutely not and matter of fact, the dunk that LeBron James had the night before against the Chicago Bulls which he jumped over Bulls player John Lucas, then caught the ball and then dunked it, was much better than Griffin’s dunk on Monday night. Continuing with that, realistically Griffin’s “dunk” technically is just a lay-up as there was very little contact made with the rim if any at all.

So, dunk of the year? Best dunk ever? Nickname it the DUNK heard ‘round the world? No, no, and no.

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Michael Jordan Speaks Out About Kobe Bryant

Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant the debate that will never end.

Since the NBA Lockout ended, Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant has always been a top the news of the NBA. Rather it being his surgery that he had during the off-season, the question of if he’ll win another ring, the comparison to Miami Heat forward LeBron James or the ESPN pre-season rankings that put him as the seventh best player currently in the NBA.

Looking back at those rankings now Bryant who’s averaging 30.8 points per game and is the NBA’s leading scorer is anything but seventh in the NBA as he’s proving yet again this season that he’s clearly the best.

As it stands right now Bryant has four of the five top single game points in one game for a player this 2011-12 season, as it goes his 48 point game against Phoenix, Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard with 45, then Bryant’s 42 against Cleveland, his 42 against the Clippers, and his 40 against Utah.

However seventh is where ESPN felt he stood.

As for Michael Jordan who many claim was the best to ever touch a basketball didn’t feel that Bryant was the seventh best player in the NBA as he not only felt that Bryant was the best, but the only player that deserved to be compared to him.

“Kobe’s ultimate competition is MJ. That’s why MJ watches him. MJ made people think what he was doing wasn’t human,” said Roland Kobester a well respected writer who’s currently writing on a Jordan book “.I never said Kobe was better than MJ. MJ just told me Kobe’s the only one to have done the work, to deserve comparison.”

What more do you need than the approval from the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) Michael Jordan than to say that he’s the best in the NBA? Apparently ESPN didn’t think so as they put LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, Dirk Nowitzki, and Kevin Durant all ahead of Bryant.

Taking all of what Jordan said and what Bryant has done thus far this NBA season, I wonder what ESPN would say now? Would they still keep him at seventh? Or would they move him up to where he should be, at number one? All questions that may never be answered, but it doesn’t matter as they don’t need to be answered, as Michael Jordan and Bryant’s performance this season have already answered those questions.

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Will Kobe Bryant Win The 2011-12 NBA Scoring Title? Or Will The Wrist Injury Hurt Him?

Bryant drops 48 points aganist the Suns.

Kobe Bryant came into 2011-12 season with high hopes after under going an experimental surgery on his knees that he said restored him to new as many people close to Bryant have said that he looks young again. However in a pre-season game against the Los Angeles Clippers, Bryant would take a hard fall to the ground falling on his wrist, though he wouldn’t come out.

That wrist injury would later be diagnosed as a torn ligament in his right wrist which is Bryant’s shooting hand. According to Web MD, wrist injuries of this severity require either surgery or a cast/splint and sometimes even both. As far as the timetable of how long the recovery would take, could sometimes be a year. However in most cases it takes about usually six weeks.

As soon as news broke of the injury, many began speculating on how much time Bryant would miss and if he would play in the season opener. Though come Christmas day, Bryant would play in the season opener and would play well scoring 28 points, grabbing 7 rebounds, 6 assists, and two steals in a one point, 78-77 loss to the Chicago Bulls.

“You just go out there and play your game,” Bryant told ESPN. “Not think about it as much. … I try to block it out.”

Picture of the fall Bryant's wrist took.

On January 6th against the Golden State Warriors last Friday Bryant would score 39 points in a 97-90 win over the Warriors and would score the most points in a single game for any player in the NBA for the 2011-12 NBA season.

Then just four days later, Bryant would score 48 points against the Phoenix Suns in a 99-83 win breaking in his former record of 39 points for the 2011-12 NBA season. The next closest player to Bryant’s 2011-12 single game season record is Warriors guard Monta Ellis who scored 38 points against the San Antonio Spurs on January 4th.

The Lakers have played 11 games this season so far and Bryant has played in every single one of them. As far as his play, it’s been great as he’s averaging 29.4 points, 5.7 rebounds, and 5.8 assists a game.

