Chris Johnson Play’s Like The Best And Get’s Paid Worst Than The Rest

What more does he have to do?

Since coming into the league in 2008 Chris Johnson has never rushed for under 1,000 yards in one season. To be exact, he’s never rushed for under 1,228 yards in a season, a career milestone for some running backs. In 2009 Johnson did something that only four players had ever did; rush for 2,000 plus yards in one season. To make it even better, he guaranteed it before he did it, something that no one had ever did. Since coming into the league in 2008 Johnson has established himself as one of the best if not the best running back in the NFL, except he hasn’t been treated like one.

$10.72 Million, $8.6 Million, $7.2 Million, $7.05 Million, $5 Million, $4.9 Million, $4.05 Million, $3.35 Million, and $3 Million are how much some of the top running backs in the NFL will make this upcoming season. (In order, Adrian Peterson, DeAngelo Williams not including a $16 Million signing bonus, Steven Jackson, Darren McFadden, Michael Turner, Frank Gore, Maurice Jones-Drew, Jamaal Charles, and Cedric Benson not including $2 Million in incentives) All of them, top running backs in the NFL and all of them scheduled to make more than Chris Johnson this up-coming season.

Now don’t get me wrong they all deserve their money because their all good running backs and they have earned it. However, Chris Johnson deserves this type of money too, 4,598 yards rushing in three seasons including one 2,000 yard season but only scheduled to make $800,000 this upcoming season, shoot I would hold out too.

Many fans, analysts, and some of the rest of the general public have been complaining about Johnson’s holdout with comments like, suck it up and stop complaining and just shut up and play. Well to his defense he should be holding out, he shouldn’t be playing because he deserves more money, 4,598 yards rushing in three years is just un-believable. Those numbers are numbers that some players would get in five years, maybe even more.

Well enough was enough today as Johnson responded to all of the negative comments saying on twitter, “Can these fake Titan fans STFU on my timeline I don’t have a regular job so don’t compare me to you and I can care less if you think I’m greedy.”

Well Johnson responded so I think I will too, $4.6 Million Joseph Addai, $3.34 Knowshon Moreno, $2.5 Million Reggie Bush, $2.5 Million Ryan Grant, and $1.25 Million LaDainian Tomlinson, all running backs that Chris Johnson is clearly better than.

Yet it gets even worse than this…check it out if you don’t believe me.

$5 Million including a $7.85 Million signing bonus Brandon Jacobs

$4.09 Million Ryan Mathews

$2.8 Million including $6 Million through incentives Jonathan Stewart

$2.61 Million Michael Bush

$2.375 Million Willis McGahee

$2.3 Million including a $500,000 signing bonus Marion Barber

$2 Million Earnest Graham

$1.96 Million including $2.9 Million in incentives Jahvid Best

$1.9 Million Thomas Jones

$1.85 Million Mark Ingram

$1.835 Million Mike Tolbert

$1.835 Million BenJarvus Green-Ellis

$1.8 Million including a $2 Million signing bonus as well as another $2.8 in incentives Beanie Wells

$1.75 Million Fred Jackson

$1.625 Million Maurice Morris

$1.2 Million Tim Hightower

$1.14 Marshawn Lynch

$1 Million Felix Jones

$1 Million not even including incentives Ricky Williams

$941,075 Toby Gerhart

Then even worse…

$3.125 Million for the fourth string running back Chester Taylor

Looking at those players names you see backups, washed up players, players who don’t even see the field, and very few starters all of them making more money than one of if not the best running back in the NFL. So Chris Johnson you hold out as long as you want because it’s not greedy, it’s not selfish, it’s not self centered, it’s not any of that, it’s just right.

P.S. don’t even get me started with the other positions, because that’s even worse, for example $3 Million, Billy Volek.

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Will The Madden Curse Strike Again This Year?

What will it be this year? Or will it be nothing?

Its official Peyton Hillis, running back of the Cleveland Browns will be this year’s cover boy for EA Sports Madden 12. A great honor that comes with one very horrific perk; known to most as the “Madden Curse.”

The Madden Curse usually consists of an injury which may last a few games and then go away or may turn into a season ending injury. However sometimes it doesn’t end there as that injury may turn into another injury the next season or maybe even a career ending injury.

Though last years cover boy Drew Brees, quarterback of the New Orleans Saints survived the Madden Curse but still managed to get injured. Though it wasn’t as severe, Brees played with a low grade MCL sprain for most of the season.

