Your Source 4 Sports Book Club: Romeo Barnes

The following is a post from my friend Romeo Barnes. As a member of the blogosphere, in no way do I want to discount the credibility of online journalism. However, something can be said about the increased level of difficulty involved with self-publishing your own book. Romeo has put himself out there with this newest book, and I commend him for it.

Promotional post:

Emotions: Better Days is the second volume in the poetry series Emotions. The first volume titled Emotions: The Beginning of Turmoil was released April 24, 2009 and is available on you can find it here. The Emotions series is about me growing up. From the ages of fourteen to eighteen I was a troubled and lonely person. It was a very unhappy time. Many people ask me why release this now; as it seems out of place as it appears to be written by a 23 year-old. However, the truth is I finished writing the Emotions series when I was eighteen. I’m releasing it now because I feel it’s important for people to see my growth not only as a writer, but as a person.

If you are interested in contacting Romeo, you can visit his “My Many Faces” blog, email him, or follow him on twitter @Rblostpoet.

Unlimited Fight News

For some of the best ultimate fighting coverage, don’t hesitate to stop by Unlimited Fight News. “We cover the good, the bad, and the ugly of the fight game. We report on boxing and mixed martial arts. Updated daily!”

As an avid follower of boxing and MMA, Unlimited Fight News does an excellent job at covering various aspects of the two sports, including history and up-to-date matches/events. Fight News Unlimited brings together all aspects of the fight industry under one umbrella, and they are all about equal opportunity reporting. From covering men and women in the sport to initiating serious and strong debate sessions about the MMA vs. Boxing argument, the site’s Fight Talk Unlimited weekly radio show is another popular segment of Fight News Unlimited’s network. and are the companion sites in the network, and a sponsorship of Fight News Unlimited will get you ads on all the sites, the social network pages with over 20,000 followers and growing, and in multiple prominent places on the hub site at (which receives an average of 70,000 hits per day).

As boxing and MMA battle it out for market share, UFN is there to provide individual coverage, along with any ensuing crossover. Don’t hesitate to contact Unlimited Fight News directly for further information and/or questions.

Self Defense without the Physical Training – U Backoff Pepper Spray

It’s evident that there are a certain handful of criminals in this world that won’t stop at nothing to get their hands on you or your belongings. Helping people protect themselves for over 12 years now, U Back Off is the number one website to visit for all your pepper spray needs. Specializing in pepper sprays up to 5.3 million Schoville Heat Units, U Back Off also distributes stun guns and personal alert systems.

You’ll find two of the most common pepper sprays (Fox and Mace), both used by modern day police officers, security guards and the military. From what I’ve seen, the most common type of pepper spray carried is one that can easily be placed on a keychain, as to be more readily available. A majority of attackers strike at night while you’re walking to your car. U back Off sells an array of miniature hand pepper sprays, making self defense that much more convenient.

Mastering Jiu Jitsu or MMA is one mechanism for warding off attackers, but for those without the time or patience, it’s definitely wise to pick up a small can of pepper spray. Preparing one’s self for the worst case scenario is always worth it.

James Toney, Randy Couture Ready to Settle Boxing-Mixed Martial Arts Debate

I rarely do re-posts here, but seeing as how I am the original author, I think it’ll be OK. Below is an excerpt and link to an article I wrote for, one of the finest sports sites out there (especiallly if you are a New Englander ;)).

UFC and boxing aren’t the two most disparate sports in the world, but for years, fans of the two pugnacious pastimes have argued over which sport reigns supreme.

Boxing is one of the oldest of the modern sports, but mixed martial arts has seen an explosion in its fan base over the past few years.

Boxing has never quite enjoyed the same cultural influence which MMA is currently experiencing.

The argument has bubbled up to the highest parts of UFC, as seen when UFC president Dana White discussed boxing and boxing fans (as usual with White, there’s “colorful” language in that interview). As much as bickering between fans served its purpose of extending the debate, there really haven’t been many opportunities to make a definitive distinction regarding which sport produces the better athlete.

That is, until now… [read more on James Toney at NESN]

Poignant Discussion on the Differences Between Boxing and MMA

A lot of people like to criticize Joe Rogan. I’m not personally one of his biggest critics, but usually when he tries to make a point, all I can think of is him forcing contestants to eat elk testicles on Fear Factor. Despite his history with that masterpiece of television programming, over the years Joe has made a name for himself in the MMA/UFC world. With his years of experience both as a fighter and a commentator, I would consider him to be a qualified advocate of the sport.

I feel that boxing- the sweet science- might not be “dying” as Rogan describes, but it is important to respect the long history and following that the art has. Arguments about whether or not an MMA fighter could match up against a boxer are folly; they are indeed very different sports with different rule-sets and training regimens.

Having said all that, it definitely appears as if MMA fans are more accepting of boxing as  a sport than the other way around. I have seldom- if ever- heard MMA supporters discount the validity of boxing. What do you think though? Please take a look at the video below and share your thoughts.