Bryant is currently second in the NBA in scoring behind Miami Heat forward LeBron James who’s averaging 29.6 points per game in just nine games. However James doesn’t have a severe wrist injury nor is James 33 like Bryant is. Though age aside, once Bryant’s wrist heals in say a couple more weeks Kobe Bryant will win the scoring title this 2011-12 NBA season. Heck, he could probably win it with his wrist injury.

“I think he’s a player that has remarkable will to fight through anything. And he proved it today by being out there. By not even questioning the fact that he might not play. He’s a fighter. He’s a warrior. He’s out there and he’s the leader of this team, so it’s important for him to do that,” teammate Pau Gasol told ESPN after the Lakers season opener against Chicago.

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Lebron James Gets His Very First Ring; An Engagment Ring

Lebron James and his new wife (well not yet...just engaged)

Since entering the NBA in 2003, Miami Heat Forward, Lebron James has always been chasing the goal of winning an NBA Championship in strive of winning a ring; a championship ring.

Now while each year over and over again James failed and then failed again in Cleveland as he couldn’t win a ring he did however get very close in 2006-07 when the Cavilers made it to the NBA Finals until eventually being swept by the San Antonio Spurs. After getting swept James would play three more seasons with the Cavilers before making his famous “decision” on ESPN to take his talents to “South Beach” aka Miami.

James would join superstars, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh where they would automatically be favored as the 2010-11 NBA Champions. However despite making it to the NBA Finals yet again James would lose, except he wouldn’t be swept as they lost 4-2 to the Dallas Mavericks, but he wouldn’t reach his goal and silence the critics by getting a ring.

After losing to the Dallas Mavericks with the team that everyone thought would for sure win it, James would take a lot of criticism as some said he would never win a ring or that he would never get any sort or ring, a wedding ring, engagement ring, class ring, etc. Well just five games into the 2011-12 NBA season James has proved them all wrong as he now has his first ring…an engagement ring.

James who has been with Savannah Brinson since High School, finally popped the question to start the New Year off and didn’t choke as she said yes. “My girl, she’s very excited,” James said Sunday night after he and the Miami Heat beat Charlotte 129-90. “She would love to answer more questions about it than me. But she’s happy, my family’s happy and that’s what it’s about.”

This engagement means that James will soon be getting another ring as come the Wedding time the ring bear will bring Lebron ring number two shying the great Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant of just a couple. However he can’t get too excited yet as no wedding date as been planned yet.

Now all jokes aside, imagine if Brinson said no? I guess it would just be fate right there that Lebron would never have a ring. I mean, several chances in Cleveland, two All-Stars in Miami, but the key to his success to getting a ring had been there all along; it was his longtime girlfriend, Savannah Brinson that would get him that very first ring.

Congratulations to you Lebron and to your family, however to bad Brinson won’t be able to help you get your first NBA Championship ring… or help you prevent another fourth quarter meltdown…or close out a game…actually she probably could if she was able to play for you.

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It’s Official Lebron James is Going To the NFL: Now It’s Just A Matter of Where

Where will James go?

During the NBA Lockout Miami Heat forward Lebron James has been playing football with his former high school team, St. Vincent-St. Mary. James has been practicing with the team in full pads which as a result has gained the attention of the media and has started a question, is Lebron James going to switch sports and play football?

On Tuesday, October 4th after finishing up a practice with his former high school team James tweeted, “Just got done practicing with the St.V Varsity football team, full pads and all.. Felt great being back on the field. Should I?”

“Should I?” A question that James was hinting towards; should he play football. The tweet immediately spread by users re-tweeting and responding to James tweet as everyone was shocked that this “football thing” was going this far.

Fast forward to Monday; David Stern addressed the media that the NBA was canceling the first two weeks of the NBA season due to the owners and players not coming to an agreement. “I’m sorry to report…that the first two weeks of the season have been canceled,” Stern told reporters outside the New York hotel in which the sides met. “We depart on good terms with negotiators. We just have a gulf that separates us.”

Stern would also go onto add, “We remain very, very far apart on virtually all issues.”

