Fred Jackson To Miss The Rest Of The 2011-12 NFL Season

Fred Jackson has been ruled out this week and most likely out for remainder of the 2011-12 NFL season.

Fred Jackson has been a dominate force at the running back position this year as he lead the league coming into week 11 with 917 yards rushing and it didn’t seem like he was slowing down. That was until the Buffalo Bills traveled to Miami. It was the 5-4 Bills vs. the 2-7 Dolphins. Jackson was coming off of a big game in Dallas of 114 yards off of 13 carries. Despite losing to the Cowboys 44-7 the Bills were ready to snap their two game losing streak and redeem their season.

Though there was knowing bouncing back for Buffalo as the Dolphins did what the Cowboys did the previous week to the Bills; they put on a clinic as they would defeat the Bills 35-8. However that wasn’t the big news as Jackson only rushed for 17 yards off of only seven carries. But it wasn’t because the Dolphins shut him down but it was because an injury did.

Fred Jackson would injure his calf muscle on a four yard pass in the second quarter with roughly five minutes to go. The Bills were trailing 21 to 3 at that point. Luckily for Jackson the X-Rays came out negative.

After the game Jackson would tell reporters “I’ll be all right. It’s just a bruise right now,” Jackson said. “I’ll get some treatment on it this week and see what happens.” Though fast forward to today (Wednesday) Jackson has been ruled out for Sunday’s game against the New York Jets.

It’s never good news to hear that a player has been ruled out so early in the week, like it is in Jackson’s case. This calf injury, despite no X-Ray damage is clearly just as bad of an injury even if there was structural damage.

After hearing the devastating news reporters asked coach Chain Gailey if Jackson would return this season. His response; he doesn’t know.

Now while not knowing could mean a lot of things, in this case where Jackson has already been shut down for this week’s game on Sunday without even being tagged as questionable or doubtful isn’t good at all.

So my advice for Bills fans, fantasy owners, and to whom it may concern; Jackson is most likely going to miss the remainder of the season and if you have him in a fantasy league; trade him. If you’re a fan; get used to hearing C.J. Spiller’s name. While I hate to deliver the bad news, unfortunately it is, what it is, Fred Jackson at the time before his injury the leading rusher in the NFL will miss the remainder of the 2011-12 NFL season.

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It’s Official Lebron James is Going To the NFL: Now It’s Just A Matter of Where

Where will James go?

During the NBA Lockout Miami Heat forward Lebron James has been playing football with his former high school team, St. Vincent-St. Mary. James has been practicing with the team in full pads which as a result has gained the attention of the media and has started a question, is Lebron James going to switch sports and play football?

On Tuesday, October 4th after finishing up a practice with his former high school team James tweeted, “Just got done practicing with the St.V Varsity football team, full pads and all.. Felt great being back on the field. Should I?”

“Should I?” A question that James was hinting towards; should he play football. The tweet immediately spread by users re-tweeting and responding to James tweet as everyone was shocked that this “football thing” was going this far.

Fast forward to Monday; David Stern addressed the media that the NBA was canceling the first two weeks of the NBA season due to the owners and players not coming to an agreement. “I’m sorry to report…that the first two weeks of the season have been canceled,” Stern told reporters outside the New York hotel in which the sides met. “We depart on good terms with negotiators. We just have a gulf that separates us.”

Stern would also go onto add, “We remain very, very far apart on virtually all issues.”

James would respond to the news by tweeting, “I wanna sincerely say sorry to all the fans! It’s a sad day for all of us, especially u guys! There’s no US w/o You. loveuguys.”

Though that wouldn’t be all for number six as the following day James would ask ESPN’s John Clayton, “When is the deadline for a team to sign a free agent?”

So does this mean that Lebron James is considering playing football this season in the NFL? It seems that way indeed, strike one: Lebron James practices with his former high school football team in full pads, strike two: James asks the fans if he should play football, strike three: James asks ESPN’s John Clayton when the free agent deadline is. Those three strikes are all leading up to what could possibly be another decision; to play or not to play? That is the question.

Now let’s just say that James decides to play, where would he go?

Buffalo Bills: Why not? They’re hot and on fire and the addition of Lebron James to their football team couldn’t hurt them at all, it would only help them. Now say that James doesn’t live up to the hype and can’t play, then their back in the same situation that they were in before except with a bigger fan base.

Miami Dolphins: Wouldn’t that be something, Lebron James takes his talents to South Beach again. James could really fit into their offense and at 0-4 what’s the worse that could happen?

