Opening Day Brings Hope To The Baseball Masses

There’s no one day in sports that gives as much hope to the masses as Opening Day. Major League Baseball’s Opening Day is something more than just the beginning of a season. It’s hope realized even for just one fleeting day. Fans of all teams can come together and pray that their collective team can somehow, against everything, give them a long, winning, and meaningful summer. This is what makes Opening Day so special, but it’s just one of the many things that does.

If you’re a fan of Major League Baseball, once the first of April rolls around you are ready to get back into first pitch strikes, throw them strike them out double plays, and of course the long ball. Even if every analyst on ESPN has your team already out of it you find yourself dressed in your team colors ready for whatever is next. Opening Day is also the beginning of a new season. A season where, much like the actual season that surrounds it, hope springs eternal. No longer does winter’s cold bog you down. It’s spring and baseball is on. It’s time to play ball!

This is why so many will pay enormous amounts of money and sit in the cold to watch what at the end of the day is a seemingly meaningless baseball game on day 1. This is why people take long lunches and sometimes call in sick completely from work so they can just get a quick glimpse of that first pitch. This is why I can wax poetic about the first game in a 162 game season! That’s the allure of Opening Day and 2011’s version was no different.

2011’s Opening Day featured the defending champions San Francisco Giants losing to their arch rival LA Dodgers in a pitcher’s duel that went to the very end. It featured the upstart Cincinnati Reds coming from behind to walk off the field as victors on a game winning home run. And for better or worst, it featured the beloved and equally hated Yankees coming out on top.

All of these events were great, but none of them equaled the joy of having baseball back in our lives. However, thanks to Opening Day some needed hope returned also.