NBA Lockout Gets Worse: Delonte West Applies At A Hardware Store

Home Depot? Man times must really be tough.

With the NBA now in a lockout and the season at stake players have been talking about taking their talents overseas to continue playing. However some players are deciding to go elsewhere and with China not allowing NBA players who are under contract to come and play players are going to have to work elsewhere.

Boston Celtics guard Delonte West is way ahead of it. West is taking his talents to the hardware, at the Home Depot. West tweeted “Its official.. Pride 2 the side.. just filled out an application at Home Depot.. Lockout aint game..”

West a pretty good talent isn’t able to take his talents overseas due to gun charges that took place back in September. When he asked the judge if he could head overseas the judge replied telling him that he wasn’t allowed to leave the country. So West made a decision except he didn’t make on ESPN or on any other television station, he made it on the computer at the Home Depot. Its official the application is submitted and West may be an Orange and White within the next couple weeks.

Though I wonder what he applied for; cashier? Clean up crew? However all jokes aside what if he didn’t get the job. That would make matters even worse, “NBA player denied by Home Depot”, that wouldn’t be good. Hopefully for West’s sake he does get the job but just incase I’m sure McDonalds and Burger King are hiring to.

He said it himself.

Now you can crack jokes about it all you want but who knows you may just see other NBA players having to apply for other jobs like these to. I can see it…

Miami’s big three at Best Buy as the Geek Squad…it could help build some chemistry though I don’t know if Lebron would get the job because Best Buy really struggled last year in the 4th quarter.

If he didn’t get it Lebron could always open up a shooting clinic.

Kevin Durant working at Finish Line selling backpacks.

Dwight Howard at Walmart greeting customers and handing out stickers, saying have a nice day. He has the smile for it.

Gilbert Arenas serving as a hit man.

Ron Artest working as a therapist.

Michael Redd as a doctor he knows pretty much every injury known to man.

John Wall as a dance instructor.

Tony Parker replacing Eva Longoria on Desperate Housewives.

Or they could just take the easy way out like Kris Humphries and marry someone rich.

Nonetheless, best of luck Delonte. P.S. if you do get the job when I apply can I use you as a reference?

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Don’t Call It A Comeback: Can Plaxico Burress Have A Michael Vick Comeback?

Was Burress worth signing?

After being released from prison quarterback Michael Vick was ready to make his comeback to the NFL. With two years away from the game of football due to his sentence many doubted that Vick would be able to be an NFL quarterback once again.

However in his first season back he would play for the Philadelphia Eagles as the third string quarterback. Vick would complete 6 of his 13 attempts for 86 yards and one touchdown. The critiques poured out more stories and comments saying that Vick would never be the same. However the next season Vick would throw for 3,018 yards off of 233 completions for 21 touchdowns. Though, that wasn’t it as Vick would rush for 676 yards and 9 touchdowns. Vick was back and the critiques couldn’t say a word.

Now two years later after being released from prison wide receiver Plaxico Burress was ready to make a comeback. Like Vick many questioned if he would be able to make a comeback and be as productive as he was before if not better. Like we learned from Vick we can’t predict the future as only time will tell.

On July 31st, 2011 Burress would sign a one year $3.017 million guaranteed contract with the New York Jets. Playing in the same city that he did before except this time in different colors and with a new maturity level and a different mindset, this new and improved Plaxico Burress could just have a Michael Vick return.

The only problem is Vick made his comeback at 29 Burress is making his comeback at age 34, an age that some players call it quits just like Randy Moss is most likely doing this year. Though, in other cases some players play on into their 40’s like the great Brett Favre did and may be doing again this season.

Though, why age does play a factor however so does the team, the coach and the organization and in Burress’s case all three of those factors are all a very beneficial. Playing with an up and coming Mark Sanchez at the quarterback with an offensive line that may just be the best in football and having a pro bowl wide receiver lining up on the other side of him Burress couldn’t have chose a better spot to make a comeback then this.

