Carlos Beltran is Going…Going…Gone: See Why This Move May Have Just Determined the New World Series Champion

The addition of Beltran might just lock up another title for the Giants.

Months after winning the World Series the San Francisco Giants who began their quest to repeat in April, started to slow down and show signs that they were no longer baseball’s best team. So with the trade deadline approaching the Giants decided to trade for former New York Mets outfielder Carlos Beltran. After talking several times to each other the Giants and Mets would come to an agreement, however it wouldn’t be official, not until Beltran gave his approval.

Sure enough shortly before the Mets Cincinnati game Beltran would tell his team his decision. Shaking every one of his teammates hands Beltran would say his goodbyes and leave the clubhouse, as he was going to be A Giant. “He came over and shook everybody’s hands and said thank you,” Mets outfielder Angel Pagan told ESPN. “We were very happy for him. He’s going to be with a team that’s a contender.” The Mets would then leave the Clubhouse to take the field against the Reds. They would go onto win 8-2 against the Reds winning in their first game without star player Carlos Beltran.

The official deal that was made will send Carlos Beltran to Giants in exchange for pitcher Zach Wheeler. The Mets also agreed to pick up $4 Million of Beltran’s $6.5 Million that’s left on his contract.

Beltran who will join the Giants on Thursday will be a huge acquisition as without even playing a game in a Giants uniform Beltran is already their number one hitter. As it stands right now, Beltran will come in leading the team in home runs, RBI’s, and on base percentage. The only thing he won’t be leading in is his batting average that is third behind Darren Ford and Pablo Sandoval.

This move now not only puts the Giants as the front runners to win their division but the front runners to win the National League and possibly even their second straight World Series. The Giants now have everything from pitching to fielding and now to hitting. This team is ready to not only win it again but their ready to become baseball’s next dynasty.

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Brotherly Love: Not Only Does Carson Want Out In Cinci But His Brother Jordan Does Too

Carson and Jordan mean business.

Carson Palmer said in January that he would retire if he wasn’t traded by the Cincinnati Bengals this off-season. He wasn’t kidding; seven months and several days later Palmer is still sticking by his word. As for the Bengals they’re too. As for his younger brother Jordan Palmer well, he’s got his brother’s back. “Let it be known that I am drawing a line in the sand,” said Jordan Palmer. “Trade my brother, or I am going to shut down my illustrious NFL career and focus 100% of my efforts on my phenomenal internet sensation”

Bengals owner Mike Brown would respond saying on tuesday in a press release that he will not trade Carson Palmer and that he made a commitment when he signed the contract. “Carson signed a contract. He made a commitment. He gave his word,” said Brown. “We relied on his word. We relied on his commitment. We expected him to perform here. He’s going to walk away from his commitment. We aren’t going to reward him for doing it.”

Reward or not reward, not trading Palmer and letting him go and retire is just pointless and unbeneficial to the Bengals organization. As for Palmer “retiring” and not playing for a whole season is going to be hurtful and at age 31 a year off could really hurt his career.

Unfortunately for the Bengals and Palmer, Brown doesn’t care. Remember three years ago when Chad Johnson now Chad Ochocinco tried to leave Cincinnati by wanting a trade, but Brown would refuse and Ochocino would remain a Bengal? Yeah, he doesn’t give in.

Now the thing here is why owner Mike Brown would want a player on his team that wouldn’t want to play for him and is going to retire just to get off of his team. Palmer’s choice to retire would also let him walk away from Cincinnati without them getting anything in return for him and it’s not like Palmer isn’t wanted by other teams.

Brown has received multiple trade offers and requests from other NFL teams but he has refused to bite on any of them declining them all, his reason for doing so, commitment. Though, sometimes in life you have to suck it up, swallow your pride and do what’s best. So this sop opera that’s floating around the NFL needs to end soon and end in a trade, not a retirement, because we don’t want another Brett Favre. “I honestly like Carson Palmer,” said Brown. “He was a splendid player for us. He’s a good person. I wish him well. And he is retired. That is his choice…I’m not expecting him to be back.”

