Stay Warm, Stay Fit

With winter approaching it is helpful to know that you can stay warm and fit throughout the duration of snowfall and windchill factors.  All you have to do is take part in one of many fun outdoor activities this winter and you will undoubtedly keep the blood circulating, your body temperature on the rise and the calories burning.  Below are a few activities you can take part in for little to no cost.

Cross Country Skiiing

Unlike alpine skiing, cross country skiing is mostly horizontal skiing across open fields which requires no lift pass and no added cost.  If you have a set of ski’s, find your nearest scenic route and follow it along natures trail in order to take in some breathtaking views while getting in your recommended daily exercise regimen.


Running can be done indoors or outdoors, in warm weather or cold weather.  The added difficulty of running outdoors, uphill or on a less than dry surface can be much more beneficial to your workout due to the extra resistance applied.  Just be sure to use caution as black ice is not readily noticed and slipping, falling and/or getting hurt provides no benefit.


Provided that shoveling is done using the correct mechanics, it can help you build tremendous upper and lower body strength both in your arms and your legs.  Depending on the amount and weight of the snow you are shoveling you will likely break a sweat.  Therefore, the cold temperatures outside will probably not be a factor.   When you are done, you should promptly head inside to change as sitting around outside in clothing that is damp from perspiration could wind up making you “catch” a cold. Remember to bend at the knees and not with your back!