James would respond to the news by tweeting, “I wanna sincerely say sorry to all the fans! It’s a sad day for all of us, especially u guys! There’s no US w/o You. loveuguys.”

Though that wouldn’t be all for number six as the following day James would ask ESPN’s John Clayton, “When is the deadline for a team to sign a free agent?”

So does this mean that Lebron James is considering playing football this season in the NFL? It seems that way indeed, strike one: Lebron James practices with his former high school football team in full pads, strike two: James asks the fans if he should play football, strike three: James asks ESPN’s John Clayton when the free agent deadline is. Those three strikes are all leading up to what could possibly be another decision; to play or not to play? That is the question.

Now let’s just say that James decides to play, where would he go?

Buffalo Bills: Why not? They’re hot and on fire and the addition of Lebron James to their football team couldn’t hurt them at all, it would only help them. Now say that James doesn’t live up to the hype and can’t play, then their back in the same situation that they were in before except with a bigger fan base.

Miami Dolphins: Wouldn’t that be something, Lebron James takes his talents to South Beach again. James could really fit into their offense and at 0-4 what’s the worse that could happen?

Cleveland Browns: A coming home party? How would Cleveland react is the big question…would they let him back or would they boo? However James would make a nice fit in Cleveland at either the receiver or even a tight end position.

Chicago Bears: The city of Chicago took part in a transition like this before when Michael Jordan left basketball to play for the Chicago White Sox, so why not again? Let’s face it when your running back is your leading your receiver you know that you’re in trouble.

Devin Hester, isn’t going to work out maybe he’ll break a long one here or there but he’s a return specialist not a receiver. Then too Jonny Knox; he’s not bad but he shouldn’t be a number one receiver on any team. Then to Roy Williams; reunited with Mike Martz and expected to have the season of his career, well six receptions, 81 yards, and zero touchdowns doesn’t sound that great to me.

San Francisco 49ers: On the west coast, in California, which has Lebron James written all over it. The 49ers need a receiver because who knows when Braylon Edwards is coming back, Josh Morgan has a broken a leg, Michael Crabtree is basically getting paid for free and that’s about it. So lace them up big fella because San Fran is just a phone call away.

Seattle Seahawks:

Pete Carroll and Lebron James are doing more than just tweeting, they’re actually talking and what their talking about, is James suiting up in Seattle. With two good receivers as their starters it wouldn’t seem to make any sense to bring in Lebron James, but it does; it makes perfect sense. Not only will he bring some talent, but he’s going to bring media, fans, and more.

Other teams: Dallas Cowboys- Jerry Jones is all about signing big name players that bring attention to his football team and with that being James’s favorite team, the two sides might just work something out.

Tennessee Titans- It could happen, while it’s very low, it could happen. Another injury or two and James could just slide his way in there.

Houston Texans, Oakland Raiders, Atlanta Falcons.

Now James wouldn’t be the first player to make the move from basketball to football as there has been players to do so such as Tony Gonzalez and Antonio Gates. However the only problem is, James has been away from the game of football for about eight years and just ask anyone that’s a long time so it’s very questionable if he would be any good. However that’s why James has been preparing for the move, by practicing with his former high school.

As of right now James hasn’t signed with a team or talked with any yet, because he’s trying to find an agent which he’s doing right now. Give it about another two weeks and if the lockout is still in tack which it should be, you will be seeing James in a football jersey.

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Lebron James Get’s Burned On in McDonald’s New Commercial

Even Lebron laughed at his own comments.

Remember last year during the summer when Lebron James made his “decision” to go to the Miami Heat? Remember how they had a special event in American Airlines Arena in honor of the move? Do you also remember how Lebron said that they weren’t just going to win one championship, but two…three…four, five, six, and seven championships? Sure you do because everyone was talking about it and it was everywhere.

Well just about a year later Lebron James the one who got dunked on in his own basketball camp (but we didn’t “see it” because the video was confiscated), the one who got beat in horse in his own basketball camp, and the one who got stripped by an overseas player…but wait it gets better…and then got DUNKED ON by that overseas player. Do you remember all of those too? Of course you do.