So if Mike Brown really goes through with this decision come the start of the 2011-12 NFL season he’ll have either rookie Andy Dalton or two year player Dan LeFevour under center. Both players have yet to play a down in the NFL. This could mean trouble for the Bengals, a team that in the past 20 years has had just three winning seasons.

So Mike Brown just suck up your pride, dignity, and everything else and just trade Carson Palmer or else not only will you not get anything in return for him but you’ll lose him, his brother, your fans, as a result money, and the 2011-12 NFL season and who knows maybe even more seasons to come.

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NBA Lockout Breakdown: Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose, Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant

Where will Anthony go?

Carmelo Anthony: He started the 2010-11 NBA season with the Denver Nuggets until he ended up getting his wish of getting traded right before the NBA trade deadline. Anthony would end up getting traded to the New York Knicks in a multi player deal. Anthony would join forces with Amare Stoudemire who took his talents to New York during the off-season. Anthony did it once and now he could do it again this year in the case of a lockout.

Chances of Anthony going overseas if there’s a lockout: 70 Percent. After signing Deron Williams the Besiktas have been going after more and more NBA players. However their problem is money. Meeting with Kobe Bryant during the first week of August the Besiktas who are trying to sign Bryant won’t have enough money to do so. So they will have to try and get a sponsorship. Now this causes a problem for Anthony and the other players that the Besiktas have contacted because, Bryant’s first on their wish list and their only going to be able to get so many sponsorships, so that means only so many players. In the most realistic case they’ll probably be able to get Bryant and possibly another player maybe two…tops. So unless Anthony has another team in mind playing overseas next season might not be an option.

Where will Wade go?

Dwyane Wade: He’s a business man and a great player. He Brought in Chris Bosh and then he brought in Lebron James. Though, the loss in the NBA Finals to the Dallas Mavericks was a devastating blow to the big three. Now about one year later from making their decision to team up the big three will have to make a decision to prepare for the lockout; take their talents overseas or stay home. With James looking like he’s leaning towards staying home one would think that they would all do the same thing.

Chances of Wade going overseas if there’s a lockout: 30 Percent. Despite James not favoring the decision to go and play overseas isn’t much of a problem as Wade makes the decisions. He brought in Bosh and he brought in James, so the effect of James not really wanting to go overseas doesn’t really affect Wade, but you never know it might. Sometimes losses can bring people closer or further apart.

Though just like they did it last off-season they kept their thoughts and ideas on quiet level where not to many people knew what they were thinking. They could be doing it again or they might not be doing it at all. However Wade saying that he’s not sure about playing in the Olympics with team USA in London might be a little sign of foreshadowing that he’s not going to play overseas next year either.

Where will Rose go?

Derrick Rose: He was the 2010-11 NBA M.V.P. Averaging, 25.0 points per game Rose lead his team to the playoffs as the number one seed headlining the Chicago Bulls as the front runners for the Eastern Conference. Rose who’s been playing overseas in exhibition games this summer is showing that he doesn’t take days off. So what will he do next season if the NBA takes a whole season off?

Chances of Rose going overseas if there’s a lockout: 100 Percent. He said he wore down in the Eastern Conference Finals to the Miami Heat last season. That’s why this off-season Rose has had few days off. So in the case of a lockout next year Rose won’t be sitting it at home, he’ll be playing basketball and working hard so when the NBA re-opens their doors Derrick Rose will be ready to take another shot at getting his first NBA Championship ring and this time he won’t wear down.

Where will Griffin go?



Blake Griffin: Blake Griffin shocked the world this year by the way he played, with so much intensity to the high flying dunks to the high flying blocks; if you could dream it Blake Griffin could do it. Griffin even dunked over a car. Though, with the NBA season at risk for next season Griffin unlike other NBA players isn’t really considering playing overseas.

Chances of Griffin going overseas if there’s a lockout: 100 Percent. Griffin said it himself, “I haven’t really looked into going over there and playing for a team,” Griffin told the Oklahoman.” But you never say never…We’ll see how the end of this off-season shapes up, and I’ll probably make a decision from there.”

