Lee Corso Drops An Explicit Word On College GameDay: See What It Was

The explicit word that Corso said can be heard in the video below the article.

Just like he does every Saturday on ESPN’s College GameDay, Lee Corso chooses the team he thinks is going to win by putting on that team’s mascot head. However this Saturday on College GameDay from the University of Houston campus went a little differently.

After guest picker Carl Lewis chose the Cougars, Corso said, “Carl, how can you pick against SMU? Look at them over there, red, white and blue. U-S-A, U-S-A.” Corso then reached under the desk and picked up an SMU megaphone. It appeared that he was choosing the SMU Mustangs until he made a dramatic switch.

Just as Corso was about to speak into the SMU megaphone, he then tossed it over the desk and said “Ah (bleep) it,” and then put on the Shasta, the University of Houston’s mascot head.

The word that Corso said can be watched in the video below.

After hearing Corso’s remarks analyst Kirk Herbstreit who was on the left of him leaned back in his chair and grinned in shock like a young boy that heard a bad word. As for host Chris Fowler, he doubled over with laughter as he slowly put his head down on the desk. As for guest picker Carl Lewis, he just laughed hysterically while clapping and for the fans outside the University of Houston’s campus; they cheered in joy.

After gaining their composure Fowler turned to Corso and jokingly said “Shasta, shame on you,” Fowler said. “Wash that mouth out.” Fowler then shook hands with guest picker Carl Lewis and Herbstreit remained lightly punching the mouth of the mascot head as the remaining credits came on, marking the show over.

Thirty minutes after the show ended Corso would say an apology that appeared on ESPN, during the Michigan-Nebraska game and then on ESPN2 and ESPNU. The apology said, “Earlier today on College GameDay while picking the SMU-Houston game I got a bit excited and used an expletive that I shouldn’t have used. I apologize and can promise it won’t happen again.”

It was the first time ever that College GameDay traveled to the University of Houston’s campus and Corso will make that first time be remembered for a long time.

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The Truth Will Come Out: Bernie Fine Didn’t Molest Anyone

Bernie Fine has been at Syracuse University since 1963.

Bernie Fine started his coaching career with Syracuse University in 1963 as the team’s student manager. Fine would go onto graduate in 1967 with B.S. in personnel and industrial relations. Though that wouldn’t be the last of Syracuse as in 1976 when Jim Boeheim became the head coach he hired Fine as of his assistants. Fast forward 35 years later assistant head coach Bernie Fine is being accused of molesting two former ball boys and is on a leave of absence that was handed out by the University.

The two alleged victims are Bobby Davis, who’s now 39, and Mike Lang, now 45. Davis told Outside the Lines that Fine had been molesting him since 1984, on road trips, at Fine’s house, and hotel rooms. As for Lang he told Outside the Lines that Fine had been molesting him since he was in sixth grade.

This is the second incident revolving molestation charge from an NCAA coach within a week’s span, as news broke last week about Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky. Sandusky was accused of molesting several young boys. Which is why this really brings to the conclusion as if this allegation is really true or not? Because Davis told police officials in 2003 about the molestation incidents, however they ignored it as there wasn’t enough evidence. Though eight years later, Davis isn’t giving up as he now has a witness; his step brother, Mike Lang.

Despite adding another witness, the story just doesn’t fit, because why would Lang in 2003 come to the police officials and not bring Lang with him as well? Also too, why did they pick now to come out? Because it’s a perfect time; our society is still in shock from the whole Penn State incident and is still trying to recover from it. So now Davis comes out during this time and looks like another victim that was scared like the others and gets away with it too.

Lastly, in the interview with Outside the Lines both Davis and Lang took very long to respond to the simple questions about when it happened and where it happened. They paused several times in efforts to think and used several “ums” showing that they were nervous and pretty much lying. Let’s be honest if you suffered through such a “horrible experience” as they claim that they did, don’t you think that you would remember every single detail, every single second, the time that it happened, and how old you were?

Head coach Jim Boehim isn’t buying it either as he issued a statement stating, “I know this kid, but I never saw him in any rooms or anything,” Boeheim told ESPN. “It is a bunch of a thousand lies that he has told. You don’t think it is a little funny that his cousin (relative) is coming forward? He supplied four names to the University that would corroborate his story. None of them did…there is only one side to this story. He is lying.”

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Opening Day Brings Hope To The Baseball Masses

There’s no one day in sports that gives as much hope to the masses as Opening Day. Major League Baseball’s Opening Day is something more than just the beginning of a season. It’s hope realized even for just one fleeting day. Fans of all teams can come together and pray that their collective team can somehow, against everything, give them a long, winning, and meaningful summer. This is what makes Opening Day so special, but it’s just one of the many things that does.

If you’re a fan of Major League Baseball, once the first of April rolls around you are ready to get back into first pitch strikes, throw them strike them out double plays, and of course the long ball. Even if every analyst on ESPN has your team already out of it you find yourself dressed in your team colors ready for whatever is next. Opening Day is also the beginning of a new season. A season where, much like the actual season that surrounds it, hope springs eternal. No longer does winter’s cold bog you down. It’s spring and baseball is on. It’s time to play ball!

