A Handshake Says A Lot In A Man: Jim Harbaugh Vs. Jim Schwartz

It was just a handshake...

Mathew Stafford completed a pass on 4th and 10 to Calvin Johnson who then lateraled the ball to Titus Young who then dropped it; it was game over, 49ers, 25, Lions, 19. This marked a huge win for the 49ers and marked a tough loss for the Lions as their undefeated season would come to an end. But that wasn’t the story Sunday afternoon, what was, was what happened after the game.

As the last second ticked off the scoreboard and the players cleared the sidelines to head for the locker rooms 49ers head coach, Jim Harbaugh and Lions head coach, Jim Schwartz did the occasionally hand shake; except it didn’t go so smooth.

Instead what happened was Harbaugh ran to mid field, lifting his shirt to expose his belly extended his right hand to Schwartz for a shake and slapped him on the back with his left hand.

Schwartz didn’t like the encounter so he charged after Harbaugh in efforts to fight him. While yelling and screaming Schwartz would be separated by players, coaches, and referees before eventually being taken off the field. There would be no punches thrown or any bloodshed.

However the Harbaugh, Schwartz wasn’t over just yet as round two was the press conference. Harbaugh struck first by saying, “That’s totally on me…I shook his hand too hard,” said Harbaugh. “I mean I really went in…and it was a strong…kind of a slap, grab handshake…that was on me. It was a little too hard of a handshake.”

Schwartz would respond back with, “I went to congratulate coach Harbaugh and got shoved out of the way,” Schwartz said. “I didn’t expect an obscenity at that point. Obviously, when you win a game like that, you are excited, but there is a protocol that goes with this league.”

Well like every close fight that doesn’t end in a knockout you have to review the fight and pick a winner; so let’s do it.

By very tough decision…Harbaugh wins, not only if they really did fight, but he wins in this dispute and let’s be honest if they really did fight, we wouldn’t have to make a decision has it probably would’ve ended in a knockout; a knockout given by Harbaugh that would leave Schwartz lying on the ground clueless. Though for Schwartz’s sake and everyone else’s, that didn’t happen.

However in conclusion to that the reason why Harbaugh wins is because it was just a handshake. So what if was “too hard” grow up. Didn’t Schwartz ever hear of, “a man is determined by their handshake”? Well I take he didn’t because his was awful and if we determined him by the shake on Sunday well then he’s a young four year old boy; because that was weak. Too hard?! Come on man.

Though that wasn’t all as Schwartz would go onto add that it wasn’t good “protocol” are you kidding me, protocol? Really? Well I can tell him what protocol isn’t and that’s yelling on the sidelines at opposing teams players, yelling at referees and chasing after another coach; that’s not “protocol”.

So Harbaugh…Schwartz, let’s end this with a handshake. Harbaugh let’s even do a chest bump and Schwartz…well let’s just stick to a light high five because you should be able to handle that.

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