Does that mean that the curse that petrifies players and ruins team’s seasons is finally over? Or was the curse just taking a break? Who knows?  In the meantime let’s have a quick history lesson.

2011, Drew Brees: Brees played in every single game, however played with a low grade MCL sprain, then they were upset by the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs.

2010, Troy Polamalu/Larry Fitzgerald: Polamalu only played five games due to reoccurring knee injuries, Steelers go 9-7 and just miss the playoffs. As for Fitzgerald, he wasn’t affected much, 97 receptions, 1,092 yards, 13 TD, and made the Pro Bowl.

2009, Brett Favre: Comes out of retirement, fights with the Packers management, then traded to the Jets, starts off hot but then goes horrible down the stretch as the Jets lost 4 of last 5 games.

2008, Vince Young: Missed 1 game with quad injury; led the Titans to their first playoff appearance in four years.

2007, Shaun Alexander: Fractures his foot then goes onto miss six games; less yards and Touchdowns in 2006 and 2007 then what he had the previous seasons in 2004 and 2005.

2006, Donovan McNabb: Gets a sports hernia in the first game of the season, goes onto miss seven games; fights with Terrell Owens all year long; then after making it to five straight pro bowls, McNabb not only misses it that year, but hasn’t been to one since.

2005, Ray Lewis: Breaks his wrist, however only misses one game; has his first season without an interception; misses 10 games next year with thigh injury.

2004, Michael Vick: Fractured his fibula one day after Madden was released, he would miss 11 games; Pro Bowl next 2 seasons; then had off the field issues and was sent to jail.

2003, Marshall Faulk: Hurts his ankle and misses two games, and never rushed for 1,000 yards again.

2002, Daunte Culpepper: 4-7 record to start the season then injures his knee ending his season.

2001, Eddie George: Has a career season, but then in the playoffs he fumbles as top-seeded Titans lost in the first round to the Ravens.

2000, Barry Sanders: Retired one week before training camp.

So what will the curse be this year? A bad season for the Cleveland Browns? (Not like they haven’t had that happen before). An injury? Could happen, but how long would it last? How serious would it be? All questions, that will eventually be answered whenever wherever by the glorious, famous, Madden Curse.

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It’s Unfair…Wade and the Heat’s New Excuse

I guess to the Heat everything is just unfair.

Dwyane Wade told ESPN 540 Milwaukee Radio today that their season was “unfair.” “Obviously we went through a lot last year. It was unfair some of the stuff that we had to endure, but we grew from it. That’s over with. We move on to whenever we play basketball again and we will be a different team, said Dwyane Wade.”

Unfair? What was “unfair” the fact that you, Bosh, and James teamed up on one team to try and win an NBA Championship? Or the fact that you guys had three all-stars against one all-star in the NBA Finals? What was “unfair” Dwyane? Please tell me because the world and myself feel so…so bad for you right now and we would all just like to know.

I mean a $15,512,000 pay check, two all-star players on your team, and one championship ring on your finger, seems like a pretty good and fair life to me. Oh wait, I think I know what is. Was is it unfair, that you and your “dream team” that was going to win not one, not two, not three, four, five, or six championships lost in the NBA Finals to a team that on paper you were better than but they just out played you, out hustled you, out smarted you, pretty much just, DOMINATED you…was that what was unfair?

I think we’re getting closer…

Maybe if one of your guy’s didn’t make their “decision” on National Television or you guys didn’t host a WWE event in American Airlines showcasing you guys in your new jerseys, maybe all of this “unfairness” wouldn’t have happened.

Though, it did happen. You guys did have a decision, and now you guys have to live with it. Live with the hate that people have against you, live with the people rooting against you, and live with the fact that you guys choked in the NBA Finals. So if that’s what “unfair” is Dwyane, then you’re just going to have a very rude awakening to what they call LIFE. So grab a box of tissues, wipe your tears, and suck it up. Man, for once Charles Barkley was right; you’re a bunch of cry babies.

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NBA Lockout Gets Worse: Delonte West Applies At A Hardware Store

Home Depot? Man times must really be tough.

With the NBA now in a lockout and the season at stake players have been talking about taking their talents overseas to continue playing. However some players are deciding to go elsewhere and with China not allowing NBA players who are under contract to come and play players are going to have to work elsewhere.

Boston Celtics guard Delonte West is way ahead of it. West is taking his talents to the hardware, at the Home Depot. West tweeted “Its official.. Pride 2 the side.. just filled out an application at Home Depot.. Lockout aint game..”

