Stop Whining! Refs Crack Down on Drama Queens in the NBA

Last Friday, Ian Thomsen of Sports Illustrated published a fantastic article about a new rule being discussed in the NBA. If things go forward with the rule, excessive protest could be interpreted by the referees as a form of technical foul.

“We’re going to expand the universe of unsportsmanlike actions that will be penalized,” NBA vice president of basketball operations Stu Jackson said Friday. “They will include air-punching at an official. Waving him off as a sign of disrespect. Running up to an official from across the court to voice a complaint. Flailing arms in disbelief. Jumping up and down and pirouetting in disbelief or clapping sarcastically at an official. Those are some of the types of actions that really have no place in our game.”

On one hand, nobody wants to see Kobe Bryant crying like a little baby.

Kobe Bryant Cries Foul

Kobe Bryant Cries Foul

On the other hand, if a ref makes a blatantly terrible call — and then gives a technical for a player’s reaction to that poor call — wouldn’t that have an adverse effect on the game? Won’t more technical fouls slow the pace of the game, disrupting basketball as we know it?

Personally, the prima donna attitude in the NBA is why I prefer NCAA basketball these days. Check out the original article.

Also, made one of my favorite scenes in one of my favorite movies their “Clip of the Day” as a response to Thomsen’s article.

Two Things I Like, but Keep Them Separate Please.

Despite my (or your) political affiliations, I think it’s better to have a strong opinion–be it left-leaning or right–than to be completely apathetic. So I can say I embrace politics, even though the whole bureaucracy can be frustrating at times.

I also enjoy MMA (mostly because of Alexia). So when I saw this story on Louisiana Gannett News (Independent candidate challenges Sen. David Vitter to a cage match), at first glance, I thought I had read it incorrectly.

Here is a little excerpt:

Independent U.S. Senate candidate Mike Spears this afternoon challenged incumbent Sen. David Vitter to a mixed martial arts cage match next month in Lafayette.

Spears issued the challenge at a press conference to announce USA-MMAS “Return of the Champions” on Oct. 16 at the Cajundome.

Citing the 2007 scandal in which Vitter was linked to a Washington D.C. prostitution ring, Spears billed the bout as a modern day duel.

“Sen. Vitter’s behavior – his admission to breaking the law in 2007 – has insulted the honor of Louisiana and the Louisiana Senate seat,” Spears said.

“I’m in this race, and this fight, to restore the honor of Louisiana and of the nation as well.”

Challenging someone you disagree with to settle your differences in a cage? Why not go on Jerry Springer next? For the honor of Louisiana and the Nation? Are you kidding me?! Pardon me if you disagree, but I think Mr. Spears is missing the point of both the Senate, and MMA. What if he succeeds in his race against Sen. Vitter? Will he be street fighting in DC, or is this just limited to sanctioned events (where he will be receiving money from sponsors and a decent-sized purse).

If this event actually happened, it would be a disgrace to MMA as well as politics. I’m not saying that there is even the slightest chance of Vitter accepting, but just the fact that Mr. Spears is making a whole debacle out of this senate race–while at the same time dragging into it a sport which is desperately vying for credibility–is damaging to everyone involved.

James Toney Worried He’ll Turn Randy Couture’s Lights Out– Permanently

I know we’ve been posting a lot of boxing/mma stuff recently here at Your Source 4 Sports, but we’re all just so excited for UFC 118!

Recently posted on MMA Weekly– one of my favorite MMA sites- are a handful of quotes from James Toney playfully expressing his fears about accidentally killing Randy Couture in the octagon this August 28th.

It seems like Toney’s rationale is that with the decreased amount of padding on the MMA gloves, (4 ounces versus boxing’s 14 ounces) Couture stands to risk a catastrophic concussion from Toney’s fist.

“If I hit someone with four-ounce gloves, oh my goodness, me and my crew might go to jail for homicide.”

I’d like to point out here that this is a quote that contradicts everyone who argues MMA is a more brutal sport than boxing. From 2000 to 2007, over 68 boxers have lost their lives- and many more have suffered irreparable brain damage- as a result of brain trauma in the ring (source).

Compare this to only 2 recorded deaths in professionally sanctioned MMA (source).

Don’t get me wrong, I love boxing, but I think it’s ridiculous to paint MMA as “savage” or “more brutal” than boxing.

The Elusive 6-Pack

It’s been almost 6 months of strenuous ab routines, and I still can’t locate that supreme sixer than I’ve always wanted. Sure, I’ve got two; but who settles for just two protruding abdominals?

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Mike Tyson says He’s a Vegan now

A lot can happen to a man in 14 years. At one moment you find yourself biting off another man’s ear, you get a tattoo on your face, allegations of domestic abuse, and then maybe you decide to mellow out a bit and see how vegetables work out for you. Kinda not what you expect from Mike Tyson, but then again, I didn’t really expect him to be such a big fan of Phil Collins either. Tyson broke the news about his new lifestyle choice on a YES network CenterStage show slated to air on May 26.

Even though Tyson doesn’t fight much these days, there are actually vegan athletes in many competitive sports. One, for example, is UFC champ Mac Danzig. Mac has been interested in animal rights most of his life, and has been a vegan since 2004. Danzig made the decision to go vegan after reading about a vegan diet that was conducive to his training regimen. You can read all about him in an article by Mike Mahler, who helped inspire him to adopt the lifestyle.