This is why so many will pay enormous amounts of money and sit in the cold to watch what at the end of the day is a seemingly meaningless baseball game on day 1. This is why people take long lunches and sometimes call in sick completely from work so they can just get a quick glimpse of that first pitch. This is why I can wax poetic about the first game in a 162 game season! That’s the allure of Opening Day and 2011’s version was no different.

2011’s Opening Day featured the defending champions San Francisco Giants losing to their arch rival LA Dodgers in a pitcher’s duel that went to the very end. It featured the upstart Cincinnati Reds coming from behind to walk off the field as victors on a game winning home run. And for better or worst, it featured the beloved and equally hated Yankees coming out on top.

All of these events were great, but none of them equaled the joy of having baseball back in our lives. However, thanks to Opening Day some needed hope returned also.

2010 Fight of the Year

On December 11 2010 Middle Weight Competitors Amir Khan and Marcos Maidana faced off for the WBA Light Welterweight Title . The fight offered fans a truly high stakes match up in addition to a highly competitive, stylistically varied fighting display, held at the famed Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Khan, 24 years old born in Bolton, Greater Manchester is a former Olympic Gold Medalist. His record includes 23 wins out 24, 17 of these wins won by knock out. Marcos Mardiana, 27 years old born in Santa Fe, Argentina has a record of 29 wins out of 30 total fights since the beginning of his professional career in 2004 with 27 of his 29 victories being knock outs.

The results of Saturdays fight was the synthesis of a dramatic and highly entertaining 12 rounds, that ended up elevating both competitors and earned the title of Fight of The Year For 2010. In the first round, Maidana suffered greatly, a left hook to his body that pushed him onto the canvas. It appeared as if Khan’s speed, style, and height advantage would present too much for Maidana to overcome. Yet, in the third round Khan lost his footing and Maidana successfully pressured his opponent to overexpose himself, as seen in the ninth and tenths rounds. In the ninth round Maidana seemed to have become re-energized. In the tenth round Maidana landed a few right hands on Khan’s face. However, this was not enough. Khan connected 273 out of 603 shots, while Maidana lagged behind with connecting punches of 156 out of 767. After 156 punches were thrown and twelve rounds passed Amir Khan emerged as the victor having successfully defended his title as the WBA Light Welterweight Title holder.

Stay Warm, Stay Fit

With winter approaching it is helpful to know that you can stay warm and fit throughout the duration of snowfall and windchill factors.  All you have to do is take part in one of many fun outdoor activities this winter and you will undoubtedly keep the blood circulating, your body temperature on the rise and the calories burning.  Below are a few activities you can take part in for little to no cost.

Cross Country Skiiing

Unlike alpine skiing, cross country skiing is mostly horizontal skiing across open fields which requires no lift pass and no added cost.  If you have a set of ski’s, find your nearest scenic route and follow it along natures trail in order to take in some breathtaking views while getting in your recommended daily exercise regimen.


Running can be done indoors or outdoors, in warm weather or cold weather.  The added difficulty of running outdoors, uphill or on a less than dry surface can be much more beneficial to your workout due to the extra resistance applied.  Just be sure to use caution as black ice is not readily noticed and slipping, falling and/or getting hurt provides no benefit.


Provided that shoveling is done using the correct mechanics, it can help you build tremendous upper and lower body strength both in your arms and your legs.  Depending on the amount and weight of the snow you are shoveling you will likely break a sweat.  Therefore, the cold temperatures outside will probably not be a factor.   When you are done, you should promptly head inside to change as sitting around outside in clothing that is damp from perspiration could wind up making you “catch” a cold. Remember to bend at the knees and not with your back!

Miami Heat Loses Season Opener

A clash between some of the highest rated basketball starts in the NBA resulted in a loss for the Miami Heat in their season opener against the Boston Celtics.  In an 88-80 loss that went down to the wire, the Heat left room for a lot of skeptics to start asking questions about whether or not having too many stars in one starting line up can hurt the dynamic of the team rather than help it.

The Heat were actually getting outplayed all night.  It really only became close in the final 2 minutes of the game when the Heat came within just a few points of the Celtics with 1:10 to go.  However, a great pass from Pierce to Allen converted into late points for the Celtics with less than a minute left in regulation helping to seal the victory.

Despite the highly anticipated Heat season, true fans understand that the loss is not signficant.  As Wade suggested in a post game interview, they weren’t going to go undefeated.  That certainly is the case now and most fans that have been following the preseason events understand that injuries have benched Wade with a hamstring injury which inhibited him from getting into the rhythm of the offense and allowing a flow to establish prior to the season opener.  Therefore, the first couple of weeks for the Heat will serve more as a proper preseason for them as James, Wade and Bosh get used to playing out on the court together at the same time.  The next time the Heat and the Celtics meet will be an event to tune in and watch for sure – especially after the high intensity level that was experienced in their first meeting on the hardwoods.

