Miami Heat Loses Season Opener

A clash between some of the highest rated basketball starts in the NBA resulted in a loss for the Miami Heat in their season opener against the Boston Celtics.  In an 88-80 loss that went down to the wire, the Heat left room for a lot of skeptics to start asking questions about whether or not having too many stars in one starting line up can hurt the dynamic of the team rather than help it.

The Heat were actually getting outplayed all night.  It really only became close in the final 2 minutes of the game when the Heat came within just a few points of the Celtics with 1:10 to go.  However, a great pass from Pierce to Allen converted into late points for the Celtics with less than a minute left in regulation helping to seal the victory.

Despite the highly anticipated Heat season, true fans understand that the loss is not signficant.  As Wade suggested in a post game interview, they weren’t going to go undefeated.  That certainly is the case now and most fans that have been following the preseason events understand that injuries have benched Wade with a hamstring injury which inhibited him from getting into the rhythm of the offense and allowing a flow to establish prior to the season opener.  Therefore, the first couple of weeks for the Heat will serve more as a proper preseason for them as James, Wade and Bosh get used to playing out on the court together at the same time.  The next time the Heat and the Celtics meet will be an event to tune in and watch for sure – especially after the high intensity level that was experienced in their first meeting on the hardwoods.