Cleveland Browns: A coming home party? How would Cleveland react is the big question…would they let him back or would they boo? However James would make a nice fit in Cleveland at either the receiver or even a tight end position.

Chicago Bears: The city of Chicago took part in a transition like this before when Michael Jordan left basketball to play for the Chicago White Sox, so why not again? Let’s face it when your running back is your leading your receiver you know that you’re in trouble.

Devin Hester, isn’t going to work out maybe he’ll break a long one here or there but he’s a return specialist not a receiver. Then too Jonny Knox; he’s not bad but he shouldn’t be a number one receiver on any team. Then to Roy Williams; reunited with Mike Martz and expected to have the season of his career, well six receptions, 81 yards, and zero touchdowns doesn’t sound that great to me.

San Francisco 49ers: On the west coast, in California, which has Lebron James written all over it. The 49ers need a receiver because who knows when Braylon Edwards is coming back, Josh Morgan has a broken a leg, Michael Crabtree is basically getting paid for free and that’s about it. So lace them up big fella because San Fran is just a phone call away.

Seattle Seahawks:

Pete Carroll and Lebron James are doing more than just tweeting, they’re actually talking and what their talking about, is James suiting up in Seattle. With two good receivers as their starters it wouldn’t seem to make any sense to bring in Lebron James, but it does; it makes perfect sense. Not only will he bring some talent, but he’s going to bring media, fans, and more.

Other teams: Dallas Cowboys- Jerry Jones is all about signing big name players that bring attention to his football team and with that being James’s favorite team, the two sides might just work something out.

Tennessee Titans- It could happen, while it’s very low, it could happen. Another injury or two and James could just slide his way in there.

Houston Texans, Oakland Raiders, Atlanta Falcons.

Now James wouldn’t be the first player to make the move from basketball to football as there has been players to do so such as Tony Gonzalez and Antonio Gates. However the only problem is, James has been away from the game of football for about eight years and just ask anyone that’s a long time so it’s very questionable if he would be any good. However that’s why James has been preparing for the move, by practicing with his former high school.

As of right now James hasn’t signed with a team or talked with any yet, because he’s trying to find an agent which he’s doing right now. Give it about another two weeks and if the lockout is still in tack which it should be, you will be seeing James in a football jersey.

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See Why Terrelle Pryor Might Not Be Suiting Up On Sundays

Yes the NFL granted him eligible but they didn't grant him a team.

Its official, the NFL has declared Terrelle Pryor, former quarterback of Ohio State eligible for this years NFL Supplemental Draft. However there’s still one problem. Once Pryor signs with an NFL team he will have to sit out five games before being eligible to play. This could hurt his draft stock as some teams such as the San Francisco 49ers want a quarterback that can play right away.

The NFL Supplemental Draft will take place on Monday, but it still doesn’t guarantee that Pryor will be drafted. The Supplemental Draft is very different from the NFL Draft as every team doesn’t have to pick. Since being started in 1977 only 40 players have been selected from the Supplemental Draft making that an average of about one to two players a year.

Here’s how it works, the Supplemental Draft is designed to allow underclassmen, or players who missed the filing deadline for the NFL Draft, or players who find themselves ineligible for the upcoming college season. The supplemental draft is held after the traditional NFL Draft and before each season begins.

In easier terms it’s like a waiver wire broken down into three tiers. The first tier is the teams with six wins or less in the previous NFL Season. The second tier is the teams with six wins or more in the previous NFL Season but a non-playoff team. The last and final tier is the 12 playoff teams.

Now no team is required to pick a player. However if they do want a player they submit what is called a bid to the NFL Commissioner with the round that they want to select the player in. If no other team places a bid on that player in an earlier spot then the team is awarded that player and has to give up a pick equivalent in the next years NFL Draft. For instance if a team selects a player in the 2nd round of the Supplemental Draft then they have to forfeit their 2nd round pick in the next NFL Draft.

Pryor is in a very tough spot as many teams don’t like to draft players in the Supplemental Draft though Pryor has an advantage over a lot of past and present players to go through this process because, one his talent that he has shown and two the publicity that has been around him. So, with still some teams out there that could use a quarterback Pryor could possibly land somewhere for this upcoming NFL Season.

Teams Where He Could Go:

Buffalo Bills: 4-12 last season, multiple quarterback changes, and still no key addition, are all signs that point to Terrelle Pryor being a good pick for the Bills in the Supplemental Draft. They need a quarterback and with a solid run game and an up and coming wide receiver in Steve Johnson a player like Pryor could turn this franchise around. So what are you waiting for Buffalo? Get Pryor and circle the wagons.

