Bryce Cry Baby Harper Doesn’t Get His Way Again Someone Call His Mommy

Bryce Harper needs an attitude adjustment from John Cena.

It was a full count at 3-2 with Bryce Harper at the plate. The pitch was thrown slightly left and Harper thinking it was a ball headed towards first. However he was wrong, it was a strike. Base home plate umpire Max Guyll called him out on a strike. As for Harper he didn’t agree and within seconds he re-in acted a scene that we have seen several times.

Harper threw his helmet on the ground and began yelling while standing face to face with base home plate umpire Guyll. Harper was pointing fingers, digging his cleats into the ground, and screaming at the top of his lungs trying to prove that the pitch called a strike was a ball. Though base home plate umpire Guyll didn’t care as Harper was immediately ejected.

Fans rose to their feet clapping and cheering as number 34 left the game. One fan even yelled “there’s that maturity, there’s that maturity” repeating it several times. He was right, there was no maturity and there hasn’t been any shown from Harper as he’s always getting ejected from arguing with the umpires. When will it stop? Nobody knows, and after being selected first in the MLB Draft doesn’t help either as it may just make matters worse.

Harpers attitude that he’s been showing to the umpires is just horrible as he displays an “I’m better then you” type attitude and it needs to stop. Just like your mother always told you “Santa’s watching” well young Bryce the major league umpires are watching you, and these outbreaks are going to catch up to you. These fights and arguments displayed by yourself may turn a ball just outside the box a strike instead of a ball. These umpires stick together Bryce and you better start showing them some respect because they may break or make your career. Also too let’s be honest why were you even getting in Guyll’s face? You really do owe him an apology because he could’ve easily have given you a nice beat down. In the meantime Harper cry me a river build me a bridge and shut up and just play baseball.

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