Chris Johnson Play’s Like The Best And Get’s Paid Worst Than The Rest

What more does he have to do?

Since coming into the league in 2008 Chris Johnson has never rushed for under 1,000 yards in one season. To be exact, he’s never rushed for under 1,228 yards in a season, a career milestone for some running backs. In 2009 Johnson did something that only four players had ever did; rush for 2,000 plus yards in one season. To make it even better, he guaranteed it before he did it, something that no one had ever did. Since coming into the league in 2008 Johnson has established himself as one of the best if not the best running back in the NFL, except he hasn’t been treated like one.

$10.72 Million, $8.6 Million, $7.2 Million, $7.05 Million, $5 Million, $4.9 Million, $4.05 Million, $3.35 Million, and $3 Million are how much some of the top running backs in the NFL will make this upcoming season. (In order, Adrian Peterson, DeAngelo Williams not including a $16 Million signing bonus, Steven Jackson, Darren McFadden, Michael Turner, Frank Gore, Maurice Jones-Drew, Jamaal Charles, and Cedric Benson not including $2 Million in incentives) All of them, top running backs in the NFL and all of them scheduled to make more than Chris Johnson this up-coming season.

Now don’t get me wrong they all deserve their money because their all good running backs and they have earned it. However, Chris Johnson deserves this type of money too, 4,598 yards rushing in three seasons including one 2,000 yard season but only scheduled to make $800,000 this upcoming season, shoot I would hold out too.

Many fans, analysts, and some of the rest of the general public have been complaining about Johnson’s holdout with comments like, suck it up and stop complaining and just shut up and play. Well to his defense he should be holding out, he shouldn’t be playing because he deserves more money, 4,598 yards rushing in three years is just un-believable. Those numbers are numbers that some players would get in five years, maybe even more.

Well enough was enough today as Johnson responded to all of the negative comments saying on twitter, “Can these fake Titan fans STFU on my timeline I don’t have a regular job so don’t compare me to you and I can care less if you think I’m greedy.”

Well Johnson responded so I think I will too, $4.6 Million Joseph Addai, $3.34 Knowshon Moreno, $2.5 Million Reggie Bush, $2.5 Million Ryan Grant, and $1.25 Million LaDainian Tomlinson, all running backs that Chris Johnson is clearly better than.

Yet it gets even worse than this…check it out if you don’t believe me.

$5 Million including a $7.85 Million signing bonus Brandon Jacobs

$4.09 Million Ryan Mathews

$2.8 Million including $6 Million through incentives Jonathan Stewart

$2.61 Million Michael Bush

$2.375 Million Willis McGahee

$2.3 Million including a $500,000 signing bonus Marion Barber

$2 Million Earnest Graham

$1.96 Million including $2.9 Million in incentives Jahvid Best

$1.9 Million Thomas Jones

$1.85 Million Mark Ingram

$1.835 Million Mike Tolbert

$1.835 Million BenJarvus Green-Ellis

$1.8 Million including a $2 Million signing bonus as well as another $2.8 in incentives Beanie Wells

$1.75 Million Fred Jackson

$1.625 Million Maurice Morris

$1.2 Million Tim Hightower

$1.14 Marshawn Lynch

$1 Million Felix Jones

$1 Million not even including incentives Ricky Williams

$941,075 Toby Gerhart

Then even worse…

$3.125 Million for the fourth string running back Chester Taylor

Looking at those players names you see backups, washed up players, players who don’t even see the field, and very few starters all of them making more money than one of if not the best running back in the NFL. So Chris Johnson you hold out as long as you want because it’s not greedy, it’s not selfish, it’s not self centered, it’s not any of that, it’s just right.

P.S. don’t even get me started with the other positions, because that’s even worse, for example $3 Million, Billy Volek.

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Jacksonville AFL Fan Grabs Player And Stops A Kickoff Return

Never before would I have thought that a fan could punch a super bowl ticket for a team.

C.J. Johnson of the Georgia Force waited for the ball to drop into his hands from the kickoff. Johnson caught the ball then caught two arms wrapped around him. Though it wasn’t a player, it was a fan. A Jacksonville Sharks fan grabbed Johnson and then held him back against the wall so that Johnson couldn’t move. The play was blown dead and the Sharks were penalized.

Sharks players then gave the fan high fives and praised him. The fans were on their feet cheering and clapping, it was a super bowl feel coming from an arena football play. As for the fan he would later be ejected but it was all worth it.

This Sharks fan now has a story that he can take home that’s worth more then a souvenir, a foul ball, or bag of cotton candy. This fan took down a player and got away with way. He didn’t have to run across the field and steal the ball from Brett Favre. Or run on the field and get slammed down by James Harrison. Or he didn’t have to call out Ron Artest and start a brawl. No this fan will not be known as Steve Bartman or the Idiot or the knuckle head or that drunk guy from 4c, no he’ll be know as the greatest fan ever who single handily stopped a kick off and got away with it.