Well let’s just say things would get even worse for the Lebron. Putting the countless amounts of tweets he gets a day of people saying that he sucks, can’t play in the fourth quarter, (which by the way always makes me laugh), and all of the other hateful trash talk aside; it just doesn’t stop. And now the famous fast food restaurant McDonald’s is even joining in. That’s how you know it’s bad.

The famous McDonld’s advertising their new game said that the odds of winning in their game were a lot better than Lebron winning seven championships. Now that seems like a pretty chancy game…because seven championships is a lot. Heck Lebron knows it…eight years in the league and he doesn’t even have one! What McDonald’s should’ve said was the odds of Lebron winning one championship…but then the game still would’ve seem too hard.

At least they didn’t show the part where Lebron got schooled in the ball pit…good thing Nike had his back with that.

Anyways here’s the commercial…

Well the good thing is at least Lebron won something this year…can’t beat McDonald’s fries.

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It’s Unfair…Wade and the Heat’s New Excuse

I guess to the Heat everything is just unfair.

Dwyane Wade told ESPN 540 Milwaukee Radio today that their season was “unfair.” “Obviously we went through a lot last year. It was unfair some of the stuff that we had to endure, but we grew from it. That’s over with. We move on to whenever we play basketball again and we will be a different team, said Dwyane Wade.”

Unfair? What was “unfair” the fact that you, Bosh, and James teamed up on one team to try and win an NBA Championship? Or the fact that you guys had three all-stars against one all-star in the NBA Finals? What was “unfair” Dwyane? Please tell me because the world and myself feel so…so bad for you right now and we would all just like to know.

I mean a $15,512,000 pay check, two all-star players on your team, and one championship ring on your finger, seems like a pretty good and fair life to me. Oh wait, I think I know what is. Was is it unfair, that you and your “dream team” that was going to win not one, not two, not three, four, five, or six championships lost in the NBA Finals to a team that on paper you were better than but they just out played you, out hustled you, out smarted you, pretty much just, DOMINATED you…was that what was unfair?

I think we’re getting closer…

Maybe if one of your guy’s didn’t make their “decision” on National Television or you guys didn’t host a WWE event in American Airlines showcasing you guys in your new jerseys, maybe all of this “unfairness” wouldn’t have happened.

Though, it did happen. You guys did have a decision, and now you guys have to live with it. Live with the hate that people have against you, live with the people rooting against you, and live with the fact that you guys choked in the NBA Finals. So if that’s what “unfair” is Dwyane, then you’re just going to have a very rude awakening to what they call LIFE. So grab a box of tissues, wipe your tears, and suck it up. Man, for once Charles Barkley was right; you’re a bunch of cry babies.

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NBA Lockout Breakdown: Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Chris Paul, and Dirk Nowitzki will land.

Who will take their talents overseas?

Last off-season Lebron James took his talents to south beach to join forces with Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade in Miami. Many called it “disgraceful” “un-professional,” some even said that it was going to ruin his career. However what if more players took their talents to other teams, or now with the lockout maybe another league, or even another country? What would they say then? Would it be okay?

On Friday July 8th guard Deron Williams agreed on a one year deal of $5 million with the Besiktas a team in Turkey that Allen Iverson played for last year. Williams the first NBA player this off-season decided that it was the right move and the right fit for him. Williams deciding to go to Turkey now opens the door even more now for more NBA players to follow in his footsteps. So let’s break it down.

Where will Superman land?

Dwight Howard: While the Los Angles Lakers have been the destination that many have been saying that Superman will land, now due to the NBA Lockout it may not. Not only will it might not be Los Angles, but it may not even be an NBA team. As of right now it looks like Howard may be taking his talents to another country. “I’m not at liberty to talk about it,” Howard said to the associated press. “But there’s a huge possibility about me going to China or me going overseas to play basketball.” Well you heard it from the man himself it’s a huge possibility. “I don’t want to just sit over here and forget about basketball and waste, you know, opportunities for me to get better,” said Howard to the press.

Chances of Howard going overseas if there’s a lockout: 100 Percent. While money isn’t really a concern for Howard, playing time is and being as young and as talented as Howard is going overseas for a year during a lockout would be a great decision.

Where will Bryant go?