West a pretty good talent isn’t able to take his talents overseas due to gun charges that took place back in September. When he asked the judge if he could head overseas the judge replied telling him that he wasn’t allowed to leave the country. So West made a decision except he didn’t make on ESPN or on any other television station, he made it on the computer at the Home Depot. Its official the application is submitted and West may be an Orange and White within the next couple weeks.

Though I wonder what he applied for; cashier? Clean up crew? However all jokes aside what if he didn’t get the job. That would make matters even worse, “NBA player denied by Home Depot”, that wouldn’t be good. Hopefully for West’s sake he does get the job but just incase I’m sure McDonalds and Burger King are hiring to.

He said it himself.

Now you can crack jokes about it all you want but who knows you may just see other NBA players having to apply for other jobs like these to. I can see it…

Miami’s big three at Best Buy as the Geek Squad…it could help build some chemistry though I don’t know if Lebron would get the job because Best Buy really struggled last year in the 4th quarter.

If he didn’t get it Lebron could always open up a shooting clinic.

Kevin Durant working at Finish Line selling backpacks.

Dwight Howard at Walmart greeting customers and handing out stickers, saying have a nice day. He has the smile for it.

Gilbert Arenas serving as a hit man.

Ron Artest working as a therapist.

Michael Redd as a doctor he knows pretty much every injury known to man.

John Wall as a dance instructor.

Tony Parker replacing Eva Longoria on Desperate Housewives.

Or they could just take the easy way out like Kris Humphries and marry someone rich.

Nonetheless, best of luck Delonte. P.S. if you do get the job when I apply can I use you as a reference?

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See Why Terrelle Pryor Might Not Be Suiting Up On Sundays

Yes the NFL granted him eligible but they didn't grant him a team.

Its official, the NFL has declared Terrelle Pryor, former quarterback of Ohio State eligible for this years NFL Supplemental Draft. However there’s still one problem. Once Pryor signs with an NFL team he will have to sit out five games before being eligible to play. This could hurt his draft stock as some teams such as the San Francisco 49ers want a quarterback that can play right away.

The NFL Supplemental Draft will take place on Monday, but it still doesn’t guarantee that Pryor will be drafted. The Supplemental Draft is very different from the NFL Draft as every team doesn’t have to pick. Since being started in 1977 only 40 players have been selected from the Supplemental Draft making that an average of about one to two players a year.

Here’s how it works, the Supplemental Draft is designed to allow underclassmen, or players who missed the filing deadline for the NFL Draft, or players who find themselves ineligible for the upcoming college season. The supplemental draft is held after the traditional NFL Draft and before each season begins.

In easier terms it’s like a waiver wire broken down into three tiers. The first tier is the teams with six wins or less in the previous NFL Season. The second tier is the teams with six wins or more in the previous NFL Season but a non-playoff team. The last and final tier is the 12 playoff teams.

Now no team is required to pick a player. However if they do want a player they submit what is called a bid to the NFL Commissioner with the round that they want to select the player in. If no other team places a bid on that player in an earlier spot then the team is awarded that player and has to give up a pick equivalent in the next years NFL Draft. For instance if a team selects a player in the 2nd round of the Supplemental Draft then they have to forfeit their 2nd round pick in the next NFL Draft.

Pryor is in a very tough spot as many teams don’t like to draft players in the Supplemental Draft though Pryor has an advantage over a lot of past and present players to go through this process because, one his talent that he has shown and two the publicity that has been around him. So, with still some teams out there that could use a quarterback Pryor could possibly land somewhere for this upcoming NFL Season.

Teams Where He Could Go:

Buffalo Bills: 4-12 last season, multiple quarterback changes, and still no key addition, are all signs that point to Terrelle Pryor being a good pick for the Bills in the Supplemental Draft. They need a quarterback and with a solid run game and an up and coming wide receiver in Steve Johnson a player like Pryor could turn this franchise around. So what are you waiting for Buffalo? Get Pryor and circle the wagons.

Miami Dolphins: Another disappointing season at 7-9 last year and no real signs of improvement as Ronnie Brown is gone and yes Reggie Bush is now there but he’s no Ronnie Brown. You still have Chad Henne as your starting quarterback after your fans booed him and chanted Kyle Orton. You passed on Orton and now you have a second chance at another talent in Pryor. So what’s it going to be Miami? Get Pryor or take a back seat to the Miami Hurricanes football program. I’m sure Dolphin fans won’t mind if you guys switch schedules.