Why it seems like the Griffin won’t be taking his talents overseas next season in the scenario of a lockout, is just completely false. If there’s no basketball season next year Griffin won’t sit out, because he’s not that type of player, that’s why he said “never say never” because he knows and I know that he won’t take a year off from the game of basketball, that’s just not him. What Blake Griffin is doing is a putting a cover-up for the NBA. What Griffin is doing is believing that the NBA will get everything taking care of by the start of the season and that himself and the other NBA players will lace up for another exciting season, and by his comments that he said he’ll end up looking like a superhero for not bailing on the NBA. So don’t worry Blake Griffin fans if the NBA locks its doors Griffin will be on the next plane to Turkey or China lacing up for a team over there.

Where will Durant go?

Kevin Durant: Dominating the NBA for yet another season Kevin Durant fell just two series short of an NBA title. However putting that in the back of his mind Durant bounced back quick as he joined the Drew League fine tuning his skills for next season. Only one problem; will there be a next season this upcoming year?

Chances of Durant going overseas if there’s a lockout: 100 Percent. Just like the majority of the NBA players playing in the NBA is their first option. That mindset is the same for Kevin Durant. Though he expressed that he would love to try something new in the event of a lockout such as going overseas to play basketball, he also stressed that the NBA is his first option. Now the problem here is that how dedicated to the NBA is he really? With NBA owners not wanting their players to go overseas due to the risk of injury the question of going overseas gets even bigger as do they obey their owner or disobey?  This will then bring up the idea of the D-League which many players could also end up playing in during the lockout as it’s not as good of pay compared to overseas, but players can still play basketball at a competitive level and do it in their home country.

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Come back on Friday for the next five players. Players will be picked by the fans, so to pick what player or players that you would like to be chosen comment below. 

NBA Lockout Breakdown: Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Chris Paul, and Dirk Nowitzki will land.

Who will take their talents overseas?

Last off-season Lebron James took his talents to south beach to join forces with Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade in Miami. Many called it “disgraceful” “un-professional,” some even said that it was going to ruin his career. However what if more players took their talents to other teams, or now with the lockout maybe another league, or even another country? What would they say then? Would it be okay?

On Friday July 8th guard Deron Williams agreed on a one year deal of $5 million with the Besiktas a team in Turkey that Allen Iverson played for last year. Williams the first NBA player this off-season decided that it was the right move and the right fit for him. Williams deciding to go to Turkey now opens the door even more now for more NBA players to follow in his footsteps. So let’s break it down.

Where will Superman land?

Dwight Howard: While the Los Angles Lakers have been the destination that many have been saying that Superman will land, now due to the NBA Lockout it may not. Not only will it might not be Los Angles, but it may not even be an NBA team. As of right now it looks like Howard may be taking his talents to another country. “I’m not at liberty to talk about it,” Howard said to the associated press. “But there’s a huge possibility about me going to China or me going overseas to play basketball.” Well you heard it from the man himself it’s a huge possibility. “I don’t want to just sit over here and forget about basketball and waste, you know, opportunities for me to get better,” said Howard to the press.

Chances of Howard going overseas if there’s a lockout: 100 Percent. While money isn’t really a concern for Howard, playing time is and being as young and as talented as Howard is going overseas for a year during a lockout would be a great decision.

Where will Bryant go?

Kobe Bryant: While his name has come up in the talks before, Kobe Bryant has been the “player to get” to go overseas this off-season. Due to his high popularity that Bryant has generated worldwide in countries like China, teams have been talking with Bryant’s agent trying to make a deal for Bryant to go. Now while China has been the place Bryant has been rumored to go, the Besiktas who recently just signed Deron Williams said that they were looking to sign Bryant as well. The two parties Bryant and the Besiktas will meet in the first week of August to discuss terms about Bryant playing for them next season.

