Andre Johnson May Miss Up To Five Weeks Or More With His Injury

He may be out longer

Andre Johnson caught his fourth pass of the game on Sunday and began running to gain more yards until without being tackled he collapsed by himself. Watching him hit the ground fans, fantasy owners, coaches, and players held their breaths. At first glance and even with replay the fall that Johnson had definitely showed an injury but even worse; a torn ACL or MCL.

That’s what it looked like at the first couple glances, however luckily for Johnson and the Houston Texans organization after several tests and an MRI they would find out that it wasn’t a torn ACL or MCL and that Johnson would return this season. The question was; how long?

The injury would be revealed as a hamstring injury and that Johnson would have to undergo surgery and the recovery time would be two to three weeks. Though more reports would come out later saying that Johnson did have surgery and that he was going to be healthy within three weeks and that the target date is October 30th week 8 against the Jacksonville Jaguars. However nothings certain as unfortunately setbacks can happen especially with hamstring injuries, just ask his teammate Arian Foster.

Foster who has been dealing with a nagging hamstring injury all season long has finally appeared to have overcame it after his last week performance of 155 yards and a touchdown off of 30 carries.

The injury took about over five weeks total to recover from for Foster and who knows it may not even be fully healed. So for Johnson a two to three week time table is just an educated guess.

Facing the facts and looking at reality the injury will probably last about four to five weeks until Johnson is fully recovered, at least that would be the smart approach. Though we can’t compare this injury to Foster’s because we don’t know if there similar, yes they are both hamstring injuries but they could be different tears that are/were in them.

Now if Johnson was to take the same approach as Foster and post a picture of his MRI up on twitter too then we would know. But as of right now @Johnson80 hasn’t posted any MRI’s or any tweets at all.

Expected Recovery Time: Five weeks; putting a target date for their game against Cleveland or Tampa Bay. But with a week 11 bye the Texans could take the safe approach and hold him out an extra week. But sitting at 3-1 and tied for first place in their division the Texans are fine for now but depending on how their next couple games go, they might have to rush their star player back as soon as possible.

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