Oakland Raiders: A better but still disappointing season for the Oakland Raiders yet again. Then during the off-season they lose Nnamdi Asomugha the heart and soul of their defense. Nice going Al Davis man do Raiders fans hate you. Their to the point where their not even cheering for a Super Bowl let a lone a win anymore, it’s gone so far that their cheering for you to step down and call it quits or for life to take its natural cycle. So Al is that how you want to be remembered? Pryor is available and unlike Jamarcus Russell, Pryor actually improves on his game he doesn’t sit there and watch it get worse.

San Francisco 49ers: 6-10 last season, not to bad but not well enough for a franchise that is used to being at the top and is now towards the bottom. You went out and got wide receiver Braylon Edwards, kudos. Now how about you get him a quarterback? Adding Terrelle Pryor to the mix with Edwards, Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis, and Frank Gore running the ball…uh oh that could cause some problems. Can you say championship? (NFC West Championship…but it’s a start)

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Time For Change? Keegan Bradley’s PGA Championship Victory Changed the Game of Golf

Was it just meant to be?

In sports today being the best or other known as the champion is what is most cherished. Championships are usually won from a playoff format and are the normal code to crown a champion. However in golf being known as the best isn’t based off of a series of games, it’s just based off of one. One shot, one chance, one game. Though, this PGA Tour Championship was a bit different.

It was different in the fact that the World’s best player didn’t win it. Different in the fact that the World’s most notable player didn’t win it…not even close. Or different in that the World’s most excepted didn’t’ win it. Matter of fact this PGA Championship, was completely different. For once the title wasn’t crowned off of one game; for once it had a playoff, featuring two players. To top it all off it was two players that before the tournament started no one would’ve thought that they would be competing for the crown.

The playoff consisted of three holes, the 16th, 17th, and the 18th, to crown golf’s next champion. Battling it out head to head Keegan Bradley and Jason Dufner would come down to the last and final hole. Bradley with a one stroke lead would hit a put for par for the win.

The last ball was in the hole and Keegan Bradley was now the new champion. It was golf’s new number one who did it in a new way, new fashion, and new look; winning in a playoff.

This playoff system that happened because of a tie score at the end of 18 holes was a great way to crown a champion, so great that it should be apart of every tournament. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see the two top leaders at the end of 18 play an extra three holes to declare a winner? Now don’t get me wrong golf is already long enough but this playoff between Bradley and Dufner only added about 15 minuets to the game and within those magical 15 minuets not only came a new champion, but came a new look and some new attention. Golf even without Tiger Woods for once was on top of the world again.

Maybe it was the red shirt, the sunny day, or the fist pump, that made this day so great. But what it wasn’t was Tiger Woods doing any of that, it was the new kid on the block, Keegan Bradley in the red shirt on a sunny day clenching his fist for the win.

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Bryce Cry Baby Harper Doesn’t Get His Way Again Someone Call His Mommy

Bryce Harper needs an attitude adjustment from John Cena.

It was a full count at 3-2 with Bryce Harper at the plate. The pitch was thrown slightly left and Harper thinking it was a ball headed towards first. However he was wrong, it was a strike. Base home plate umpire Max Guyll called him out on a strike. As for Harper he didn’t agree and within seconds he re-in acted a scene that we have seen several times.

Harper threw his helmet on the ground and began yelling while standing face to face with base home plate umpire Guyll. Harper was pointing fingers, digging his cleats into the ground, and screaming at the top of his lungs trying to prove that the pitch called a strike was a ball. Though base home plate umpire Guyll didn’t care as Harper was immediately ejected.

Fans rose to their feet clapping and cheering as number 34 left the game. One fan even yelled “there’s that maturity, there’s that maturity” repeating it several times. He was right, there was no maturity and there hasn’t been any shown from Harper as he’s always getting ejected from arguing with the umpires. When will it stop? Nobody knows, and after being selected first in the MLB Draft doesn’t help either as it may just make matters worse.

Harpers attitude that he’s been showing to the umpires is just horrible as he displays an “I’m better then you” type attitude and it needs to stop. Just like your mother always told you “Santa’s watching” well young Bryce the major league umpires are watching you, and these outbreaks are going to catch up to you. These fights and arguments displayed by yourself may turn a ball just outside the box a strike instead of a ball. These umpires stick together Bryce and you better start showing them some respect because they may break or make your career. Also too let’s be honest why were you even getting in Guyll’s face? You really do owe him an apology because he could’ve easily have given you a nice beat down. In the meantime Harper cry me a river build me a bridge and shut up and just play baseball.

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