Chances of Bryant going overseas if there’s a lockout: 100 Percent. Age isn’t a concern. Even at 33 (Which he’ll be at the time of playing) Bryant hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down and with the competitive edge that Bryant has the odds of him taking a season off are slim to none.

Another concern that also stops players from going overseas is the new culture, the new language, and the different people that they would have to adjust to. In Bryant’s case who spent a good chunk of his childhood overseas in Italy due to his father Joe Bryant who played professionally overseas for seven sesasons already knows what its like to move from the United States to another country. Also with the great experience that his father had overseas I wouldn’t see why Bryant wouldn’t go and play.

Where will James go?

Lebron James: After the treacherous off-season that was marked by “The Decision” and the 4-2 loss in the NBA Finals to Dallas Mavericks, Lebron James is looking to make people forget and forgive. While an NBA Lockout doesn’t help the loved and hated superstar it does show light at the end of the tunnel. While a season without the NBA would force players to take a season “off” it could one lower the tensions that the fans have given James and two it could also help him get back their respect, by making the right decision. Take a year off or take his talents to east to the other side of the world and play basketball for a season there.

Chances of Lebron James going overseas if there’s a lockout: 50 Percent. Reason being he’s made the wrong decision before and who knows if he’ll do it again. Now if Kobe Bryant and other superstars do take their talents overseas James should do so as well. The question is, will he? The answer probably, that would be the best choice. Though I don’t know he’s shocked some people before, just ask Cleveland.

Where will Paul go?

Chris Paul: While Paul and other NBA stars are playing overseas in exhibition games this summer, it doesn’t necessarily mean that their going to play overseas if there’s a lockout. All their doing as of right now is having fun, staying in shape, and playing basketball. While it could persuade some of them at the end of the day it’s just good fun.

Chances of Chris Paul going overseas if there’s a lockout: 20 Percent. Now you would think at age 26 and as popular as Paul is that it would be a no brainer that he would go and play overseas, well your wrong. Now he’s not going to take a season off by no means, he’s just not going across the sea.

Hornets President Hugh Weber said that the franchise intends to eventually have a single-affiliation D-League team in Louisiana. Now while the NBA will have a lockout the D-League will not. The D-League will stop operate and pay the players just like it’s been doing for several years. Now you may think that the D-League won’t have enough competition for Paul and your right. Though, that won’t be the case because more players that don’t want to go overseas, will take their talents to the D-League and play. This will keep them in shape and in the United States still building the reputation of the NBA.

Where will Dirk go?

Dirk Nowitzki: Coming off of his first NBA Championship the Finals M.V.P. at age 33 could use some rest. However Nowitzki intends to play for Germany in the European Championships in Lithuania. Nowitzki born and from Germany many would think that in the case of a lockout would go over and play in Germany. However Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban who Nowitzki has a great relationship with doesn’t really approve of players who are under contract to go and compete overseas.

Chances of Dirk Nowitzki going overseas if there’s a lockout: 10 Percent. Now while you can’t count it out just yet, the chances of Nowitzki going overseas to play are very unlikely. Now while he won’t take a season off by any means as he’ll continue his routine workouts and that entire but at age 33 he might not play. Even though age isn’t the biggest factor for Nowitzki what is, is Mark Cuban. Cuban who doesn’t like players competing overseas while under contract is going to be a concern, while Nowitzki does occasionally compete for his team in the Olympics that may just be enough. Nowitzki who will most likely will play in the European Championships this summer will use that and then the workouts and come the 2012-13 season he’ll be good to go for his quest at another ring.

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Come back on Saturday and see where Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose, Blake Griffin, and Kevin Durant will go if there’s a lockout.

Should NCAA Athletes Get Paid? See The Answer Here

Should the NCAA start paying these athletes?

The National Collegiate Athletic Association known to most as the NCAA is one of the most respected association’s in all of sports. But what if you knew that this “great association” was enslaving human beings? What would you think then?