Miami Dolphins: Another disappointing season at 7-9 last year and no real signs of improvement as Ronnie Brown is gone and yes Reggie Bush is now there but he’s no Ronnie Brown. You still have Chad Henne as your starting quarterback after your fans booed him and chanted Kyle Orton. You passed on Orton and now you have a second chance at another talent in Pryor. So what’s it going to be Miami? Get Pryor or take a back seat to the Miami Hurricanes football program. I’m sure Dolphin fans won’t mind if you guys switch schedules.

Oakland Raiders: A better but still disappointing season for the Oakland Raiders yet again. Then during the off-season they lose Nnamdi Asomugha the heart and soul of their defense. Nice going Al Davis man do Raiders fans hate you. Their to the point where their not even cheering for a Super Bowl let a lone a win anymore, it’s gone so far that their cheering for you to step down and call it quits or for life to take its natural cycle. So Al is that how you want to be remembered? Pryor is available and unlike Jamarcus Russell, Pryor actually improves on his game he doesn’t sit there and watch it get worse.

San Francisco 49ers: 6-10 last season, not to bad but not well enough for a franchise that is used to being at the top and is now towards the bottom. You went out and got wide receiver Braylon Edwards, kudos. Now how about you get him a quarterback? Adding Terrelle Pryor to the mix with Edwards, Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis, and Frank Gore running the ball…uh oh that could cause some problems. Can you say championship? (NFC West Championship…but it’s a start)

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New York Jets and Buffalo Bills Defeat Indianapolis Colts Back-to-Back

Indianapolis had the perfect season on the line when they played the New York Jets last week.  They hung with Peyton Manning for the first half and the Colts went into halftime with a 9 to 3 lead.  Prior to this game, the Colts had already clinched their playoff birth and playing Manning was a sure bet that Indianapolis was now playing for the perfect season.  Then in the second half, millions watched as we found Peyton on the bench along with his 14 completions and 192 yards accumulated from the first half.  The Colts had decided to protect their Ace and bring in backup QB, Painter, for the remainder of the game.   Anyone who saw the game could see the frustration in Peyton’s face as he seemed disappointed with the decision, especially as he witnessed Painter earn a grim 4 completions for 44 yards in 30 minutes of play.  The Jets outscored Indianapolis 26 – 6 in the second half going on to win by an overall score of 29 – 15.  Most of us wondered how they could lay down a perfect season – how they could pass up the opportunity for immortality.  Millions felt robbed of the chance to become a permanent part of history.

The logic behind the move to bench Peyton seems flawed to me.  Why even bother playing Peyton at all if you are going to protect him for the playoffs. I understand how statisticians record who started the game and therefore, Peyton should start in order to keep his streak alive.  But, why not just bring him in for one drive then?  Why keep him in for a whole half?  Are the first 30 minutes of the game less of a risk for injury?  In other words, what is so different about the first half and the second half that protecting the quarterback didn’t seem necessary for the first 30 minutes.

I have to believe that Indianapolis figured they would bring Peyton in for one half and secure a lead, then let Painter go in to finish it out.  However, they probably didn’t assume they’d collapse the way they did once Peyton came out.  When they saw the game starting to slip away, they must  have at least second guessed keeping Peyton on the bench, right?  I bet they wanted to bring Peyton in just as bad as the fans wanted Peyton back in but they were too worried about their image and their reputation and what America would think if they decided to play for a perfect season instead of playing by the book.  I wanted someone to tell them to scrap the book, America has your back, play for the perfect season.  Additionally, I think stats show that there has been no real advantage to the teams that have rested their players before playoffs.  In fact, most teams that rest their players before playoffs actually have played subpar in the post season.  I sure hope their decision pays off for them in the playoffs. Especially after what happened in Buffalo this weekend.

Once again, the Colts brought Peyton in for the first half.  This was one of the sloppiest games imaginable.  The weather was dreadful.  It was the 4th coldest game day in Ralph Wilson stadium history.  Again I question the logic regarding Peyton’s playing time.  Why on earth would you let him play in that kind of scenario if you are truly resting him for playoffs and protecting him from injury.  I think the Colts were stuck in a difficult situation because they laid down against the Jets probably thinking they’d still be able to win, and now that they lost, they were facing two losses in a row by pulling Peyton and laying down against the Bills.  I don’t think losing two straight games was ever the game plan for the Colts.  I think they made some bad decision.  They should have just played all out for the perfect season and headed to playoffs on a good note.  Now, they went from potential immortality, to cut and bruised with a definite dose of reality.

We’ll see how the move pays off in the upcoming weeks.