Mayhem Miller on Strikeforce CBS: How NOT to be classy

Fans got a two for one this past Saturday night, as a brawl broke out between the two fighters’ camps immediately following the matchup. Just moments into the post-fight interview, Jason “Mayhem” Miller walked back into the ring, approached the victor Jake Shields, and said “Where’s my rematch, buddy?” The CBS producers did a double take, unsure whether to cut to a commercial or to cover the chaos. After a mere second or two, the cameras cut back to the ring. Like Miller’s moniker implies, it was indeed mayhem. It’s really tough to continuously struggle to promote mixed martial arts as a professional sport when things like this happen. Clearly, Miller was in the wrong for what he did. With the exclusion of Cobra Kai Sensei Kreese from Karate Kid, any martial arts trainer will tell you discipline and respect for your opponent are the most important values in, or out of the ring.

UPDATE: This is how Miller behaved the day before, at the weigh in for Strikeforce:Hold my shirt for me? k thx!

MMA Fighting – Georges St. Pierre Victorious over Dan Hardy

On Saturday, March 27th, 2010 Georges St. Pierre battled Dan Hardy in a UFC 111 welterweight championship battle.  St. Pierre won by unanimous decision after going the full five rounds.  The consistent takes downs by St. Pierre were not enough to retire Hardy early, leaving fans slightly disappointed in the outcome.  However, St. Pierre took the win home and told fans he’d be looking to improve before his next fight.  The story is below:



Author:Michael David Smith

Georges St. Pierre retained the welterweight championship of the world on Saturday night, defeating Dan Hardy by unanimous decision at UFC 111.

It was a takedown clinic from St. Pierre, who slammed Hardy down to the ground over and over again and was never in any trouble — but it was also a fight that St. Pierre wasn’t able to finish, which left the champion disappointed.

“It’s a win, but I’m not very happy with myself,” St. Pierre said afterward. “He’s a lot better than I thought he was. I just want to apologize to my fans. I’m sorry. I want to come back better next time. I’m very sorry — I wanted to finish this fight.”

St. Pierre looked laser-focused on the task at hand from the outset, while Hardy was laughing, grinning and jumping around in the Octagon before the fight started. It was only half a minute into the first round when St. Pierre took Hardy down and got on top of him, executing his game plan exactly the way he wanted to. After a minute on the ground, St. Pierre got into side control and then took Hardy’s back on the ground, having Hardy in all kinds of trouble on the ground.

Hardy showed good composure and actually got to his feet briefly, but within a few seconds St. Pierre was picking Hardy up and taking Hardy back to the ground. St. Pierre is not just the most skilled fighter in the 170-pound class, he’s also one of the strongest. He demonstrated that with the effortless way he took Hardy down and controlled him on the ground in the first round, a round that ended with Hardy somehow escaping from an arm bar that St. Pierre appeared to have locked in.

Said St. Pierre of the arm bar, “I thought he was made of rubber.”

Hardy managed to stay on his feet for the first minute of the second round, but eventually St. Pierre managed yet another takedown, and he effortlessly got into side control on the ground. Hardy did manage to get back up and have an even exchange of strikes on the feet, but then St. Pierre took Hardy down again at the end of the second.

The third round started with — surprise! — a St. Pierre takedown. St. Pierre continued to completely control Hardy on the ground, not coming close to finishing Hardy but certainly dominating the fight and basically making Hardy look hapless against a much better opponent.

It was only 10 seconds into the fourth round when St. Pierre took Hardy down again, and only 30 seconds in when St. Pierre achieved full mount. They stayed on the ground for about three minutes before St. Pierre sunk in a kimura that appeared close to forcing Hardy to tap out. Amazingly, Hardy refused to tap and survived the round.

In the fifth and final round, St. Pierre waited until 20 seconds had passed before he took Hardy down, and some fans started to boo, as if they were disappointed at seeing the same old thing and wanted something different. St. Pierre continued dominating on the ground, and then, just for good measure, let Hardy up one more time and slammed him down one more time before the fight ended with St. Pierre the clear winner.

The judges scored it 50-43, 50-44 and 50-45 in favor of St. Pierre, who improved his record to 20-2 with the victory.

Hardy, who fell to 23-7 with the loss, talked plenty of trash before the fight. But he was classy in defeat.

“It was an honor to fight him,” Hardy said. “I can see now why he’s the champion. He’s just a very, very strong athlete. Very, very technically skilled.”

The fight was the main event of the UFC’s biggest card so far in 2010. In the co-main event, Shane Carwin knocked out Frank Mir to win the UFC’s interim heavyweight title, setting up a huge showdown with Brock Lesnar this summer for what will likely be the UFC’s biggest fight of the year.

In other UFC 111 action, Kurt Pellegrino submitted Fabricio Camoes, Jon Fitch won a fairly dull decision over Ben Saunders, Jim Miller earned a close decision win over Mark Bocek, Nate Diaz had one of his most impressive victories to date in defeating Rory Markham, and Ricardo Almeida choked out Matt Brown.