Last Year the NCAA paid each team that participated in one of the BCS bowl games money. These amounts shown are the amounts that each team made from the bowl game.
So after the NCAA pays these teams and their conferences roughly $85 million they take home $43 million themselves. Not a bad pay check. Now you may or may not think that’s a lot but that’s just the money the NCAA makes off of the bowl games, imagine what they make off the whole entire season? Let’s not even go there.

In addition to that, there’s more. For the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament the NCAA last year made $771 million. As for the 68 teams and the roughly 1000 athletes that brought them that money, guess how much they saw? Zero dollars and zero cents.

The NCAA’s response to this, they give those athletes scholarships. A study at USA today showed that the value of a men’s basketball scholarship adds up to about $120,000. Now compare that $120,000 to the $120 million or so that a student can help make for his school, and tell me if that’s an equal tradeoff. Not to mention that these scholarships aren’t one, guaranteed, second, aren’t given to every athlete on the team and lastly, sometimes there not even given the full scholarship.

These scholarships aren’t the greatest thing as you have to work hard just to keep them, as you are forced to commit to maintaining the requirements of your four, one-year contracts, such as keeping your GPA up, attending practice, attending classes, etc. So your free time is very limited.

But the NCAA feels $120,000 scholarship that doesn’t put food on the table, doesn’t put clothes on your back, doesn’t let you enjoy going out with your friends because you have to wake up for a practice the next morning, all seems fair to them. However they expect them to go to practice every single day, sometimes multiple times a day, get good grades, and perform on the field, court, etc. As a result they sell their jersey, they sell their t-shirts, they sell tickets because fans want to watch that player or players play and in return that player or players get a scholarship and maybe…just maybe…a pat on the back.

Now you may say what makes them so special? They should be lucky to have the fortunes of a scholarship. If they want money how come they don’t go out and get a job? Well the answer to that, where’s the time? They have barely enough time to think and you expect them to have a job? Now that deserves two scholarships, right there.

As a result to wanting these luxuries such as new clothes, new shoes, a new car, etc. some of these athletes are given these items by family relatives, friends, or the local sub shop owner on the corner of 32nd street. What’s wrong with that right? Nothing really, except the NCAA feels that it’s absolutely unacceptable for this to happen, so unacceptable that they made it a rule.

(Section 2, Title V), “It is a violation of NCAA rules for athletes to accept money or gifts while intending to remain eligible.”

So not only are these athletes helping the NCAA make millions of millions of dollars without seeing a dime of it, but they can’t even receive a gift? What do they have to ask to go to the bathroom too? That’s just ridiculous.

Ridiculous…insane…or even slavery, call it what you want, but in reality it’s just not right. It’s not right to make these athletes; these human beings beg, steal, or ask alumni’s and boosters for a few dollars here and there so they can buy some groceries just to feed themselves, it’s just not human. “Human nature,” Williams says, “is those kids are saying,” Look at all this money we’re bringing in (talking about the NCAA). And I have to beg, borrow and steal to get an extra meal?”- Head Coach of the University of North Carolina, Roy Williams. (Quote from ESPN)

Now yes scholarships are very helpful as they pay for an education however they don’t cut it. So paying these athletes money could be an option. But you don’t have to look at it like that. Why don’t they make it an internship? Several Colleges and College students participate in internships and it brings in extra cash as well as other benefits. So what would be wrong with that?

Currently in the world today there are over thousands and thousands of internships that are filled with College students so making one for College athletes in their given sport, what’s wrong with that? Now it wouldn’t have to be the amount of money that they would make at the professional level, but it could be a decent amount. You could pay them hourly, by game, by performance, and many other ways.

There have even been reports of Universities talking about making a specific sport a major. Wow, so they not only can change the whole culture of College where its learning first then sports after, but they’re thinking about allowing students to study football?! That’s crazy. But they’ll have a rule about a person giving a twenty dollar bill to an athlete.

So what did the NCAA have to say in response to all of this? “It is grossly unacceptable and inappropriate to pay players…converting them from students to employees,” said NCAA President Mark Emmert. He is convinced that the NCAA will most likely never budge on their current principles of paying the athletes.

