It’s Tebow Time For Along Time: See Why Tebow Will Silence The Critics

Tim Tebow can be and will be a good quarterback in the NFL.

After replacing Kyle Orton in the third quarter against the San Diego Chargers in week five, Tim Tebow has been the starting quarterback in Denver and with that has come a lot of attention; both negative and positive.

Coming off the bye week the Broncos traveled to Miami to face the Dolphins where quarterback Tim Tebow would make his first start of the 2011-12 NFL season and boy oh boy, it wasn’t pretty.

For 56 minutes, Tebow time looked like the wrong time as the Broncos couldn’t get anything going and were on the verge of losing to the, at the time 0-5 Dolphins as they trailed 15-0. Though just when it looked about over Tebow did what Tebow did as he carried the Broncos down the field leading them to a score making the game 15-7, Dolphins lead.

Getting the onside kick, the Broncos would re-gain possession with 2:27 left in the game.

Tebow then would once again lead his team back down the field scoring on a three yard Daniel Fells touchdown. But it wasn’t tied up yet as the Broncos still needed a two point conversion. Trailing 15-13, with everyone watching Tebow on a quarterback draw would score the two point conversion.

Sending the game to Overtime, the Broncos would go onto kick a 52 yard field goal and would win 18-15 over the Miami Dolphins.

A win that would’ve been called ugly for any team or starting quarterback was called a thing of beauty for Tim Tebow as that was the only thing that everyone was talking about; the Tebow comeback, in three minutes time.

The celebration wouldn’t stop there as the social media trend of “planking” would climb to new heights as it evolved into “tebowing” which was performed by imitating Tebow’s touchdown/prayer celebration.

However it was just one game and the celebration for Tebow would end quickly as on Sunday against the Detriot Lions would result in a massacre. Losing 45-10, the Denver Broncos and Tebow were just embarrassed by the Lions. Fumbling the ball three times (losing it once) and throwing an interception, Tebow was the blame for the Broncos 45-10 loss.

Losing his first game of the season the question of “Should Tebow be the starting quarterback?” started to come up as well as many other things; “Should he be pulled?”…“He can’t be an NFL quarterback, ever.”…“It’s embarrassing.”

The critic’s spoke and the Broncos answered as head coach John Fox told reporters that Tim Tebow would remain their starting quarterback. His decision caused an uproar as several reporters began bashing him, including NFL Live where every single analyst said that Tebow was not worthy enough to be an NFL starter as well as many other things.

And the thing is; they’re all wrong. Tebow does deserve to be a starter of this Denver Broncos football team and that’s why he is. It’s only one game; Tebow only lost one game. Orton lost three until he was finally pulled, Tebow only lost one and to his defense he lost a game to a very good football team.

Standing at 6-2 the Detroit Lions, aren’t the old Detroit Lions as they’ve changed a lot. With one of the best defensive lines in football and one of the most feared wide receivers in Calvin Johnson, and a great quarterback in Matthew Stafford, this Detroit Lions team is really good.

Now so what if he lost the game 45-10 he can’t get all of the blame as their defense should get some of it too; giving up 31 points, that’s completely unacceptable. But I don’t hear anyone saying bench the defense, bench that player or bench that player, no. All I hear is bench Tebow.

With games coming up against the Oakland Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs, the Broncos can turn around their season with two wins over both of those teams and their best chance of doing so is with Tebow. So to all of the critics and haters, take a knee, put your elbow on it, and bow your head because for now it’s Tebow time in Denver.

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3 Responses to It’s Tebow Time For Along Time: See Why Tebow Will Silence The Critics

  1. peter richardson says:

    He made a comeback against a pretty bad team, that doesn’t mean he is good and he shows no sign of potential. Everyone bashes him cause its true. He is not an NFL QB. The way he could be an NFL QB is you have bring the Pouncey brothers to Denver. He doesn’t work in Denver’s offense cause there an old fashioned pro style offense. He needs to be in a spread or west coast offense and the Coach has to build around him. He belongs in Oakland where he has insanely fast guys like he did back at Florida, or Miami cause they can create a unique offense just like they made the wildcat. His footwork sucks and all he can do is run the ball effectively but that aint gonna work in the pros.

    • Mike Ortiz Jr. says:

      Thats why the broncos are developing a more college style offense like the one tebow had in florida which is why they looked so bad on sunday too was because their in the middle of changing their whole offensive scheme; which will cause any team to have problems, I don’t care who your quarterback is.

      • Mike Ortiz Jr. says:

        But you are certainly right, he didn’t look like a good NFL Quarterback and they have a right to bash him because he did play bad, but the thing is that it was just ONE week; Tebow will bounce back next week against the Raiders.

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