Jacksonville AFL Fan Grabs Player And Stops A Kickoff Return

Never before would I have thought that a fan could punch a super bowl ticket for a team.

C.J. Johnson of the Georgia Force waited for the ball to drop into his hands from the kickoff. Johnson caught the ball then caught two arms wrapped around him. Though it wasn’t a player, it was a fan. A Jacksonville Sharks fan grabbed Johnson and then held him back against the wall so that Johnson couldn’t move. The play was blown dead and the Sharks were penalized.

Sharks players then gave the fan high fives and praised him. The fans were on their feet cheering and clapping, it was a super bowl feel coming from an arena football play. As for the fan he would later be ejected but it was all worth it.

This Sharks fan now has a story that he can take home that’s worth more then a souvenir, a foul ball, or bag of cotton candy. This fan took down a player and got away with way. He didn’t have to run across the field and steal the ball from Brett Favre. Or run on the field and get slammed down by James Harrison. Or he didn’t have to call out Ron Artest and start a brawl. No this fan will not be known as Steve Bartman or the Idiot or the knuckle head or that drunk guy from 4c, no he’ll be know as the greatest fan ever who single handily stopped a kick off and got away with it.

Call it Drew League, call it WWE, or call it unacceptable but what this fan did was just plain awesome. He put Arena Football back on the map. I don’t know about you but I one barely even knew that there was an Arena Football season going on right now but I had no idea that the Arena Bowl was this Friday. So congratulations Jacksonville Sharks fan you brought the Seattle Seahawks 12th man to life. Not only does this fan deserve a couple high fives from the players and a couple things of the wave from the fans, but he deserve another sideline seat to this Friday’s Arena Bowl and maybe even a spot on their team. So congrats Sharks Fan rest up you have a big game ahead of you on Friday.

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