Now it’s not like their asking for contracts, four year deals, and a signing bonus, their asking for some spending money and some money to supply themselves with the everyday necessities, such as food and water. Mark Emmert is that really too much to ask?

I guess so, because to you it’s not just no, but it’s “grossly unacceptable”. Mr. Emmert do you know what’s grossly unacceptable? These kids…athletes…humans, starving, begging, stealing, and asking for some money to buy food to feed themselves while they go to practice every single day multiple times a day and play in games putting millions of dollars in your back pocket each night and what do they get in return an empty stomach and an empty wallet. Now that to me seems grossly unacceptable.

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What Happened: Five Reasons Why the United States Lost

Japan wins the 2011 World Cup.

The whistle has blown, the fat lady has sung and the World Cup has been handed out. The Japanese Women’s Soccer team is the 2011 World Cup Champions. Winning in a three to one shoot out Japan in a game that was dominated by the United States came out victorious.

First Half Struggles: To Many Missed Shots

To open up the first half the United States charged the Japan goal to what would appear to look like a for sure goal for Lauren Cheny, but instead ended up being a very costly miss. That was the story for the United States Women as they took 14 shots in the first half, missing all of them. Not only were they just all misses but they were misses that at least half of them should’ve been goals.

Despite playing great defense by only allowing six shots (Only two of them looking like they had a chance) not scoring in the first half would really hurt the U.S in this game. Coming in with all of the momentum and with all of the advantages and to end up not scoring at least once off of 14 shots that should’ve been made, well that certainly changed the game for the United States and gave Japan a great boost of confidence.

Momentum Switch: To Many Missed Shots Become Confidence Booster for Japan

Heading into halftime with the score tied 0-0 the Japanese even though allowing 14 shots that were all on point in the first half now had all of the momentum coming into the second half. Reason being, was despite their awful offense and defense they were still tied 0-0 and after the U.S. poor play they could now spread the field allowing their offense to open up and then score.

In the first ten minuets of the second half the United States would have another four great looks capitalizing on none of them, it was the same story. The same story, that cost the U.S. in the first half that was now going to cost them in the second half.

Japan’s confidence was starting to grow as they had another great look on the 61st minute just off target. The United States again would miss another two great opportunities, putting the game in the control of Japan. Then just as it looked like Japan was about to score a goal as the ball was in Japanese territory Megan Rapione launched a pass to Alex Morgan putting her right in front of the Japan goal. Morgan would shoot and SCORE!!! 1-0 United States.

An Early Lesson in Life: Don’t Kick the Ball in Front of Your Own Goal…Ever

Though, the United States would make a mistake again, though this time it would be very costly. With the ball in their own territory Rachel Buehler would attempt to clear the ball by passing it to Ali Krieger however Aya Miyama of Japan would steal the ball and score. What went wrong was the United States put the ball in front of their own goal, a thing taught and preached in the early ages of soccer. It was a mistake that should’ve been prevented by Buehler just kicking the ball out of bounce putting the ball away from the goal giving the Japanese a harder chance to score.

Abby Wambach would later on score in the 104th minute during the extra minuets. Homare Sawa would later on score in the 117th minute tying the game at 2-2. Time would expire sending the game into a shootout.

The Shootout: A Situation That Should’ve Been Prevented

Heading into the shootout for the Japanese was a god’s blessing but for the United States Women it was…well shocking. To see all of the opportunities and the great shots that the United States had and to see them tied let alone in a shootout with the World Cup on the line it was just very shocking.

Poor Decision Making: Little Mistakes Became Big Errors

The United States would shoot first. Shannon Boxx would miss on a poorly taken goal which looking at the replay Japan goalie Ayumi Kaihori was already jumping to the right and all Boxx had to do was shoot the ball left instead Boxx would kick the ball right into the hands of Kaihori. Japan would score.

Carli Lloyd would kick next launching the ball high over the goal. A goal needed by the United States would end up in the stands rather in the goal. Hope Solo would come back with a stop saving the goal.

