Defending Fab Melo Off The Court: See Why His Bad Grades Aren’t Completely All His Fault

Fab Melo will miss the rest of the NCAA Tournament due to academic issues.

Yesterday afternoon as Syracuse University Men’s basketball team was headed to Pittsburgh for the first round of the NCAA Tournament reports broke that star center, Fab Melo was not aboard. The reasoning, no one knows completely as it’s just all speculation however, a close source told ESPN that it was due to Melo’s academics.

Now this isn’t the first time that we’ve seen Melo out of the Syracuse line-up as in late January of this year he missed three games that were against Notre Dame, Cincinnati, and West Virginia.

The Orange went 2-1 in that stretch, the loss coming from Notre Dame (67-58) which happened to be the Orange’s first loss of the season.

They averaged 60.3 points a game during that stretch, which was 14.2 points per game less than their overall average with Melo in the line-up (74.6). Though, that’s not all that decreased during the absence of Melo as both the Orange’s rebounding and blocks a game decreased drastically. Going from 35.3 rebounds a game to 26.7 rebounds a game and going from 7 blocks a game to just 3.3 a game.

Though while the reasoning for Melo’s suspension is realistically his fault, as it’s his grades and his academic problems, but does that really give fans the right to be angered by his poor grades? No it doesn’t. I mean looking at it from his eyes and not from the un-supportive Syracuse fans that they’re, how difficult do you really think it is for him?

I mean coming from another country (Brazil) and switching languages (Portuguese to English) and going to a school whose students’ average GPA is a 3.6 is very hard to do. Now I do understand that Melo went to a private school, Sagemont High School located in Weston, Florida, however he only went their for two years (playing for them just one year due to transfer rules).

So for people to say that he’s “dumb,” “stupid,” “an idiot,” or other degrading comments such as those, is just wrong. I’d like to see those people go to Brazil, or China, or any other country really and try to succeed in one of those College Systems, I bet they would struggle too.

Continuing with that, I bet some of the people that are saying the degrading comments aimed towards Melo probably wouldn’t even be able to handle Syracuse University despite knowing the English language and being a United States citizen. In addition to that keep in mind that Melo wasn’t just a student, but a student athlete as well.

So that person attending the University would have to handle both his grades and a division one sport which can take a toll on any athlete, let alone an athlete from another country.

So like the old saying goes, “Never judge a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”

But before you go, can you tell me what this means? “Fab Melo suspenso por tempo indeterminado para o restante do torneio da NCAA.”

Now without using the internet, or your phone, or anything along those lines, being honest, did you have any clue what that meant? Its okay if you didn’t as you’re not alone as I asked five people the same question and they all gave me the same response, “no idea.”

Though, what about the language that the sentence is in, could you at least tell me that? It’s Portuguese.

Though now, in-case you’re still wondering what that sentence meant in English it meant, “Fab Melo suspended indefinitely for the remainder of the NCAA tournament.”

Easy right? Though, not easy if you don’t know the language.

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