Colts, Saints Headed to Superbowl

Three teams expected to perform very well throughout the season proved their ability by making it late in the playoffs.  But, with the Saints knocking off Favre and the Vikings in the latest round of NFL playoff games, they move on to face the Indianapolis colts in Superbowl 44.  Earlier in the season there was a high probability that the Colts and Saints would be the two titans battling it out in the last game of the 2009 – 2010 season.  There was even a chance that they would be facing off as two undefeated teams both with a crack at a perfect season.  What would’ve been an epic battle for perfection, hasn’t seemed to have lost any of the hype, despite both teams no longer clinging to perfect records.  Two high powered offensive weapons will go head-to-head in a shootout which will likely draw a record television audience.  Come February 7th, two well liked, hard working, championship caliber teams, both deserving of one last win, will be center stage, all eyes on them.  GO ……?

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