Kobe Bryant: While his name has come up in the talks before, Kobe Bryant has been the “player to get” to go overseas this off-season. Due to his high popularity that Bryant has generated worldwide in countries like China, teams have been talking with Bryant’s agent trying to make a deal for Bryant to go. Now while China has been the place Bryant has been rumored to go, the Besiktas who recently just signed Deron Williams said that they were looking to sign Bryant as well. The two parties Bryant and the Besiktas will meet in the first week of August to discuss terms about Bryant playing for them next season.

Chances of Bryant going overseas if there’s a lockout: 100 Percent. Age isn’t a concern. Even at 33 (Which he’ll be at the time of playing) Bryant hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down and with the competitive edge that Bryant has the odds of him taking a season off are slim to none.

Another concern that also stops players from going overseas is the new culture, the new language, and the different people that they would have to adjust to. In Bryant’s case who spent a good chunk of his childhood overseas in Italy due to his father Joe Bryant who played professionally overseas for seven sesasons already knows what its like to move from the United States to another country. Also with the great experience that his father had overseas I wouldn’t see why Bryant wouldn’t go and play.

Where will James go?

Lebron James: After the treacherous off-season that was marked by “The Decision” and the 4-2 loss in the NBA Finals to Dallas Mavericks, Lebron James is looking to make people forget and forgive. While an NBA Lockout doesn’t help the loved and hated superstar it does show light at the end of the tunnel. While a season without the NBA would force players to take a season “off” it could one lower the tensions that the fans have given James and two it could also help him get back their respect, by making the right decision. Take a year off or take his talents to east to the other side of the world and play basketball for a season there.

Chances of Lebron James going overseas if there’s a lockout: 50 Percent. Reason being he’s made the wrong decision before and who knows if he’ll do it again. Now if Kobe Bryant and other superstars do take their talents overseas James should do so as well. The question is, will he? The answer probably, that would be the best choice. Though I don’t know he’s shocked some people before, just ask Cleveland.

Where will Paul go?

Chris Paul: While Paul and other NBA stars are playing overseas in exhibition games this summer, it doesn’t necessarily mean that their going to play overseas if there’s a lockout. All their doing as of right now is having fun, staying in shape, and playing basketball. While it could persuade some of them at the end of the day it’s just good fun.

Chances of Chris Paul going overseas if there’s a lockout: 20 Percent. Now you would think at age 26 and as popular as Paul is that it would be a no brainer that he would go and play overseas, well your wrong. Now he’s not going to take a season off by no means, he’s just not going across the sea.

Hornets President Hugh Weber said that the franchise intends to eventually have a single-affiliation D-League team in Louisiana. Now while the NBA will have a lockout the D-League will not. The D-League will stop operate and pay the players just like it’s been doing for several years. Now you may think that the D-League won’t have enough competition for Paul and your right. Though, that won’t be the case because more players that don’t want to go overseas, will take their talents to the D-League and play. This will keep them in shape and in the United States still building the reputation of the NBA.

Where will Dirk go?

Dirk Nowitzki: Coming off of his first NBA Championship the Finals M.V.P. at age 33 could use some rest. However Nowitzki intends to play for Germany in the European Championships in Lithuania. Nowitzki born and from Germany many would think that in the case of a lockout would go over and play in Germany. However Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban who Nowitzki has a great relationship with doesn’t really approve of players who are under contract to go and compete overseas.

Chances of Dirk Nowitzki going overseas if there’s a lockout: 10 Percent. Now while you can’t count it out just yet, the chances of Nowitzki going overseas to play are very unlikely. Now while he won’t take a season off by any means as he’ll continue his routine workouts and that entire but at age 33 he might not play. Even though age isn’t the biggest factor for Nowitzki what is, is Mark Cuban. Cuban who doesn’t like players competing overseas while under contract is going to be a concern, while Nowitzki does occasionally compete for his team in the Olympics that may just be enough. Nowitzki who will most likely will play in the European Championships this summer will use that and then the workouts and come the 2012-13 season he’ll be good to go for his quest at another ring.

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Come back on Saturday and see where Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose, Blake Griffin, and Kevin Durant will go if there’s a lockout.