Dog Eats Guys Four Masters Tickets: See What He Did To Get Them Back

Here's a picture of one of the tickets that Russ Berkman's dog ate.

What would you do if your dog really did eat something of yours? Such as your homework, your dinner that you left on the table, your shoe, or something like that? But what if your dog ate something very valuable to you, like four tickets to the Masters?

Yes, that’s right the Masters, live from Augusta, the world’s best golfers competing for the glorious, one of a kind, green jacket and the only thing stopping you from going was your dog.

What would you do?

-Would you buy four more tickets?

-Call Augsta National, telling them that your dog ate your tickets, story?

-Or would you force it out of him (the dog)?

Well for Seattle man, Russ Berkman, who originally won the four tickets in an online lottery, which awarded the winner four practice tickets to Augusta. Came home from his late night shopping trip on Saturday night and found out that his Swiss Mountain dog, named Sierra, had the four tickets as a late night snack.

“When I walked in the house, I noticed there was a few strings on my hard wood floors that appeared to be the strings on my Masters tickets,” Berkman said in an interview on radio station KJR.

In the state of shock, that the old excuse, “my dog ate my homework” really just happened to him, except that it was his masters’ tickets, instead of his homework, left Berkman completely speechless.

So, clueless of what to do, he decided to call his girlfriend. Asking her of what he could possibly do to get the tickets back, or just to still be able to attend the Masters, she came up with an idea; force it out. She told Berkman to make Sierra throw it up, so he would.

Berkman would do so by feeding his dog, hydrogen peroxide, an alternative that he knew was “harmless” to his dog.

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Time For Change? Keegan Bradley’s PGA Championship Victory Changed the Game of Golf

Was it just meant to be?

In sports today being the best or other known as the champion is what is most cherished. Championships are usually won from a playoff format and are the normal code to crown a champion. However in golf being known as the best isn’t based off of a series of games, it’s just based off of one. One shot, one chance, one game. Though, this PGA Tour Championship was a bit different.

It was different in the fact that the World’s best player didn’t win it. Different in the fact that the World’s most notable player didn’t win it…not even close. Or different in that the World’s most excepted didn’t’ win it. Matter of fact this PGA Championship, was completely different. For once the title wasn’t crowned off of one game; for once it had a playoff, featuring two players. To top it all off it was two players that before the tournament started no one would’ve thought that they would be competing for the crown.

The playoff consisted of three holes, the 16th, 17th, and the 18th, to crown golf’s next champion. Battling it out head to head Keegan Bradley and Jason Dufner would come down to the last and final hole. Bradley with a one stroke lead would hit a put for par for the win.

The last ball was in the hole and Keegan Bradley was now the new champion. It was golf’s new number one who did it in a new way, new fashion, and new look; winning in a playoff.

This playoff system that happened because of a tie score at the end of 18 holes was a great way to crown a champion, so great that it should be apart of every tournament. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see the two top leaders at the end of 18 play an extra three holes to declare a winner? Now don’t get me wrong golf is already long enough but this playoff between Bradley and Dufner only added about 15 minuets to the game and within those magical 15 minuets not only came a new champion, but came a new look and some new attention. Golf even without Tiger Woods for once was on top of the world again.

Maybe it was the red shirt, the sunny day, or the fist pump, that made this day so great. But what it wasn’t was Tiger Woods doing any of that, it was the new kid on the block, Keegan Bradley in the red shirt on a sunny day clenching his fist for the win.

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