Carlos Beltran is Going…Going…Gone: See Why This Move May Have Just Determined the New World Series Champion

The addition of Beltran might just lock up another title for the Giants.

Months after winning the World Series the San Francisco Giants who began their quest to repeat in April, started to slow down and show signs that they were no longer baseball’s best team. So with the trade deadline approaching the Giants decided to trade for former New York Mets outfielder Carlos Beltran. After talking several times to each other the Giants and Mets would come to an agreement, however it wouldn’t be official, not until Beltran gave his approval.

Sure enough shortly before the Mets Cincinnati game Beltran would tell his team his decision. Shaking every one of his teammates hands Beltran would say his goodbyes and leave the clubhouse, as he was going to be A Giant. “He came over and shook everybody’s hands and said thank you,” Mets outfielder Angel Pagan told ESPN. “We were very happy for him. He’s going to be with a team that’s a contender.” The Mets would then leave the Clubhouse to take the field against the Reds. They would go onto win 8-2 against the Reds winning in their first game without star player Carlos Beltran.

The official deal that was made will send Carlos Beltran to Giants in exchange for pitcher Zach Wheeler. The Mets also agreed to pick up $4 Million of Beltran’s $6.5 Million that’s left on his contract.

Beltran who will join the Giants on Thursday will be a huge acquisition as without even playing a game in a Giants uniform Beltran is already their number one hitter. As it stands right now, Beltran will come in leading the team in home runs, RBI’s, and on base percentage. The only thing he won’t be leading in is his batting average that is third behind Darren Ford and Pablo Sandoval.

This move now not only puts the Giants as the front runners to win their division but the front runners to win the National League and possibly even their second straight World Series. The Giants now have everything from pitching to fielding and now to hitting. This team is ready to not only win it again but their ready to become baseball’s next dynasty.

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NBA Lockout Breakdown: Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose, Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant

Where will Anthony go?

Carmelo Anthony: He started the 2010-11 NBA season with the Denver Nuggets until he ended up getting his wish of getting traded right before the NBA trade deadline. Anthony would end up getting traded to the New York Knicks in a multi player deal. Anthony would join forces with Amare Stoudemire who took his talents to New York during the off-season. Anthony did it once and now he could do it again this year in the case of a lockout.

Chances of Anthony going overseas if there’s a lockout: 70 Percent. After signing Deron Williams the Besiktas have been going after more and more NBA players. However their problem is money. Meeting with Kobe Bryant during the first week of August the Besiktas who are trying to sign Bryant won’t have enough money to do so. So they will have to try and get a sponsorship. Now this causes a problem for Anthony and the other players that the Besiktas have contacted because, Bryant’s first on their wish list and their only going to be able to get so many sponsorships, so that means only so many players. In the most realistic case they’ll probably be able to get Bryant and possibly another player maybe two…tops. So unless Anthony has another team in mind playing overseas next season might not be an option.

Where will Wade go?

Dwyane Wade: He’s a business man and a great player. He Brought in Chris Bosh and then he brought in Lebron James. Though, the loss in the NBA Finals to the Dallas Mavericks was a devastating blow to the big three. Now about one year later from making their decision to team up the big three will have to make a decision to prepare for the lockout; take their talents overseas or stay home. With James looking like he’s leaning towards staying home one would think that they would all do the same thing.

Chances of Wade going overseas if there’s a lockout: 30 Percent. Despite James not favoring the decision to go and play overseas isn’t much of a problem as Wade makes the decisions. He brought in Bosh and he brought in James, so the effect of James not really wanting to go overseas doesn’t really affect Wade, but you never know it might. Sometimes losses can bring people closer or further apart.

Though just like they did it last off-season they kept their thoughts and ideas on quiet level where not to many people knew what they were thinking. They could be doing it again or they might not be doing it at all. However Wade saying that he’s not sure about playing in the Olympics with team USA in London might be a little sign of foreshadowing that he’s not going to play overseas next year either.

Where will Rose go?

Derrick Rose: He was the 2010-11 NBA M.V.P. Averaging, 25.0 points per game Rose lead his team to the playoffs as the number one seed headlining the Chicago Bulls as the front runners for the Eastern Conference. Rose who’s been playing overseas in exhibition games this summer is showing that he doesn’t take days off. So what will he do next season if the NBA takes a whole season off?