The United States wouldn’t score again putting the pressure in the hands of Solo. Solo would read the ball right however Solo would drop it letting the ball roll right in for a goal.

Despite Abby Wambach coming back with a goal to give the United States some hope, Japan would come back as well with a goal of their own. Japan would go onto win the shootout 3-1 crowning themselves the 2011 World Cup Champions.

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Brawl in Fenway Just Isn’t Right

David Ortiz and Kevin Gregg fighting after exchanging words.

Fighting; it happens everyday. Rather it’s an argument or if it’s physical, it happens and happens at all different extents. You see it in your town, your school, your job, and many other places…but sports? Yes, it’s in sports too, however is it right?

Now while Boxing and UFC, fighting is the main objective of the sport so fighting is okay, but what about the others? Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, is it okay and if so where do you draw the line?

On July 8th David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox went up to plate. The first pitch an inside fastball, the second pitch another inside close fastball, the third pitch again an inside fastball except even closer. So close that Ortiz took a couple steps towards Baltimore Orioles pitcher Kevin Gregg, pointing and confronting Gregg about the close pitches. Ortiz after cooling off would go back to the plate and play would resume. On the fourth pitch Ortiz would pop out to shallow right field.

Then as Ortiz was walking back to the bench Gregg and himself would exchange some words. Ortiz still heated about the close pitches would charge Gregg pushing him several times and throwing several punches at pitcher Kevin Gregg. The benches would clear and the fans would cheer as there was a brawl in Fenway. A couple days later Major League Baseball would lay down the last and final blow handing both Ortiz and Gregg four game suspensions and fines of undisclosed amounts.

This incident, between Ortiz and Gregg certainly wasn’t the first baseball ever saw, let alone sports ever saw. We have seen it before, the brawl of 2004 between the Indiana Pacers and the Detroit Pistons, Oregon running back Lagarrette Blount sucker punching Boise State’s Byron Hout after losing to the Broncos, or Tennessee Titans wide receiver Cortland Finnegan and Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson fighting after a shove match from the play before. We have seen it before, plenty of times, but the question remains, is it right? Is it right, that these players who are fighting on National Television in front of thousands of fans and cameras exchanging words and fists, is it right?

Why it seems exciting and great at first, in the long term after being replayed and talked about and shown all over the world these fights or incidents are wrong. These fights or incidents not only make the two or more people involved look bad, but they send the wrong message to the future generations to come. Why I’m not saying everyone holds hands and sing kumbaya, I’m just saying that these fights and brawls have to come to an end.

So if it’s laying down harsher punishments or creating new rules to help prevent it, then it has to be done. Though even if that’s not possible the main thing that should be done which is inexcusable, should be the players involved in the matter apologizing to the media and saying some message to the fans and the people watching about how their actions were wrong. Now that would help make things better. Kumbaya.

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Derek Jeter Get’s 3000: A Milestone That The Whole World Witnessed

Derek Jeter hits 3,000.

He began the day at 2,998 a milestone that would complete a career, a milestone that some would never reach and some not even dream of. Though at age 37 with still a couple seasons left in his career short stop Derek Jeter was at this number and was approaching the Major League milestone of 3,000 hits. A milestone only completed by 27 other Major League players.

On Friday night Yankee fans were ready to see the milestone of 3,000 be completed by their cherished superstar who gave them 16 hard seasons, 5 World Series championships, and countless amounts of great plays. However the game would be postponed. So Saturday June 9th at 1:05 Eastern Time Derek Jeter would have his chance. Needing just two hits Jeter facing the Tampa Bay Rays was ready to reach it.

After a one, two, three inning in the top of the first Jeter would come to the plate ready to get hit 2,999. Like he wanted he did as he swung and hit the ball into shallow left field for a single. Fans rose to their feet as Jeter was now just one hit away from making history.

Jeter would return to the plate in the bottom of 3rd inning facing the same pitcher as he did in the first, David Price. With Yankee fans and baseball fans all around the world watching and tuning in to see Jeter reach this unbelievable milestone one could only hope that he would reach it and reach it on that day.