Stop Whining! Refs Crack Down on Drama Queens in the NBA

Last Friday, Ian Thomsen of Sports Illustrated published a fantastic article about a new rule being discussed in the NBA. If things go forward with the rule, excessive protest could be interpreted by the referees as a form of technical foul.

“We’re going to expand the universe of unsportsmanlike actions that will be penalized,” NBA vice president of basketball operations Stu Jackson said Friday. “They will include air-punching at an official. Waving him off as a sign of disrespect. Running up to an official from across the court to voice a complaint. Flailing arms in disbelief. Jumping up and down and pirouetting in disbelief or clapping sarcastically at an official. Those are some of the types of actions that really have no place in our game.”

On one hand, nobody wants to see Kobe Bryant crying like a little baby.

Kobe Bryant Cries Foul

Kobe Bryant Cries Foul

On the other hand, if a ref makes a blatantly terrible call — and then gives a technical for a player’s reaction to that poor call — wouldn’t that have an adverse effect on the game? Won’t more technical fouls slow the pace of the game, disrupting basketball as we know it?

Personally, the prima donna attitude in the NBA is why I prefer NCAA basketball these days. Check out the original article.

Also, movieclips.com made one of my favorite scenes in one of my favorite movies their “Clip of the Day” as a response to Thomsen’s article.

Two Things I Like, but Keep Them Separate Please.

Despite my (or your) political affiliations, I think it’s better to have a strong opinion–be it left-leaning or right–than to be completely apathetic. So I can say I embrace politics, even though the whole bureaucracy can be frustrating at times.

I also enjoy MMA (mostly because of Alexia). So when I saw this story on Louisiana Gannett News (Independent candidate challenges Sen. David Vitter to a cage match), at first glance, I thought I had read it incorrectly.

Here is a little excerpt:

Independent U.S. Senate candidate Mike Spears this afternoon challenged incumbent Sen. David Vitter to a mixed martial arts cage match next month in Lafayette.

Spears issued the challenge at a press conference to announce USA-MMAS “Return of the Champions” on Oct. 16 at the Cajundome.

Citing the 2007 scandal in which Vitter was linked to a Washington D.C. prostitution ring, Spears billed the bout as a modern day duel.

“Sen. Vitter’s behavior – his admission to breaking the law in 2007 – has insulted the honor of Louisiana and the Louisiana Senate seat,” Spears said.

“I’m in this race, and this fight, to restore the honor of Louisiana and of the nation as well.”

Challenging someone you disagree with to settle your differences in a cage? Why not go on Jerry Springer next? For the honor of Louisiana and the Nation? Are you kidding me?! Pardon me if you disagree, but I think Mr. Spears is missing the point of both the Senate, and MMA. What if he succeeds in his race against Sen. Vitter? Will he be street fighting in DC, or is this just limited to sanctioned events (where he will be receiving money from sponsors and a decent-sized purse).

If this event actually happened, it would be a disgrace to MMA as well as politics. I’m not saying that there is even the slightest chance of Vitter accepting, but just the fact that Mr. Spears is making a whole debacle out of this senate race–while at the same time dragging into it a sport which is desperately vying for credibility–is damaging to everyone involved.

The Fordham Flip Goes Over The Top For Baseball Plays Of The Year

The Major League Baseball season is more than half over and there have been many great web gems and plays over the year (some say the best play of the year was captured on Opening Day when Mark Buehrle flipped the ball between his legs using just his glove). However, I would argue that the best baseball play of the year didn’t even take place in the Majors but rather took place in college. If you don’t believe me check out the play that many are calling “The Fordham Flip”:

When Fordham baseball player Brian Kownacki leapt over the play at the plate he not only avoided the tag and became an Internet sensation but he may have captured the baseball play of the year.

James Toney Worried He’ll Turn Randy Couture’s Lights Out– Permanently

I know we’ve been posting a lot of boxing/mma stuff recently here at Your Source 4 Sports, but we’re all just so excited for UFC 118!

Recently posted on MMA Weekly– one of my favorite MMA sites- are a handful of quotes from James Toney playfully expressing his fears about accidentally killing Randy Couture in the octagon this August 28th.

It seems like Toney’s rationale is that with the decreased amount of padding on the MMA gloves, (4 ounces versus boxing’s 14 ounces) Couture stands to risk a catastrophic concussion from Toney’s fist.

“If I hit someone with four-ounce gloves, oh my goodness, me and my crew might go to jail for homicide.”

I’d like to point out here that this is a quote that contradicts everyone who argues MMA is a more brutal sport than boxing. From 2000 to 2007, over 68 boxers have lost their lives- and many more have suffered irreparable brain damage- as a result of brain trauma in the ring (source).

Compare this to only 2 recorded deaths in professionally sanctioned MMA (source).

Don’t get me wrong, I love boxing, but I think it’s ridiculous to paint MMA as “savage” or “more brutal” than boxing.