Poignant Discussion on the Differences Between Boxing and MMA

A lot of people like to criticize Joe Rogan. I’m not personally one of his biggest critics, but usually when he tries to make a point, all I can think of is him forcing contestants to eat elk testicles on Fear Factor. Despite his history with that masterpiece of television programming, over the years Joe has made a name for himself in the MMA/UFC world. With his years of experience both as a fighter and a commentator, I would consider him to be a qualified advocate of the sport.

I feel that boxing- the sweet science- might not be “dying” as Rogan describes, but it is important to respect the long history and following that the art has. Arguments about whether or not an MMA fighter could match up against a boxer are folly; they are indeed very different sports with different rule-sets and training regimens.

Having said all that, it definitely appears as if MMA fans are more accepting of boxing as  a sport than the other way around. I have seldom- if ever- heard MMA supporters discount the validity of boxing. What do you think though? Please take a look at the video below and share your thoughts.

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