“Manning To Miami” Campaign Launched By Dolphin’s Fans: Billboards And All

Peyton Manning in a Miami Dolphins Uniform on a billboard in Miami, Florida.

When someone or many people want something in our society they usually address it. As for Miami Dolphin fans, they take this “addressing” to all new heights as their “campaign” to acquire Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning is truly a campaign.

Like any normal campaign, there’s usually billboards, posters, websites, etc. Knowing that, that’s exactly what they did, “Miami to Manning .com” to be exact as they are truly campaigning. Starting with their website, www.manningtomiami.com, has it all, a sign up sheet, blog, sponsors tab, store and more as these fin fans are going all in.

Their message, simple, four words: Bring Manning to Miami.

The website expresses it’s want for quarterback Peyton Manning and backs it up with a pretty good reasoning,

“Be Part OF “The Movement” and Make History – BRING MANNING TO MIAMI – This site has been created to help influence Peyton Manning and the Miami Dolphins that “Manning to Miami” is a movement and marriage that the entire South Florida community is behind. Tell family, friends (even enemies), tell co-workers, business associates to cast their vote and make a difference in Bringing Manning to Miami.

How many wins is Manning worth? When’s the last time we the fans have had an “impact” quarterback? What about the most cerebral quarterback of all time?

Get behind this movement and let your vote be your voice and make a difference!

By filling out this form you are casting a vote to bring Manning to Miami and a list of names will be presented to the Miami Dolphins and representatives of Peyton Manning.


Though, it’s not just a website as they have a billboard too. Yes, that’s right a billboard photo shopped with Manning in a green teal Miami Dolphins Jersey and beneath him in Miami Dolphin colors, their website, “Manning To Miami .com.”

As for Peyton Manning’s response to this he has yet to comment and most likely won’t.

In Peyton Manning’s career as an Indianapolis Colt he has been to two Super Bowl’s, has set every team passing record, has been to 11 Pro Bowl’s, has lead the Colts to two AFC Championships, and has even made another team make him a website.

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New York Jets and Buffalo Bills Defeat Indianapolis Colts Back-to-Back

Indianapolis had the perfect season on the line when they played the New York Jets last week.  They hung with Peyton Manning for the first half and the Colts went into halftime with a 9 to 3 lead.  Prior to this game, the Colts had already clinched their playoff birth and playing Manning was a sure bet that Indianapolis was now playing for the perfect season.  Then in the second half, millions watched as we found Peyton on the bench along with his 14 completions and 192 yards accumulated from the first half.  The Colts had decided to protect their Ace and bring in backup QB, Painter, for the remainder of the game.   Anyone who saw the game could see the frustration in Peyton’s face as he seemed disappointed with the decision, especially as he witnessed Painter earn a grim 4 completions for 44 yards in 30 minutes of play.  The Jets outscored Indianapolis 26 – 6 in the second half going on to win by an overall score of 29 – 15.  Most of us wondered how they could lay down a perfect season – how they could pass up the opportunity for immortality.  Millions felt robbed of the chance to become a permanent part of history.

The logic behind the move to bench Peyton seems flawed to me.  Why even bother playing Peyton at all if you are going to protect him for the playoffs. I understand how statisticians record who started the game and therefore, Peyton should start in order to keep his streak alive.  But, why not just bring him in for one drive then?  Why keep him in for a whole half?  Are the first 30 minutes of the game less of a risk for injury?  In other words, what is so different about the first half and the second half that protecting the quarterback didn’t seem necessary for the first 30 minutes.

I have to believe that Indianapolis figured they would bring Peyton in for one half and secure a lead, then let Painter go in to finish it out.  However, they probably didn’t assume they’d collapse the way they did once Peyton came out.  When they saw the game starting to slip away, they must  have at least second guessed keeping Peyton on the bench, right?  I bet they wanted to bring Peyton in just as bad as the fans wanted Peyton back in but they were too worried about their image and their reputation and what America would think if they decided to play for a perfect season instead of playing by the book.  I wanted someone to tell them to scrap the book, America has your back, play for the perfect season.  Additionally, I think stats show that there has been no real advantage to the teams that have rested their players before playoffs.  In fact, most teams that rest their players before playoffs actually have played subpar in the post season.  I sure hope their decision pays off for them in the playoffs. Especially after what happened in Buffalo this weekend.

Once again, the Colts brought Peyton in for the first half.  This was one of the sloppiest games imaginable.  The weather was dreadful.  It was the 4th coldest game day in Ralph Wilson stadium history.  Again I question the logic regarding Peyton’s playing time.  Why on earth would you let him play in that kind of scenario if you are truly resting him for playoffs and protecting him from injury.  I think the Colts were stuck in a difficult situation because they laid down against the Jets probably thinking they’d still be able to win, and now that they lost, they were facing two losses in a row by pulling Peyton and laying down against the Bills.  I don’t think losing two straight games was ever the game plan for the Colts.  I think they made some bad decision.  They should have just played all out for the perfect season and headed to playoffs on a good note.  Now, they went from potential immortality, to cut and bruised with a definite dose of reality.

We’ll see how the move pays off in the upcoming weeks.