Chances of Rose going overseas if there’s a lockout: 100 Percent. He said he wore down in the Eastern Conference Finals to the Miami Heat last season. That’s why this off-season Rose has had few days off. So in the case of a lockout next year Rose won’t be sitting it at home, he’ll be playing basketball and working hard so when the NBA re-opens their doors Derrick Rose will be ready to take another shot at getting his first NBA Championship ring and this time he won’t wear down.

Where will Griffin go?



Blake Griffin: Blake Griffin shocked the world this year by the way he played, with so much intensity to the high flying dunks to the high flying blocks; if you could dream it Blake Griffin could do it. Griffin even dunked over a car. Though, with the NBA season at risk for next season Griffin unlike other NBA players isn’t really considering playing overseas.

Chances of Griffin going overseas if there’s a lockout: 100 Percent. Griffin said it himself, “I haven’t really looked into going over there and playing for a team,” Griffin told the Oklahoman.” But you never say never…We’ll see how the end of this off-season shapes up, and I’ll probably make a decision from there.”

Why it seems like the Griffin won’t be taking his talents overseas next season in the scenario of a lockout, is just completely false. If there’s no basketball season next year Griffin won’t sit out, because he’s not that type of player, that’s why he said “never say never” because he knows and I know that he won’t take a year off from the game of basketball, that’s just not him. What Blake Griffin is doing is a putting a cover-up for the NBA. What Griffin is doing is believing that the NBA will get everything taking care of by the start of the season and that himself and the other NBA players will lace up for another exciting season, and by his comments that he said he’ll end up looking like a superhero for not bailing on the NBA. So don’t worry Blake Griffin fans if the NBA locks its doors Griffin will be on the next plane to Turkey or China lacing up for a team over there.

Where will Durant go?

Kevin Durant: Dominating the NBA for yet another season Kevin Durant fell just two series short of an NBA title. However putting that in the back of his mind Durant bounced back quick as he joined the Drew League fine tuning his skills for next season. Only one problem; will there be a next season this upcoming year?

Chances of Durant going overseas if there’s a lockout: 100 Percent. Just like the majority of the NBA players playing in the NBA is their first option. That mindset is the same for Kevin Durant. Though he expressed that he would love to try something new in the event of a lockout such as going overseas to play basketball, he also stressed that the NBA is his first option. Now the problem here is that how dedicated to the NBA is he really? With NBA owners not wanting their players to go overseas due to the risk of injury the question of going overseas gets even bigger as do they obey their owner or disobey?  This will then bring up the idea of the D-League which many players could also end up playing in during the lockout as it’s not as good of pay compared to overseas, but players can still play basketball at a competitive level and do it in their home country.

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After 17 Years in the Making, Bernard Hopkins Comes Out on Top

Bernard Hopkins beat up on Roy Jones Jr. earning a unanimous decision victory in last nights boxing match at the Mandalay Bay Events Center.  The last time the two battled was 17 years prior.  Although Hopkins avenged the loss he was dealt in the first bout nearly two decades ago, he didn’t do much celebrating after.  The fight wasn’t exactly text book, nor was it that clean.  Jones Jr. took worked some dirty hits on Hopkins and although Hopkins pressed on and won round after round, he eventually ended up collapsed to his knees in his locker room after the fight was over.  Both fighters made a trip to the hospital for precautionary purposes.

Hopkins and Jones Jr. are well into their boxing careers and are pushing the envelope with regards to age as it relates to the sport.  Each contender being over the age of 40 left them wondering if the pain endured Saturday night should be the last of it.  The physical damages caused by years of boxing takes it’s toll with long term effects.  It would be surprising to see if either Hopkins or Jones Jr. return to the ring again after what they looked like after the match.  However, Hopkins was quoted as saying, “They might think I’m crazy, but I want David Haye next, and to win the heavyweight championship of the world.”

You can read a full article about the match on ESPN.

NCAA Tournament #1 Seeds

The NCAA tournament brackets have been published.  Teams earning a #1 seed this year are Kansas, Kentucky, Duke, and Syracuse.  All 4 are solid picks to go to the final 4.  However, it is well known that the odds of all four #1 seeds making the final four are bad.  Actually, it has only happened once in tournament history.  For a little bit of added drama, Syracuse plays Vermont in the first round.  Vermont played Syracuse in the first round of the tournament in 2005.  Syracuse was expected to perform very well in the tournament that year.  Vermont pulled a huge upset for their only NCAA tournament win in school history.  The stage is set for some theatrics starting tomorrow night.  Don’t forget to tune in to CBS to watch 64 teams battle it out for the championship.