Stop Whining! Refs Crack Down on Drama Queens in the NBA

Last Friday, Ian Thomsen of Sports Illustrated published a fantastic article about a new rule being discussed in the NBA. If things go forward with the rule, excessive protest could be interpreted by the referees as a form of technical foul.

“We’re going to expand the universe of unsportsmanlike actions that will be penalized,” NBA vice president of basketball operations Stu Jackson said Friday. “They will include air-punching at an official. Waving him off as a sign of disrespect. Running up to an official from across the court to voice a complaint. Flailing arms in disbelief. Jumping up and down and pirouetting in disbelief or clapping sarcastically at an official. Those are some of the types of actions that really have no place in our game.”

On one hand, nobody wants to see Kobe Bryant crying like a little baby.

Kobe Bryant Cries Foul

Kobe Bryant Cries Foul

On the other hand, if a ref makes a blatantly terrible call — and then gives a technical for a player’s reaction to that poor call — wouldn’t that have an adverse effect on the game? Won’t more technical fouls slow the pace of the game, disrupting basketball as we know it?

Personally, the prima donna attitude in the NBA is why I prefer NCAA basketball these days. Check out the original article.

Also, made one of my favorite scenes in one of my favorite movies their “Clip of the Day” as a response to Thomsen’s article.

Two Things I Like, but Keep Them Separate Please.

Despite my (or your) political affiliations, I think it’s better to have a strong opinion–be it left-leaning or right–than to be completely apathetic. So I can say I embrace politics, even though the whole bureaucracy can be frustrating at times.

I also enjoy MMA (mostly because of Alexia). So when I saw this story on Louisiana Gannett News (Independent candidate challenges Sen. David Vitter to a cage match), at first glance, I thought I had read it incorrectly.

Here is a little excerpt:

Independent U.S. Senate candidate Mike Spears this afternoon challenged incumbent Sen. David Vitter to a mixed martial arts cage match next month in Lafayette.

Spears issued the challenge at a press conference to announce USA-MMAS “Return of the Champions” on Oct. 16 at the Cajundome.

Citing the 2007 scandal in which Vitter was linked to a Washington D.C. prostitution ring, Spears billed the bout as a modern day duel.

“Sen. Vitter’s behavior – his admission to breaking the law in 2007 – has insulted the honor of Louisiana and the Louisiana Senate seat,” Spears said.

“I’m in this race, and this fight, to restore the honor of Louisiana and of the nation as well.”

Challenging someone you disagree with to settle your differences in a cage? Why not go on Jerry Springer next? For the honor of Louisiana and the Nation? Are you kidding me?! Pardon me if you disagree, but I think Mr. Spears is missing the point of both the Senate, and MMA. What if he succeeds in his race against Sen. Vitter? Will he be street fighting in DC, or is this just limited to sanctioned events (where he will be receiving money from sponsors and a decent-sized purse).

If this event actually happened, it would be a disgrace to MMA as well as politics. I’m not saying that there is even the slightest chance of Vitter accepting, but just the fact that Mr. Spears is making a whole debacle out of this senate race–while at the same time dragging into it a sport which is desperately vying for credibility–is damaging to everyone involved.