2010 Fight of the Year

On December 11 2010 Middle Weight Competitors Amir Khan and Marcos Maidana faced off for the WBA Light Welterweight Title . The fight offered fans a truly high stakes match up in addition to a highly competitive, stylistically varied fighting display, held at the famed Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Khan, 24 years old born in Bolton, Greater Manchester is a former Olympic Gold Medalist. His record includes 23 wins out 24, 17 of these wins won by knock out. Marcos Mardiana, 27 years old born in Santa Fe, Argentina has a record of 29 wins out of 30 total fights since the beginning of his professional career in 2004 with 27 of his 29 victories being knock outs.

The results of Saturdays fight was the synthesis of a dramatic and highly entertaining 12 rounds, that ended up elevating both competitors and earned the title of Fight of The Year For 2010. In the first round, Maidana suffered greatly, a left hook to his body that pushed him onto the canvas. It appeared as if Khan’s speed, style, and height advantage would present too much for Maidana to overcome. Yet, in the third round Khan lost his footing and Maidana successfully pressured his opponent to overexpose himself, as seen in the ninth and tenths rounds. In the ninth round Maidana seemed to have become re-energized. In the tenth round Maidana landed a few right hands on Khan’s face. However, this was not enough. Khan connected 273 out of 603 shots, while Maidana lagged behind with connecting punches of 156 out of 767. After 156 punches were thrown and twelve rounds passed Amir Khan emerged as the victor having successfully defended his title as the WBA Light Welterweight Title holder.

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Mayweather vs Mosley

Floyd Mayweather Jr. arrived at the MGM Grand on Tuesday, April 27, 2010, in Las Vegas. Mayweather is scheduled to face Sugar Shane Mosley on Saturday.  Although Mayweather is the projected favorite, the over/under for the fight was recently set at 11.5 rounds suggesting most fans believe this bout will go the distance.  Mayweather currently holds a perfect 40-0 record with 25 knockouts while Mosley boasts a 46-5-0 record with 39 knockouts.  Clearly the match between the two is a battle of the boxing titans.

Mayweather vs Mosley Promotion

Although the battle is between two champion boxers, there is still uncertainty whether or not Mayweather will be fighting for Mosley’s WBA welterweight boxing title.  For now, it seems as though the belt will not be on the line.  However, Golden Boy Promotions continues to pursuade the WBA to put the belt on the line for Mosley, who believes owning the belt is important and the valued prize of the fight.  Mayweather suggested that he does not care about the title belt because he believes that he has already proven himself to be the best fighter, doing undefeated throughout his career, and that this fight is simply about improving his legacy and making money.

Mosley challenges the ideology that Mayweather is the best fighter by suggesting that Floyd hasn’t always faced the best opponents that he could have.  He believes that Saturday will be a true test of Mayweather’s capabilities as a boxer and that the title should be on the line for the true champion of the sport to walk away with.

We’ll take a look at updates this week and tune in Saturday to see how the story unfolds.

After 17 Years in the Making, Bernard Hopkins Comes Out on Top

Bernard Hopkins beat up on Roy Jones Jr. earning a unanimous decision victory in last nights boxing match at the Mandalay Bay Events Center.  The last time the two battled was 17 years prior.  Although Hopkins avenged the loss he was dealt in the first bout nearly two decades ago, he didn’t do much celebrating after.  The fight wasn’t exactly text book, nor was it that clean.  Jones Jr. took worked some dirty hits on Hopkins and although Hopkins pressed on and won round after round, he eventually ended up collapsed to his knees in his locker room after the fight was over.  Both fighters made a trip to the hospital for precautionary purposes.

Hopkins and Jones Jr. are well into their boxing careers and are pushing the envelope with regards to age as it relates to the sport.  Each contender being over the age of 40 left them wondering if the pain endured Saturday night should be the last of it.  The physical damages caused by years of boxing takes it’s toll with long term effects.  It would be surprising to see if either Hopkins or Jones Jr. return to the ring again after what they looked like after the match.  However, Hopkins was quoted as saying, “They might think I’m crazy, but I want David Haye next, and to win the heavyweight championship of the world.”

You can read a full article about the match on ESPN.