Heads up New York why plane Burress may have had some high turbulence on its trip it’s now ended and it’s coming in for a smooth landing; destination Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis. (2011-12 Super Bowl Location)

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Self Defense without the Physical Training – U Backoff Pepper Spray

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Mastering Jiu Jitsu or MMA is one mechanism for warding off attackers, but for those without the time or patience, it’s definitely wise to pick up a small can of pepper spray. Preparing one’s self for the worst case scenario is always worth it.

The Alexander Technique

Work, Finances, Relationships – These are just a few of the many sources of stress in our everyday lives. Stress is a normal physical response to events that make you feel threatened or upset your balance in some way. When you sense danger – whether it’s real or imagined – the body’s defenses kick into high gear in a rapid, automatic process known as the “fight-or-flight” reaction, or the stress response.

In other words, your body is working to protect you! Although, the body has a difficult time distinguishing between physical and emotional/psychological threats. In essence, something as simple as a traffic ticket can result in a fight or flight response that parallels a life or death situation. – It’s obvious that when chronic, this can be highly detrimental to one’s health and lifestyle.

There are simple solutions to work around and/or avoid stress. I’ve tried a few; some that involve physical actions like breathing deeper and taking a relaxing walk and some that require the end of friendships or emotional ties. Particularly, I’d like to mention the Alexander Technique. Simply put “The Alexander technique is a way of learning how you can get rid of harmful tension in your body.” [1]

The intricacies of the method can only be taught and learned through an actual course, but you can find out further information at The Alexander Technique. Surprisingly enough, I find myself doing some of the things that the basic principles of the method suggests. Ultimately, the method should instruct you in how to appropriately balance your energy/effort in your everyday activities. This could be something as simple as getting ready for work, which I’ve been working on myself! In other words, upon waking, I like to sit for a few minutes while my body adjusts to the newly illuminated environment, before actually putting a pair of pants on, or hopping in the shower.

Although, there are many practices that I immerse myself in that the method would frown upon. For example, I frequent the gym over 5 times a week, while getting to bed late and waking early. Burning the candle at both ends influences my decision-making process during the work day and hinders most of my other activities, resulting in a high caffeine intake, along with supplemental vitamins for exercising.

I’m highly interested in what this method has to offer and so should you! Take a moment to check out their website and see if you can’t find the right balance of energy to relieve some of the stress in your life. Also, The Alexander Technique Podcast can be found at; helpful to those on the road, commuting (or working out!).

Duke, Only Remainning #1 Seed!

After Kansas fell early in the tournament in a series of unbelievable upsets, Syracuse later followed suit losing to Butler.  Kentucky was the latest victim losing to West Virginia.  Duke stands as the only #1 seed left in the tournament.  WVA is the only Big East team left in the tournament.  The Big East received the most tournament bids (7).  Louisville, Villanova, Georgetown, Notre Dame, Syracuse, and Marquette have all lost.  The final 4 consists of MSU playing Butler and Duke playing WVU on April 3rd.  Championship game is set for April 5th.

MLB: Spring Training

Baseball nation is getting fired up for spring training.  It marks the beginning of a new season and new predictions for who will win the World Series.  The New York Yankees are the defending champions but may have their work cut out for them as 2010 has brought about various roster changes.  If you want to catch the defending champions at a home game at the New Yankee stadium, individual game tickets will go on sale later in March.  My advice is to pick them up early before the season starts.  That is when they will be the cheapest.  If you wait too long and the price of admission to Yankee Stadium becomes too much for just a few hours of entertainment, I highly recommend going to see them when they play away at the Toronto Blue Jays in Canada or at the Cleveland Indians in Ohio.  Both locations are within respectable driving distance, especially for anyone located in the Upstate area, and have reasonably priced seating options.  After hitting up a game in Cleveland last year, I will admit that Cleveland fans are also very hospitable and aren’t too bad with the harassment either.  Actually, the people I had the most issues with were other Yankee fans that were throwing stuff at Cleveland fans and hitting everyone with food that was in their path.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my fellow Yankee fans, but at this particular game, I actually found myself siding with some Cleveland fans to battle some obnoxious Yankee fans.  Some people can’t handle their alcohol.