Lebron James Get’s Burned On in McDonald’s New Commercial

Even Lebron laughed at his own comments.

Remember last year during the summer when Lebron James made his “decision” to go to the Miami Heat? Remember how they had a special event in American Airlines Arena in honor of the move? Do you also remember how Lebron said that they weren’t just going to win one championship, but two…three…four, five, six, and seven championships? Sure you do because everyone was talking about it and it was everywhere.

Well just about a year later Lebron James the one who got dunked on in his own basketball camp (but we didn’t “see it” because the video was confiscated), the one who got beat in horse in his own basketball camp, and the one who got stripped by an overseas player…but wait it gets better…and then got DUNKED ON by that overseas player. Do you remember all of those too? Of course you do.

Well let’s just say things would get even worse for the Lebron. Putting the countless amounts of tweets he gets a day of people saying that he sucks, can’t play in the fourth quarter, (which by the way always makes me laugh), and all of the other hateful trash talk aside; it just doesn’t stop. And now the famous fast food restaurant McDonald’s is even joining in. That’s how you know it’s bad.

The famous McDonld’s advertising their new game said that the odds of winning in their game were a lot better than Lebron winning seven championships. Now that seems like a pretty chancy game…because seven championships is a lot. Heck Lebron knows it…eight years in the league and he doesn’t even have one! What McDonald’s should’ve said was the odds of Lebron winning one championship…but then the game still would’ve seem too hard.

At least they didn’t show the part where Lebron got schooled in the ball pit…good thing Nike had his back with that.

Anyways here’s the commercial…

Well the good thing is at least Lebron won something this year…can’t beat McDonald’s fries.

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