Allen Iverson and DeSean Jackson Are Practically The Same

Allen Iverson will forever be the bad boy of Philadelphia

Philadelphia sports and practices just don’t mix. Remember back in November of 2006, when Allen Iverson missed a Philadelphia 76ers practice? Then remember the controversial press conference that took place in response to it? Practice?! Practice. You wanna talk about Practice?! Not a game…not a game. But practice?!

That day and that press conference would go onto live with the career of Iverson and the franchise for the rest of his life and the teams future for years and years to come. And six years later, the practice controversy has gotten even worse as jokes about it have been made and players, coaches, and the general public have mimicked it in several different ways.

It just never really seemed to get old and it probably never will as it’s even inspired some people like Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson. Last Saturday Jackson missed a mandatory team meeting that was held for a preparation for Sunday’s matchup against the Arizona Cardinals. Rumors said that he missed it because he overslept, but no one knows for sure as on Monday during a press conference Jackson didn’t answer the question.

As a result to missing the meeting Jackson unlike Iverson received a much harsher penalty as he would be held out of Sunday’s game. Though he didn’t raise his voice and repeat his words in response to missing the meeting, instead he just said that it wasn’t a “chronic issue.”

See now Jackson really just doesn’t think; he misses a mandatory team meeting, then as a result gets benched, and then during the press conference he states that it’s not a “chronic issue?” really? That’s all you have to say? Who’s going to repeat that for years and years to come? No one. Man, Jackson had the perfect opportunity to turn this bad incident into a better one by shining some light on the whole incident with some funny comments or an Allen Iverson practice speech variation of his own. But instead Jackson felt that the silent treatment was more necessary.

As of right now there are no further plans for punishment of Jackson as he’s scheduled to play on Sunday night against the New York Giants and return to his starting wide receiver role. However I do think that Jackson needs some help and he needs it from Allen Iverson, because after hearing Jacksons response to the whole thing it’s just obvious that he needs some practice, and what better person to help than Allen Iverson; the practice master.

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