Call it Drew League, call it WWE, or call it unacceptable but what this fan did was just plain awesome. He put Arena Football back on the map. I don’t know about you but I one barely even knew that there was an Arena Football season going on right now but I had no idea that the Arena Bowl was this Friday. So congratulations Jacksonville Sharks fan you brought the Seattle Seahawks 12th man to life. Not only does this fan deserve a couple high fives from the players and a couple things of the wave from the fans, but he deserve another sideline seat to this Friday’s Arena Bowl and maybe even a spot on their team. So congrats Sharks Fan rest up you have a big game ahead of you on Friday.

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Brotherly Love: Not Only Does Carson Want Out In Cinci But His Brother Jordan Does Too

Carson and Jordan mean business.

Carson Palmer said in January that he would retire if he wasn’t traded by the Cincinnati Bengals this off-season. He wasn’t kidding; seven months and several days later Palmer is still sticking by his word. As for the Bengals they’re too. As for his younger brother Jordan Palmer well, he’s got his brother’s back. “Let it be known that I am drawing a line in the sand,” said Jordan Palmer. “Trade my brother, or I am going to shut down my illustrious NFL career and focus 100% of my efforts on my phenomenal internet sensation”

Bengals owner Mike Brown would respond saying on tuesday in a press release that he will not trade Carson Palmer and that he made a commitment when he signed the contract. “Carson signed a contract. He made a commitment. He gave his word,” said Brown. “We relied on his word. We relied on his commitment. We expected him to perform here. He’s going to walk away from his commitment. We aren’t going to reward him for doing it.”

Reward or not reward, not trading Palmer and letting him go and retire is just pointless and unbeneficial to the Bengals organization. As for Palmer “retiring” and not playing for a whole season is going to be hurtful and at age 31 a year off could really hurt his career.

Unfortunately for the Bengals and Palmer, Brown doesn’t care. Remember three years ago when Chad Johnson now Chad Ochocinco tried to leave Cincinnati by wanting a trade, but Brown would refuse and Ochocino would remain a Bengal? Yeah, he doesn’t give in.

Now the thing here is why owner Mike Brown would want a player on his team that wouldn’t want to play for him and is going to retire just to get off of his team. Palmer’s choice to retire would also let him walk away from Cincinnati without them getting anything in return for him and it’s not like Palmer isn’t wanted by other teams.

Brown has received multiple trade offers and requests from other NFL teams but he has refused to bite on any of them declining them all, his reason for doing so, commitment. Though, sometimes in life you have to suck it up, swallow your pride and do what’s best. So this sop opera that’s floating around the NFL needs to end soon and end in a trade, not a retirement, because we don’t want another Brett Favre. “I honestly like Carson Palmer,” said Brown. “He was a splendid player for us. He’s a good person. I wish him well. And he is retired. That is his choice…I’m not expecting him to be back.”

So if Mike Brown really goes through with this decision come the start of the 2011-12 NFL season he’ll have either rookie Andy Dalton or two year player Dan LeFevour under center. Both players have yet to play a down in the NFL. This could mean trouble for the Bengals, a team that in the past 20 years has had just three winning seasons.

So Mike Brown just suck up your pride, dignity, and everything else and just trade Carson Palmer or else not only will you not get anything in return for him but you’ll lose him, his brother, your fans, as a result money, and the 2011-12 NFL season and who knows maybe even more seasons to come.

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Stay Warm, Stay Fit

With winter approaching it is helpful to know that you can stay warm and fit throughout the duration of snowfall and windchill factors.  All you have to do is take part in one of many fun outdoor activities this winter and you will undoubtedly keep the blood circulating, your body temperature on the rise and the calories burning.  Below are a few activities you can take part in for little to no cost.

Cross Country Skiiing

Unlike alpine skiing, cross country skiing is mostly horizontal skiing across open fields which requires no lift pass and no added cost.  If you have a set of ski’s, find your nearest scenic route and follow it along natures trail in order to take in some breathtaking views while getting in your recommended daily exercise regimen.


Running can be done indoors or outdoors, in warm weather or cold weather.  The added difficulty of running outdoors, uphill or on a less than dry surface can be much more beneficial to your workout due to the extra resistance applied.  Just be sure to use caution as black ice is not readily noticed and slipping, falling and/or getting hurt provides no benefit.


Provided that shoveling is done using the correct mechanics, it can help you build tremendous upper and lower body strength both in your arms and your legs.  Depending on the amount and weight of the snow you are shoveling you will likely break a sweat.  Therefore, the cold temperatures outside will probably not be a factor.   When you are done, you should promptly head inside to change as sitting around outside in clothing that is damp from perspiration could wind up making you “catch” a cold. Remember to bend at the knees and not with your back!