Green Power Ranger: “Jesus Didn’t Tap Out”

I had read stories about this guy before, but I didn’t decide to do a post on him until I saw the following article:

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Mike Tyson says He’s a Vegan now

A lot can happen to a man in 14 years. At one moment you find yourself biting off another man’s ear, you get a tattoo on your face, allegations of domestic abuse, and then maybe you decide to mellow out a bit and see how vegetables work out for you. Kinda not what you expect from Mike Tyson, but then again, I didn’t really expect him to be such a big fan of Phil Collins either. Tyson broke the news about his new lifestyle choice on a YES network CenterStage show slated to air on May 26.

Even though Tyson doesn’t fight much these days, there are actually vegan athletes in many competitive sports. One, for example, is UFC champ Mac Danzig. Mac has been interested in animal rights most of his life, and has been a vegan since 2004. Danzig made the decision to go vegan after reading about a vegan diet that was conducive to his training regimen. You can read all about him in an article by Mike Mahler, who helped inspire him to adopt the lifestyle.