Jeter swung then hit sending the ball back…back…back….HOME RUN! Jeter had done it. Mr. Yankee was now Mr. 3,000 and what a way to do it then to do it with a 420 foot home run. Fans rose to their feet, players took of their caps, and number two ran all four bases for hit 3,000.

Jeter would go onto finish the game in perfect fashion, going 5 for 5 with a home run and two RBI’s in a 5-4 victory over the Rays. However Jeter now at 3,003 hits still isn’t done yet as he still has more games to play and more hits to get but that hit, number 3,000 will always be his number one. So hats off to Jeter, and hats off to a day that will never be forgotten.

The List of Players to Reach 3000 Hits.

Player↓ Hits↓ Avg. Date Team↓ Seasons↓ GP 3,000th hit↓
Pete Rose 4,256 .303 May 5, 1978 Cincinnati Reds 1963–1986 3,562 Single
Ty Cobb 4,191[b] .366 August 19, 1921 Detroit Tigers 1905–1928 3,035 Single
Hank Aaron 3,771 .305 May 17, 1970 Atlanta Braves 1954–1976 3,298 Single
Stan Musial 3,630 .331 May 13, 1958 St. Louis Cardinals 1941–1944,
3,026 Double
Tris Speaker 3,514 .345 May 17, 1925 Cleveland Indians 1907–1928 2,717 Single
Carl Yastrzemski 3,419 .285 September 12, 1979 Boston Red Sox 1961–1983 3,308 Single
Cap Anson 3,012[a] .334 July 18, 1897[a] Chicago Colts 1871–1897 2,524 Unclear
Honus Wagner 3,415 .328 June 9, 1914 Pittsburgh Pirates 1897–1917 2,794 Double
Paul Molitor 3,319 .306 September 16, 1996 Minnesota Twins 1978–1998 2,683 Triple
Eddie Collins 3,315 .333 June 6, 1925 Chicago White Sox 1906–1930 2,826 Single
Willie Mays 3,283 .302 July 18, 1970 San Francisco Giants 1951–1973 2,992 1 !Single
Eddie Murray 3,255 .287 June 30, 1995 Cleveland Indians 1977–1997 3,026 Single
Nap Lajoie 3,242 .338 September 27, 1914 Cleveland Naps 1896–1916 2,480 Double
Cal Ripken, Jr. 3,184 .276 April 15, 2000 Baltimore Orioles 1981–2001 3,001 Single
George Brett 3,154 .305 September 30, 1992 Kansas City Royals 1973–1993 2,707 Single
Paul Waner 3,152 .333 June 19, 1942 Boston Braves 1926–1945 2,549 Single
Robin Yount 3,142 .285 September 9, 1992 Milwaukee Brewers 1974–1993 2,856 Single
Tony Gwynn 3,141 .338 August 6, 1999 San Diego Padres 1982–2001 2,440 Single
Dave Winfield 3,110 .283 September 16, 1993 Minnesota Twins 1973–1995 2,973 Single
Craig Biggio 3,060 .281 June 28, 2007 Houston Astros 1988–2007 2,850 Single
Rickey Henderson 3,055 .279 October 7, 2001 San Diego Padres 1979–2003 3,081 Double
Rod Carew 3,053 .328 August 4, 1985 California Angels 1967–1985 2,469 Single
Lou Brock 3,023 .293 August 13, 1979 St. Louis Cardinals 1961–1979 2,616 Single
Rafael Palmeiro 3,020 .288 July 15, 2005 Baltimore Orioles 1986–2005 2,831 Double
Wade Boggs 3,010 .328 August 7, 1999 Tampa Bay Devil Rays 1982–1999 2,440 Home run
Al Kaline 3,007 .297 September 24, 1974 Detroit Tigers 1953–1974 2,834 Double
Derek Jeter 3,003 .312 July 9, 2011 New York Yankees 1995–current 2,362 Home run
Roberto Clemente 3,000 .317 September 30, 1972 Pittsburgh Pirates 1955–1972 2,433 Double

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