Miami Heat Loses Season Opener

A clash between some of the highest rated basketball starts in the NBA resulted in a loss for the Miami Heat in their season opener against the Boston Celtics.  In an 88-80 loss that went down to the wire, the Heat left room for a lot of skeptics to start asking questions about whether or not having too many stars in one starting line up can hurt the dynamic of the team rather than help it.

The Heat were actually getting outplayed all night.  It really only became close in the final 2 minutes of the game when the Heat came within just a few points of the Celtics with 1:10 to go.  However, a great pass from Pierce to Allen converted into late points for the Celtics with less than a minute left in regulation helping to seal the victory.

Despite the highly anticipated Heat season, true fans understand that the loss is not signficant.  As Wade suggested in a post game interview, they weren’t going to go undefeated.  That certainly is the case now and most fans that have been following the preseason events understand that injuries have benched Wade with a hamstring injury which inhibited him from getting into the rhythm of the offense and allowing a flow to establish prior to the season opener.  Therefore, the first couple of weeks for the Heat will serve more as a proper preseason for them as James, Wade and Bosh get used to playing out on the court together at the same time.  The next time the Heat and the Celtics meet will be an event to tune in and watch for sure – especially after the high intensity level that was experienced in their first meeting on the hardwoods.

Mayweather vs Mosley

Floyd Mayweather Jr. arrived at the MGM Grand on Tuesday, April 27, 2010, in Las Vegas. Mayweather is scheduled to face Sugar Shane Mosley on Saturday.  Although Mayweather is the projected favorite, the over/under for the fight was recently set at 11.5 rounds suggesting most fans believe this bout will go the distance.  Mayweather currently holds a perfect 40-0 record with 25 knockouts while Mosley boasts a 46-5-0 record with 39 knockouts.  Clearly the match between the two is a battle of the boxing titans.

Mayweather vs Mosley Promotion

Although the battle is between two champion boxers, there is still uncertainty whether or not Mayweather will be fighting for Mosley’s WBA welterweight boxing title.  For now, it seems as though the belt will not be on the line.  However, Golden Boy Promotions continues to pursuade the WBA to put the belt on the line for Mosley, who believes owning the belt is important and the valued prize of the fight.  Mayweather suggested that he does not care about the title belt because he believes that he has already proven himself to be the best fighter, doing undefeated throughout his career, and that this fight is simply about improving his legacy and making money.

Mosley challenges the ideology that Mayweather is the best fighter by suggesting that Floyd hasn’t always faced the best opponents that he could have.  He believes that Saturday will be a true test of Mayweather’s capabilities as a boxer and that the title should be on the line for the true champion of the sport to walk away with.

We’ll take a look at updates this week and tune in Saturday to see how the story unfolds.

Duke Wins NCAA Title, Despite Butler’s Best Efforts

In what was one of the most enthralling NCAA Championship games in years, Duke edges past Butler by two to take the title- 61 to 59. Obviously Duke is no stranger to the big dance, but I swear, watching that game, you could see the determination on the faces of the Butler players. The most Duke led by all night was 6 points around the 5 minute mark of the first half. Butler kept battling back; grabbing rebounds and loose balls any chance they could get.

The game was played incredibly physical by both teams. With how tense the entire game was, and considering the title on the line, both teams played smart, well controlled basketball. I must add that the refs did a pretty good job officiating, doing their best to make sure the game’s pace wasn’t unduly interrupted. While there was a lot of aggressive play and it seemed as though perhaps a couple controversial calls were missed, I think ultimately the game was called accurately.  I also think it’s better off that the officials were not trigger happy, thus allowing the outcome of the game to be decided by determination, talent and stamina, as opposed to free throws and the depth of the bench [as a result of foul outs].

Only 4,200 students attend Butler, but you could tell the majority of the 70,930 fans were rooting for the underdogs in the room. In addition to Butler’s unfamiliarity with the Tournament, they also have one of the youngest coaches in NCAA men’s basketball- Brad Stevens at the age of 33. Compare that to coach Krzyzewski, who has been coaching basketball since before Stevens was even conceived. Also consider that Duke basketball has 3 championship titles- all under Krzyzewski- compared again to this year being the first time Butler’s even made it past the Elite Eight. I think it’s pretty amazing that they still fought to the bitter end despite the odds.

Now I don’t want this post to sound like I’m playing favorites, even though it’s obvious that I am. Duke definitely played well and they deserve their title. Star players like 7’1” Brian Zoubek, (who kind-of reminds me of Lurch with a beard) lead the game with 10 rebounds. Leading the game in points was Kyle Singler, shooting at 54% from the field. I had the chance to watch this team play during the regular season, and let me tell you; they pulled out all the stops for this one.

MLB: Yankees & Red Sox Open the Season

Sunday night marked the season debut for Major League Baseball.  The Yankees faced off against the Red Sox in Boston at Fenway Park.  The game initiating the first contest between the biggest rivalry teams  in baseball, and arguably, in sports period.  The game didn’t take long to heat up.  Only a couple innings in, Jorge Posada hit one of the shortest homeruns possible off the foul pole in right field.  The very next batter, Curtis Granderson, smacked a solo shot over the right center fielder giving the Yankees an early 2-0 lead.  The Red Sox would score 1 run in the bottom of the inning and the score would remain 2-1 until the 4th inning when the Yankees added 3 more.  With a 5-1 lead going into the 5th, the Red sox would begin their comeback.

Beckett had already been punched out of the game by the Yankees in the 5th inning.  Therefore, Sabathia looked to be the more prepared pitcher as manager, Joe Girardi, opted to leave him in to start the 6th.  The decision to leave him in was odd because Sabathia had given up a couple hard hits in the 5th and allowed the Red Sox a 2nd run, which easily could’ve been more.  After escaping a potential disaster in the 5th, Sabathia was up to an 85 pitch count which most managers would’ve assumed enough to call in a relief pitcher.  Instead, Sabathia came out for the 6th inning and let on a couple base runners, gave up a couple more hits and put runners in scoring position.  Still, Joe Girardi stuck with him until he had given up 3 more runs, ultimately leaving the Yankees and Red Sox tied at 5 going into the 7th.

The Yankees came back with 2 runs of their own, only to give them right back to Boston.  With the score all tied at 7, the Red Sox put 1 more run up in the 8th which ultimately sunk the Yankees, having been put on the losing end of an 8-7 thriller at Fenway.

The Yankees look to avenge their loss on Tuesday night at Fenway.  Needless to say, you can bet on an exciting game because neither team is ever counted out despite a several run deficit.  I believe that unless one of them is down by 10 runs, you can continue to call it a close game.

Colts, Saints Headed to Superbowl

Three teams expected to perform very well throughout the season proved their ability by making it late in the playoffs.  But, with the Saints knocking off Favre and the Vikings in the latest round of NFL playoff games, they move on to face the Indianapolis colts in Superbowl 44.  Earlier in the season there was a high probability that the Colts and Saints would be the two titans battling it out in the last game of the 2009 – 2010 season.  There was even a chance that they would be facing off as two undefeated teams both with a crack at a perfect season.  What would’ve been an epic battle for perfection, hasn’t seemed to have lost any of the hype, despite both teams no longer clinging to perfect records.  Two high powered offensive weapons will go head-to-head in a shootout which will likely draw a record television audience.  Come February 7th, two well liked, hard working, championship caliber teams, both deserving of one last win, will be center stage, all eyes on them.  GO ……?